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5 Pinterest Boards About Marketing to Follow

MCNG Marketing Pinterest Boards

I’m becoming a huge fan of Pinterest. Though the majority of users of the social network are there for fashion, food and fun, it’s also a great marketing tool, not just to advertise on, but to get visual resources that normally would be hard to shift through.

There’s no doubt that there’s a Pinterest revolution going on. I really enjoy spending my time there. It’s a social network that doesn’t invade my privacy, users want their pics and pins to be shared with the worlds, and it’s a great place where curated information can be found.

When you look at the number of women’s magazines and compare that to the number of men’s magazines, you can see why Pinterest has been so successful with women. Pinterest to me is similar to the magazine industry ( minus the written content) because magazines rely on stunning visuals and great headlines in their pictures to get people to pay attention to the magazine.

Pinterest boards are no different. The job of a great Pinterest board is to grab a viewer’s attention and have him click on it to explore more of the pins. And that’s what the following five boards have done, they’ve posted great visuals and provided some great examples of marketing ranging from social media to product packaging. Enjoy the visual feast.

All Creative Community

All Creative Community’s Pinterest is one of my favourite boards to follow, mostly because they are linked to the websites Ads of the World. The Pinterest board isn’t set up in niched boards, but I love following them because it allows me to see ads laid out tile after tile.

If you start following a lot of different creative advertising boards, then you’re guaranteed to run into one that was originally pinned either from their site or their Pinterest board.

Why Follow Them? If you’re looking for examples of print advertising campaigns that will give you inspiration.


Peter McNevie, Art Director

Continuing on with the world of Creative Advertising, one my favourite boards to follow is the one that belongs to Peter McNevie, who is an Art Director in Ireland. One of my boards that he has focuses specifically on Irish advertising. I must admit, some of the videos posted are hard for me due to the accent, but that’s the fun part of international advertising, learning about cultures. His boards also cover a variety of topics related to design as well. His boards are diverse and speak from experience.

Why Follow Him? If you’re looking for a place that aggregates video commercials, then you should definitely check out his Advertising Board. It’s a great place for inspiration if you’re looking for ideas.

Peter McNevie Pinterest

Cynthia Sanchez – Oh So Pinteresting

If you’re looking for someone that breathes Pinterest, but is also great at leveraging other social media than you should definitely get to know Cynthia Sanchez. I was first introduced to Cynthia through Google Plus where she offered to answer any questions I had about Pinterest.

She runs the blog “Oh So Pinteresting,” a website that offers great Pinterest tips for marketers and personal users as well as podcast. I’ve personally learned a lot from her, and have seen Pinterest in a different light. If you’re looking to keep up with what’s happening on the visual social network, and a pinner that will help you curate information regarding Pinterest, then follow her Cynthia’s account.

Why Follow Her? If you’re looking to improve your Pinterest Marketing efforts and to find out great information about the social network, follow her board and read her wonderful blog.

Cynthia Sanchez Pinterest

I’ve always found Hubspot a great place to get content, and there’s no better place to find out what all their great e-books and resources that will help with your digital and inbound marketing efforts. One of the most interesting boards that they have is one of unicorns and one for “Things with Spots.”

Why Follow Them? If you’re looking for webinars and e-book content, then this is the board to follow.

Hub Spot Pinterest

Want to go outside of the world of retail on screens and print and enter the world of pop up retail and package design? Then you definitely want to follow the Pinterest account of The Corner Store. On their board you can find inspirational designs for how to design retail locations as well as the way that restaurants are laid out. They’ve also got a great board with over 100 examples of web design.

Why Follow Them? This is a great board to get ideas on how to design packages and how people interact with a brand on a retail level.

The Corner Store Pinterest

Don’t forget to follow MCNG Marketing’s Pinterest Account, and to share your favourite marketing boards in the comments section.

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Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis and the host of the Pinterest podcast, Pictures to Profits. You can grab your free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines."