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Grow Your Google Hangout Audience and Get Sponsors (P2P 17)

Learn How to Grow Your Google Hangout on Air Audience and Get Sponsors. Featuring @blogger32 on the episode 17 of the Pictures to Profits Podcast.

It might be a bit unusual for me to talk about Google Hangouts for a podcast that’s dedicated mostly to Pinterest, but that’s why it’s called Pictures to Profits Podcast, because it’s all about using visuals to help grow your business. At the end of the day, it’s not about Pinterest, it’s about helping your business grow.

In episode 17 of the Pictures to Profits Podcast, I’m joined by the wonderful, former coal miner, turned Google Plus Hangout expert, Wade Harman.

On the show Wade talks about how he went from being a coal miner with no source of income after an unfortunate incident, and then in two years, with a lot of hard work, developing wonderful and influential relationships through Google Plus. Since December 2013 to September of 2014, Wade has accumulated over $36,000 in sponsorship for his Google Plus shows, and shares his story about how he got his first sponsor that paid him $200 for his first show.

What is Google Plus and Google Hangouts?

For those that aren’t familiar with Google Plus or Google Hangouts, Google Plus is a social network created by Google, and one of the features that Google Plus is that it allows for video and audio communication between two or more parties. Google Hangouts can be done privately among you and a few people, or if you want to broadcast the hangout to the public, than can be done as well.

Imagine using something similar Skype, but within your social network.

Wade Harman uses Google Hangouts on Air, which is basically a live TV broadcast, to interview social media influencers and to get his community involved. He then uploads those episodes into iTunes to create his Relationships Marketing Show.

Engage Your Google Hangout Audience

I remember reading Wade’s blog, and in one of his articles he talks about how devastated he was when one of the Google Hangouts on Air he attended didn’t have a comment tracker.

The Google Hangout app, comment tracker, allows you to take comments being made on a Google Hangout to be put up onto the host’s screen. The audience that’s watching your hangout knows that you’re actually paying attention to them, and on top of that, it makes the person who asked the question or made the comment feel fantastic.

Engage Your Guest On Google Hangouts On Air

One of the key aspects of being a great host on Google Hangouts is to ensure that you curate good content, that’s one of the tips that Wade talks about in his article, 5 Tips to Grow Your Google Hangout Audience.

If you are interviewing people for your Goolge Hangout, it’s your job to ensure that you know what type of questions to ask so that you’re able to pull wonderful content from your guest.

But in order to do this, you have to know your guests, find out what they’re passionate about, and take a sincere interest in who he or she is.

“You have to be a hero to one individual at a time.”

Wade talks about the importance of developing relationships with others above everything else, because relationships are at the heart of any business. He doesn’t believe anything else matters.

While he acknowledges that SEO and Google Plus are important aspects of business, he sees them as tools for creating stronger business relationships with others and that Google Hangouts, whether on air or private, can be used to establish intimate connections.

It’s not just about developing intimate connections through Google Plus, it’s important to view people as individuals. You have to work hard to ensure that you’re a hero to one person at at time, that’s how you build your tribe of one hundred and growing. There are no shortcuts as Wade had to work damn hard for 2 years before seeing financial results for his hard work.

But if you have grand dreams of raking in easy cash through social media marketing, Wade offers a different perspective. He was nominated as one of the top 25 social media blogs on Social Media Examiner in 2013, however that didn’t equate to financial success.

Instead, Wade made an effort to be transparent to not try to be what people that he was, a successful social media guru that was raking it in, instead he was transparent and tells his trial and tribulation during that rise to stardom but patiently waiting for his financial success.

At the end of it, he owes a lot of his success to his hard work, and his relationships. Going from coal miner to now teaching people how to successfully get sponsors for Google Hangouts.

How to Get Your First Sponsor for Google Plus

In order to get his first $200 sponsor for his show, Wade, messaged 15 people on Google Plus asking if they would be interested in sponsoring his show. A week before his first show was to air, Wade received a response from someone who was interested in sponsoring his show.

The most important part of getting sponsors is to ensure that you need to have a vision for your show. You have to share that with sponsors so that they can be a part of the ride, but you also need to ensure that businesses can clearly understand what the benefits are for them, and how fast you can deliver business results.

Wade uses a system of templates that helps guide people through the whole process, and teaches a course about it. You can find out how he received $36,000 in sponsorship at

Wade Harman

Links and Resources:

Wade Harman on Google Plus

5 Tip to Grow Your Google Hangout Audience

Wade Harman’s Google Hangout Sponsorship Course

Relationship Marketing Show podcast on iTunes

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Learn How to Grow Your Google Hangout on Air Audience and Get Sponsors. Featuring @blogger32 on the episode 17 of the Pictures to Profits Podcast.

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5 Tips For Using Pinterest Messaging for Business

5 Helpful Tips for Growing Your Business with Pinterest Messaging. By @mcngmarketing. Read all about it at

It seems like there’s so many different ways to be in contact with people these days, e-mail, text, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter and the list just goes on and on, so why should you care about Pinterest’s messaging system and why is it important for your business? Read on curious pinner!

What Exactly is Pinterest Messaging?

Pinterest messaging system is a private messaging system that allows for you to send private messages to users who follow you on Pinterest. You do not need to follow them back, as I incorrectly sated in episode 13 of my Pictures to Profits Podcast.

Beyond your followers, you’re also able to message your friends who are on Facebook who have a Pinterest account, as well as people who you follow on Twitter and who follow you back who have their Twitter account connected with their Pinterest account.

Okay…I know that was a mouth full, but now you know the extent of who you can communicate with on Pinterest.

What makes it different from other messaging systems like Twitter’s direct messaging and Facebook’s Messenger, is that the tool is geared towards those who enjoy sharing ideas in a visual manner.  This can help can facilitate complex projects that would be hard to explain through words and is also an excellent tool for those that don’t want to send photo attachments back and forth. Through the messaging system you’re able to share texts, pins, boards, and links.


5 Tips to Improve your Pinterest Marketing with Pinterest Messaging.

This allows for easier back and forth communication. In the past, you would send someone a pin through Pinterest or to their e-mail, however, there was no way to privately communicate in a stream line way that kept track of what was happening in the conversation.

The Pinterest messaging system works across all platforms, so you can message people on iOS, Android and desktop versions of Pinterest.

Pinterest Messaging Allows for Group Communication

Unlike Twitter’s direct messaging system, Pinterest’s private messaging system allows for you to have group conversations with up to ten different Pinterest users at one time. This particular feature can be beneficial for projects that require a lot of visual co-ordination among a team.

For example, if there are several people involved in planning a fundraising event, and one of the members found a great idea on Pinterest she wants to share, she now can, and receive feedback from others involved.

Let’s move on to five tips for how businesses can use the Pinterest messaging system.

5 Tips for Using Pinterest Messaging for  Businesses

1) Help VIP Customers or Clients with their Planning

What makes Pinterest messaging so wonderful is that you’re able to streamline all the conversations in one place. With the new messaging system, you’re able to help your customers plan better projects.

Imagine that you’re a wedding co-ordinator and your helping your client plan out how to decorate her reception on Pinterest. Before you had to send pins one by one.  Now you’re able to send her different pins done at different weddings as well as decorations you planned with your previous wedding clients. Your client can then pick and choose which ones work best for her and put them onto her own secret board.

Or in the case that you have a VIP customer who buys a lot of your products, you can send her a pin of a product that she may be interested in and she can now pin that into one of her collections instead of trying to sort through all the hundreds of e-mails she gets a day.

Here’s a Pinterest Intermission:

You’re only able to share pins and boards that are available to the public. So if you have a pin on a secret board, you’re not able to send nor drag that pin into the Pinterest messaging system.

However, once a pin has been sent to a user, she can choose to put that pin onto one of her secret boards. Let’s get back to our regular programming shall we?

2) Develop Better Relationships with Your Followers

I enjoy commenting on Pinterest, but one of the major challenges is that when I do comment on someone’s pin, and he happens to be using a smartphone, the comment that I’ve left behind is barely noticed. The reason this happens is because the notification looks like any other notification whether someone repins or like one of their pins.

It’s only on the iPad or desktop version do people see a preview of the comment. What this means is that if you are trying to engage with your fans on comments, they’re probably not going to take notice.

However, if you are looking to develop better relationships with one of your followers on Pinterest, the Pinterest messaging system can allow you start that conversation back and forth.

One of the aspects of the Pinterest messaging system I like, is that I can drag a particular pin into the conversation and mention how much I enjoyed this pin he posted. It’s hard to comment on an old tweet from 5 months ago, but you can still message someone about their pin that he posted from five months ago.

Here’s an example of SociallyApt and myself having a conversation on Pinterest messaging. She sent me her compliments about my 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page board. 

Pinterest Messaging System

This can be especially helpful in starting relationships with influencers who follow your Pinterest account.

3) Create Group Boards with More Ease with the Right People

Inviting other users to group boards was a bit of a hassle, because you may have wanted to invite someone who you thought would make a good contributor, but there was no way to directly message her to explain why you want to invite that person to your group board.

Sending users group invite that shows up at the top of their feed without proper explanation is always a little weird.

Now with the Pinterest messaging system, you’re able to message your followers and tell them, “Hey I noticed we create pins that have the same theme, would you be interested in joining a group board about XYX?”

This way you’re attracting the right people to join your group board and you’re not blind siding them with an unexpected invite.

4) Reward Your Most Engaged Pinterest Followers

One of the best things about the Pinterest messaging system is that you’re able to communicate with engaged loyal followers. Let’s say you have someone that has been pinning a lot of your content, and is responsible for driving quite a bit of traffic to your retail site.

Now, with the new messaging capabilities,  you’re able to message the follower and say , “Hey, thanks so much for always repinning our products. We want to send you a coupon code for your loyalty. Upon check out, use the coupon code within the next two weeks, and you’ll receive 20% off the order. Thanks again for all your support.”

Or if you have the marketing budget, imagine sending them a free gift for those that have truly been engaged with your content. Imagine the word of mouth marketing that could generate.

Let’s be honest, we love brands that appreciate us for what we do! 

5) Get Feedback from Your Pinterest Followers

Chances are it’s going to be difficult to be able to contact many of your Pinterest followers directly through e-mail, however, with the new Pinterest messaging system you’re able to send your followers messages and ask them questions.

Since every social network operates a little bit differently from the others, you’re able to to send surveys or questionnaires to people who specifically are following you and are using the Pinterest platform.

This will help give you insight into how your followers are interacting with your Pinterest page.

Those are five tips on how businesses can use the Pinterest messaging system for their business. If you’ve got a creative idea on how businesses can use the Pinterest messaging app, it would be fantastic to read about it. Drop me a line in the comments section, and share.

Additional Resource:

Curious to know how you can re arrange your pins in a board? That’s what I did for my 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page board to organize it from day 1 to day 31. Learn how to rearrange your pins within your boards. 

7 Costly Mistakes Businesses Make on Pinterest (P2P Episode 16)

@scalablesocial shares with us 7 costly mistakes that  businesses make on Pinterest, and find out how to use Pinterest to generate more leads quickly.

Welcome to episode 16 of the Pictures to Profits Podcast, in this podcast I’ll be interviewing Alisa Meredith, and she’s going to be sharing with us 7 costly mistakes that business make on Pinterest.

Alisa Meredith is the senior inboud marketer at Scalable Social Media, and is the Pinterest Fanatic at OverGo Studio, and she’s big fan of Canva, and is in love with Pinterest. The podcast is based on her article 10 Reasons You’re Missing the Boat with Pinterest.

Costly Pinterest Mistake # 1: Too Much About Your Business

Making your Pinterest page all about your business. While this might seem like a good idea, it’s important to be able to have a Pinterest page that shares other pinners content. By sharing content that’s a resource to your audience, you’re able to gain more followers and become a valuable resource to your audience.

Costly Pinterest Mistake # 2: Your Business is Getting TOO Personal

Don’t get TOO personal. When you’re a business it’s important to remember that you are a business. You want to ensure you’re not posting pins that may offend your audience, or may confuse about how certain pins are related to the business.

If you are representing a business, and you want to pin more personal topics like recipes and home ideas (and these are not your business) then start a personal account for yourself and go nuts.

Alisa states that if you are a solopreneur, then it’s okay to mix who you are with what your business is about as this can help show off more of your personality.

Costly Pinterest Mistake # 3: Not Taking Care of Basic Housekeeping

It’s important to take care of the basics when it comes to your Pinterest marketing. This means ensuring that you’ve

Costly Pinterest Mistake #4: Overlooking What’s Needed for Your Business Account

Alisa also talks about overlooking the obvious when it comes to Pinterest marketing. This means that you need to verify your account and switching it over to a business account so you’ll have access to the New Pinterest analytics.

This also means taking the time to fill out your Pinterest profile, and to fill in  your board descriptions.

The new analytics from Pinterest provides wonderful data about how your Pinterest profile is doing, what the gender breakdown of your users are, and the top performing pins that are generating traffic to your site.

Also ensure that you fill out your Pinterest profile fully. People want to know who you are.

Costly Pinterest Mistake # 5: Why Won’t You Let me Pin From Your Website?

This is when businesses don’t invite great pinning. A business needs to make it as easy as possible for people to pin from their website, this means having a pin it button on your website, and to ensure that your business also has a pinnable image.

Costly Pinterest Mistake # 6: Ignoring Pinterest for Lead Generation

A big mistake that businesses make is to assume that Pinterest is not good for lead generation. She shares with us how Pinterest became the number one lead generator for her client by doing the following:

  • Used a variety of images as pins to lure leads to a landing page
  • Posting the pins on a variety of relevant boards and different times
  • Using group boards to help raise the exposure of the pins
  • Created different pins that focused on a different topics (eg. If there was a book about 7 smoothie recipes, she would create a different pin for each recipe.

Costly Pinterest Mistake #7: Using Boring Alt Text for Your Images

This mistake can easily be overlooked if you’re not careful and that’s not having a pinnable description in the alt text.

This is because for most pin it buttons, the alt text is used as the default description in the pin. Alisa suggests that you add the following for your alt descriptions

  • A great pinnable description that will make people either share, or click on the pin
  • Your Pinterst username such as @scalablesocial (this is what comes after, and the username is case sensitive).
  • Including your website, or a specific url you want to redirect people to.

Alisa Meredith

Links and Resources

10 Reasons You’re Missing the Boat with Pinterest

Alisa Meredith’s Twitter Account 

Manly Pinterest Tips (To Pin or Not to Pin)

Scalable Social Media

Scalable Social Media On Pinterest

OverGo Studio on Pinterest
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Go Find a Pinterest Marketing Buddy

Day 31 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Go and Find Your Pinterest Marketing Buddy. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 31 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. I apologize for being  behind on the last post of this challenge, with the launch of my Pintalysis Online Academy, it was quite a bit hectic over the weekend. But for day 31, it’s all about getting together with another pinner and sharing ideas about how to improve your Pinterest marketing.

My Advice – Get Advice from Others

One of the problems that I have is learning to ask for help. It’s that darn ego of mine that has to try to learn everything on my own. And the truth is that it’s probably cost me thousands of dollars, and so I’m learning to try to change that part of my personality. I’m learning that I can’t do it all myself.

When I interview people for my Pictures to Profits Podcast, I learn quite a bit.  I learn what works for Pinterest marketing in some situations and what doesn’t work in others. I’ve also learned from watching Pinterest programs like the Manly Pinterest Tips hosted by Jeff Sieh.

I know that learning from others can help increase my revenue, help me serve my clients better, and make me better at Pinterest marketing.

Go and Find A Pinterest Marketing Buddy

And this is what day 31 is all about. Finding a Pinterest buddy that you can chat about Pinterest marketing. A Pinterest buddy can be a single person, or it can be a group of people who you talk to regularly about how to improve your Pinterest marketing.

I’m very blessed, I have a few people in my life that when I need to ask for Pinterest or marketing advice that they’re willing to help out. There’s nothing like being able to connect with someone who understands the Pinterest troubles your going through and can also be an amazing cheerleader to help you get going.

The goal is to find someone else who is just as serious about their Pinterest marketing as you are. You don’t have to be in the same industry, but as long as both of you, or the group of you are willing to dedicate to the art of Pinterest marketing and share willingly then you’re off to a great start.

How do You Go About Looking for a Pinterest Buddy?

If you already have someone you know and you believe would make a good Pinterest marketing buddy, then you should give him or her a ring. Chances are that she might be interested. Many people get together to talk about Facebook, but I truly believe more people need to get together to talk about Pinterest.

If you don’t have someone you know, start a relationship with someone whose Pinterest account that you admire by sending them an e-mail. Let them know that you were hoping to start to have a conversation with her, and what you would like to accomplish, and what the benefits would be for both parties.

If all goes well after the first conversation, you can request to ask if she would like to chat more regularly.

If she happens to be to busy, don’t sweat it, move and try someone else. And see if someone else is available.

Find a Good Pinterest Marketing Buddy is Like Dating

 Finding a good Pinterest marketing buddy that you can chat with is not easy. It’s a lot like dating. You go through a lot of different people who may be good candidates, you then choose one, and if you’re lucky the first date goes well.

And from that point on, the relationship develops further.

So if the first person doesn’t say yes, or isn’t as excited or serious about their Pinterest marketing as you, then that’s okay. Move on to the next person, because I guarantee you that someone out there is interested in learning more about using Pinterest for marketing as much as you.

So hang in there! Because it will be well worth it in the end.

Day 31 Actionable Step:

For day 31, connect with another pinner that you admire and contact her to see if she would be interested in having an initial discussion about Pinterest marketing with you. Tell her you’re interested in mutually sharing ideas.

Of course it’s best if you have some pre existing history with that person. So you may want to take the time to tweet them, leave a comment on their blog post, or send them an e-mail.

The goal is to have one good discussion, as if you’re having coffee, and then take it from there. If you find that one side contributes more than the other, then it maybe a skewed partnership, and eventually one side may find that the time spent is not valuable.

You want to be able to find someone who shares an equal passion in sharing and learning, and that will take time.

Taking My Own Advice

For me, I’d love to be able to talk more about Pinterest and learn from others. So if you’re interested in exchanging ideas about Pinerest, marketing please e-mail me at with your Pinterest account and let me know what you would like to learn. I won’t be able to respond to everyone.

Also, I would love to be able to exchange ideas with people who are familiar in the following areas:

  1.  Podcasting to grow an audience
  2. Converting e-mail subscribers into loyal customers
  3. How to use webinars for marketing
  4. How to launch an online information product

If you have an area that specializes in that, then it would be great to chat with you as well and exchange ideas.

Additional Resource:

Check out this great infographic created by the wonderful people at Quicksprout.

How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275%
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

The Benefits of Repinning Old Pins on Pinterest

Day 30 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For Day 30, it's about repinning your old content by @mcngmarketing. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 30 of the 31 Days to a better Pinterest page. For day 30, it’s all about repinning some of your old content to get more traffic back to your site.

Bring New Life To an Old Pin on Pinterest

I bet you, you have a pin that’s generated a lot more repins than the others. Maybe it’s generated 50, or maybe 500 or 50000, whatever that amazing pin is, you have to do the world a favor. You have to repin that content to your relevant boards every three or four weeks. It would be a huge disservice to your audience and marketing, and here’s why.

1) New Followers May Not Have Seen The Popular Pin

As you continue to grow with new followers on your Pinterest page, they may have never seen your pin that you pinned from 5 months ago.

They may run into that pin by accident through another account, but why leave it to chance for them to discover your awesome pin that even Darth Vader would be jealous of? Am I right or am I right?

All bad humor aside, the same method can be applied to group boards as well. Since group boards often will have new members follow them, you should also consider pinning that great pin, that makes other pins jealous, onto relevant group boards every month and a half.

This way you’re not being to spammy, and you’re helping new members of the group board with a new resource. Win/win!

Here’s something that’s happened to me. I created an infographic about how Pinterest affects in store sales.  To date the infographic has been pinned over 1,200 times. And part of that reason is that about every quarter I’ll actually repin that pin onto different boards, and inevitably the content gets repinned a few dozen times.

Pinterest Side Note:

As a side note, the infographic has been good for brand awareness, and for making impressions, but has not been a consistent driver of traffic to my site. I found that my blog articles that left some form of curiosity did much better in driving regular traffic.

2) Old Followers May Not Have Seen Your Content

Not all of your Pinterest followers check their content again and again every single day. A statistic I found on Huffington Post, said that 1 in 5 Facebook users who had their account connected to Pinterest logged in daily. That leaves quite a bit of your audience not seeing your pins, especially if they follow hundreds of different pinners and content is being added every single second.

This is why it’s important to be able to show off your pin again. Not just to new followers, but to old followers who would enjoy the pin you’re displaying.

Benefits of Repinning Old Content:

1) Increased Website Traffic

The headline says it all. By exposing your pin to new audience, and your old audience, you’re going to get more traffic back to your site.

2) Get More Repins and Engagement

If your pin is as awesome as the Batmobile, then people are going to want to repin it.

Here’s an example of an awesome picture that has been repinned a total of 27,000 times. While this took an old product and made it into a new one, you imagine if you were the one to sell the original toy and then teach people how to spruce it up. Don’t just think about showing off your original products, think about how people can use it in different ways or adapt it for their own lives.

Day 30 Actionable Step:

Choose 2 pins that have had a lot of repins in the past. Take the time to choose relevant boards to repin those older pins and then check out the engagement levels with those pins.

Additional Resource:

If you’re hitting up the road and looking for something to listen to, then check out my Pictures to Profits Podcast. The podcasts mainly focuses on using Pinterest to help grow your business, but also looks at the way visual social media is changing the landscape.

Wonderful guests such as Peg Fitzpatrick of Canva and Jeff Sieh of the Manly Pinterest Show have been guests in the past. So if you’re driving and want to learn, then check out the Pictures to Profits Podcast.

P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter where I reveal more Pinterest tips and tricks.

Understanding the New Pinterest Analytics

Day 29 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Understand the NEW Pinterest Analytics by @mcngmarketing. #PintalysisAcademy

On August 26th, 0f 2014, Pinterest announced that they were releasing a robust set of analytics for business accounts.  After playing around with it for a few hours, I can tell you that this set of analytics is truly amazing, and I’ve been waiting for this day to happen ever since I heard the news months before.

For day 29 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page we’re going to look at the new robust Pinterst analytics and what all that new data means for your Pinterest marketing and business.

The analytics is only available to business Pinterest accounts.

Day 29 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Understand the New Pinterest Analytics by @mcngmarketing. #PintalysisAcademy

The Main Advantage of the New Analytics

The main focus of the old analytics platform was to find out what type of pining activity was happening with your website, if your website was verified with Pinterest. There weren’t any details about how your actual pins on your Pinterest account was performing overall. This was a bit frustrating, and analytics companies like Tailwind filled in the gap.

(By the way Tailwind still offers great data like your follower growth that the data on Pinterest don’t.)

With the new analytics, you’re able to find out what’s actually going on with your Pinterest account, who your audience is as well as the type of pinning activity that was related to your website.

Three Main Areas of the New Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has provided three main areas of Pinterest analytics.

1) Your Pinterest Profile (only includes data about pins that you have pinned.)

2) Your Audience (includes data about interests your audience has, gender breakdown, and languages.)

3) Pinning Activity Related to Your Website (This includes data about pins that are related to your website, this includes your pins and repins from others as well.)

Pinterst Analyics

Powerful Metrics are Provided with the New Pinterest Analytics

The main metrics that are provided are impressions, clicks, repins, and unique users viewing your content.

The one thing I wasn’t too sure about was what they meant by impressions. According to Pinterest an impression is a pin that’s shown on “any feed.” What I’m curious about whether that includes pins that show up in search results. Do search results count as part of the “any feed?”

I’ve e-mailed Pinterest to ask, so I’m hoping they will be able to answer.

You’re also able to find out data about your most popular pins, what devices pinning activity is happening from, gender breakdown and so much more.

There’s so much going on, and questions about how to interpret the data that I decided it was best to create a video series.

So if you have half an hour to spare, and you truly want to understand on a deep level what your new Pinterest analytics is about and how to convert that new data into actionable steps then you have to watch the following three videos.

Video # 1: Understand Your Pinterest Profile Analytics

IMPORTANT NOTE: In video #1, at 5:20 I mention that the clicks are the total amount received. This is not true, this represents the number of clicks to your website for pins that you have specifically pinned onto Pinterest. (Does not include clicks of all your pins.)

Video #2: Understand Your Audience Analytics

Video # 3: Understand Your Activity from Your Website Analytics

Day 29 Actionable Step:

For Day 29, spend the time to watch all three videos. This way you will be able to fully understand what they mean as well as how to use them for your Pinterest marketing.

If you’ve watched all the videos and you still have questions about the new Pinterest analytics, then feel free to leave a comment!

On August 31st, the early bird special to the Pintalysis Online Academy, an online Pinterest marketing course that will teach you how to get more followers quickly, how to make money using Pinterest, and how to drive traffic back to your site.

If you sign up now, membership is guaranteed for your life time.  It’s $49 until then an prices jump up to $79 and will continue to increase in price. Enroll in the Pintalysis Online Academy today. 

Top Ten Tools to Elevate Your Pinterest Marketing (P2P Episode 15)

Pictures to Profits Podcast 15: Top Ten Tools to Elevate Your Pinterest Marketing for Small Businesses by @mcngmarketing.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic summer so far as it seems to be winding down. It just seems that time has really flown by and that there’s still so much to do. The good thing is that there are excellent tools that make our daily lives so much easier. In episode 15 of the Pictures to Profits Podcast, I share with you ten Pinterest tools and resources to help rock your Pinterest marketing and make your life a little bit easier.

Whether you’re looking to grow your  Pinterest followers, or looking for a way to rearrange your beautiful pins on your Pinterest boards, there’s bound to be at least one tool that you’re going to fall in love with that’s mentioned in the podcast.

For me a tool that I love to use to check out the competition, in terms of repins on Pinterest, is Amazingly simple but will offer you insight about social shares that no other tool can.

If there’s a favorite Pinterest tool that you enjoy using, please share it in the comments of the blog section.

Links and Resources:
Tailwind (Pinterest Analytics)

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How to Find and Join a Group Board on Pinterest

For day 28 of the 31 days to a better Pinterest page is to explore and find a group board to join. Written by @mcngmarketing #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 28 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page challenge.  For day 28 it’s all about joining a group board on Pinterest.

Unlike Twitter, or Facebook where identities are not able to contribute to single stream, Pinterest is truly amazing in this manner. Pinterest boards can be created where multiple Pinterest users can contribute to the board.

Some of these group boards have tens of thousands of followers. For example Melissa Taylor’s group board about Pinterest Savvy has close 50,000 followers. I would definitely say that’s a fair number of followers.

But I should caution, that that’s not a typical number of followers for most group boards.

How to Join Group Boards on Pinterest

What are the benefits of joining a group board?

The major benefit of joining a group board is exposure of your pins.

If you’re starting off with Pinterest and one of your major objectives is to drive more traffic to your site, then group boards are a magnificent way to go to help you achieve that goal. The reason why this is so effective is because your pins are exposed to a larger audience.

Pins that are shown to 100 followers won’t get the same exposure as one with 2000 followers. To build your own account to 2000 followers could take months. So being part of a group board is a real time saver for new users of Pinterest.

Could you imagine the idea of a Twitter group that exposed you to 20,000 people? That would be insane.

A second benefit of group board is that they can help grow your followers more quickly. 

Over time as you start to post content onto the group board, other people who follow the page will also start seeing your pins. If you become a regular, and you’re providing great pinnable content, some of yours, and some from other people, other followers will take notice, and will be curious to know more about your Pinterest account.

The important aspect is to make sure that you are participating in the community on a regular basis. If you only pin once, then your pin might get the exposure, but you won’t be able to grow followers through the group board.

Where do I find Group Boards on Pinterest?

Finding group boards used to be a headache, but it’s so much easier now. Thanks to the website can help you find group boards based on keywords in the description or in the title.

How to Join Group Boards on Pinterest

You will also be able to search for group boards based on the number of followers, the number of repins, number of contributors and so much more.

If you’re hardcore, and you want to find out the engagement levels of the actual group board, then take the number of repins that a group board has and divide that by the number of followers, and you’ll know if the group board is quite active.

However you’re only able to search for group boards that have more than 250 followers, 5 or more contributors and at least 50 pins.

How to Join a Group Board on Pinterest

Method 1: Get to know the creator of the group board. 

The best way to get invited to a group board is to get to know the creator of the group board. Start to pin a few of their pins, and make comments on their pins. By starting that relationship it makes it much easier to get invited.

If that founder of the group board has a blog, then go visit their blog and leave comments on there. This way she will remember you even more.

You can also see if she has an e-mail address in the board description that you can send a message to. Most group founders are weary of spam, and don’t want to have someone come in and not be focussed and contributing member, so ensure you give a good reason why you would like to join.

To identify who the founder of the board is all you need to do is look to the very far left icon. This is the user who is the founder.

How to Join a Pinterest Group board by @mcngmarketing.

Method 2: Some group boards will have an invitation method listed in the description

Some group boards will have a way for you to be invited to a group board. This may be in the form of an e-mail or users may request that you leave your request on one of their pins.

Remember to be courteous about your request and to offer a reason why you want to join.  Many good group boards are protective of who they invite. And remember they took a lot of time to build up that community, so the least you can do is ask politely and leave a reason why you’re interested in joining.

The easiest way to find out which group boards have their invite instructions in their board descriptions head on over to and then hover over the description.

This way you can check if there’s a way to contact the group founder quickly and easily without visiting each group board on Pinterest.

Method 3: Get Invited By Another Member

Technically you can get invited to a group board by another member of that group board. This means if a friend of yours is a member, she can invite you in.

However some group boards don’t permit this, and you can get kicked out for violating the rules. Ensure that whomever you do invite is credible and someone you can vouch for. Your trust is on the line. And when in doubt, double check with the founder of the group board to see if it’s okay to invite others.

A Positive Alternative to Finding Group Boards to Join

Can’t find a group board that’s right for you?

You can always start your own group board. All it takes is that you invite someone who you follow and also follows at least one of your boards.

With the Pinterest messaging system, you can now send that user a message explaining to them that you would like to invite him to the group board and why, and see if he would be interested in joining.

Before, people would naturally get invited, but without a clear explanation of why, it makes rejecting

The main benefit of starting your own group board is that any person that follows that particular group board becomes your follower.

Day 28 Actionable Step:

Go to the website, search for group boards that are related to your industry. Always make sure you go and check the group board first to ensure it’s not filled with spam.

It’s not uncommon that people who have started group boards abandon them because they no longer use Pinterest.

Narrow it down to three group boards your interested in joining, and try to contact the group board owner.

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Join the Best Pinterest Forum Online

Day 27 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.  For day 27 it's about joining the best Pinterest board run by @kellylieberman. PinChat is truly an amazing and active community for learning about Pinterest marketing. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 27 of the 31 Days to A Better Pinterest Page. Can you believe it, it’s already been 27 days, where has the time gone?

For day 27 it’s about joining the best forum to learn about Pinterest. And in my opinion there’s only one Pinterest forum that’s worth joining and that is Kelly Lieberman’s private Facebook PinChat group.

Why You Should Join PinChat

Kelly works extremely hard to maintain a high quality community. In her private Facebook group she’s constantly sharing wonderful and educational articles about Pinterest, and does an amazing job of curating content.

She does such a good job, that she’s my number one go to person when I’m looking for articles that will help keep me up to date about what’s going on in the world of Pinterest. Not just about news, but fascinating studies done that show the power and profitability in using Pinterest.

For example, Kelly posted this article about Pinterest and Instagram by Piquora, that stated Pinterest users are generally near the middle or end of sales funnel. The article suggests that Pinterest users are warm buyers and put a lot of trust into pin products. I would have never encountered that article if it wasn’t for Kelly.

Kelly’s Facebook group is the only one I know where there’s a lot of discussion that goes back and forth. The group has over 900 members and it includes Pinterest marketers, professional bloggers, Pinterest influencers and people just starting off with Pinterest.

PinChat is A Supportive and Wonderful Community

There really is a sense of community. Many influential community members participate in the daily chat, helping other members with questions they may have.

Members will also compare notes about what’s going on in their Pinterest account. Since Pinterest seems to make changes every single week,  it’s a great place to compare notes with others about those changes. What makes me absolutely giddy is that it’s usually the place where you will discover new Pinterest features before Pinterest officially makes an announcement on their blog.

Unless you happen to be in a privileged Facebook community that is run and operated by Pinterest, this is the best group you’ll encounter hands down. You won’t find a better one on Linkedin or Google Plus. I’ve tried looking and have even attempted to get one going on Google Plus going with no avail.

Keep in mind that Kelly’s Facebook group is private, and that it’s a privilege, not a right to join Kelly’s group.

You can find Kelly’s Facebook group at this link:

Join #PinChat on Wednesdays

What makes Kelly truly an amazing person is that she keeps giving and giving. And here’s the lowdown. Not only does she manage a wonderful Facebook group, you can join  also join Kelly on Twitter on Wednesday nights for #PinChat.

Where she will invite brand marketers and social media experts and interviews them about Pinterest. Some nights there aren’t any featured guests, and it ends up being a nice cocktail party where people can geek out about new Pinterest features, or pain points that Pinterest users might have.

#PinChat is on Wednesdays at 6pm PST and 9PM EST. I was going to actually make joining #PinChat on Twitter one of today’s actionable steps but Kelly is taking a well deserved break for August 27th, so make sure you check in on it next week.

Day 27 Actionable Step:

For day 27, you’re going to hop on over and ask for permission to join Kelly Lieberman’s PinChat group on Facebook at

Feel free to ask questions about Pinterest as well. Usually you’ll find someone that’s happy to provide an answer to your question.

Additional Resource:

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Thank One of Your Pinterest Followers

Day 26 of 31 days to a better Pinterest page by @mcngmarketing. For day 26, it's all about thanking a Pinterest follower. This could lead to a beautiful relationship, or you may be a dud. Read more about it. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 26 of 31 days to a better Pinterest Page. For day 26, you’re going to be doing something that involves Pinterest but you’re also going to take the initiative to build a new relationship.

UPDATE: Pinterest launched a new set of analytics on August 26th. You can check them out here, but you wont’ be able to  use the method below for the new set of analytics. The best way is to use the shortcut method that’s listed two paragraphs below. 

If you’ve verified your website with Pinterest, you have the ability to see who has pinned content directly from your site. To find out who the latest pinners are, go to the desktop version of Pinterest and go to your profile name at the top right hand corner. Click on the analytics tab from the drop down menu, and then click on the “Most Recent” tab.

This will tell you which Pinterest users have pinned from your site.


A shortcut to this if you don’t have a verified Pinterest account yet is to go to

Now depending on the size of your business, you could receive hundreds of pins from your website a day, like does, or if you’re running a blog you may find that about a hand full of people will pin content directly from your site each day.

What’s interesting about these Pinterest users is that they visit your website, and they’re pinning content from it. These people are doubly engaged with your content. If you think about all the people out there who visit your site, and to share your content means that they are helping you out.

Every time someone shares your content, it’s an act of kindness on her part. She doesn’t have to, she’s consciously choosing to do so.

Relationships are Built Through Small Wins

Want a way to gain more targeted and loyal followers on Pinterest? Leave a comment for those people who visited your site and pinned something from there.

These comments will be visible in the desktop and iPad version of the notification feed. Unfortunately on the Android smartphone app, it looks like another notification and so nobody may notice what’s going on.

I’ll often scan through the different people who have pinned my content and leave a comment for them thanking them for visiting my site, and letting them know that if they ever have a quick question about Pinterest that I’m happy to answer.

What happens, with approximately one in every ten users is that they will end up following my account. That’s because many Pinterest users who pin directly from my website are not actually followers of my Pinterest account.

Now I know 1 in 10 doesn’t seem like much, but keep in mind that these are engaged Pinterest users. A person visited your site AND pinned my content, that’s a bit of effort on their part.  And as you start to build those loyal followers over time, those small acts of engagement can turn into a large cocktail party.

E-mail and Thank a Pinterest Follower

Commenting on someone’s pin and thanking them is great. But to help you build a loyal community around your business or blog you should take it a step further.

You should e-mail that person and thank them for the actions they took. Thank them for sharing multiple pins from your site if that’s what they did. Thank them for repinning content from one of your pins that later received an additional 100 repins and drove traffic to your site.

I was followed by a Pinterest user who was a professional travel photographer. He had over 68,000 users.

I decided to send him a thank you e-mail commenting on his wonderful travel photography and for thanking him for following my account.

I never did get an e-mail response back from him, but about three days later he sent me an invite to join two of his group travel boards, one of them with over 12,000 followers.

I didn’t join the group travel board because it wasn’t on strategy with my own business. The gesture was a nice one from him, and I do believe, though I can’t say for sure, it was because I sent him an e-mail thanking him for following me.

How to You Thank a Pinterest User by E-mail

I find that the easiest way to e-mail another user on Pinterest is to go to their website (if they have one listed on their profile) and send them a thank you through their contact page.

I wouldn’t suggest using Pinterest’s private messaging system. That’s only because many users on Pinterest aren’t aware of that feature and it could take weeks before they realize a message was sent.

With e-mail, it’s almost guaranteed that she’ll check it out.

Don’t Expect Anything in Return

Don’t necessarily expect an answer back from the person you e-mailed. I wish I could tell you that it’s guaranteed to be the start of a beautiful relationship, and it can be, but most likely not. Instead you’re sending a note to them as genuine thank you.

You shouldn’t expect anything back.

Day 26 Actionable Step:

Go to your Pinterest analytics and see which users have pinned content directly from your site. Take the time to leave a comment and thank three of those users.

Out of the three people you commented on, choose one of those users which you are going to e-mail and thank them for visiting your website and content.

 Additional Resource:

If you like creative advertising and want to go beyond the world of social media, then I suggest checking out the book, “Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads. The book is so much fun to read, and it will open your eyes to the world of advertising and marketing that’s far beyond what social media can teach.

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