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How to Use Pinterest for Lead Generation (P2P Episode 21)

Have you wondered how to use Pinterest to generate more e-mail sign ups? Or wouldn't you love it if you could get a month's worth of blog post ideas? In episode 21 of the Pictures to Profits podcast, the dynamic duo Alisa Meredith and Tina Gammon of … [Read more]

How to Launch a Profitable Online Course (P2P Episode 20)

In episode 20 of Pictures to Profits Podcast, I'm joined by Greg Smith, the CEO of Thinkific. Greg successfully transitioned from being a full time lawyer to teaching online courses, and from there, he co founded Thinkific, which is an online … [Read more]

How Well Do You know Pinterest? (Take the Quiz)

So you think you know Pinerest eh? (Yep, that's the Canadian stereotype in me coming out.) Well now is the time to put you to the test and see what you know about Pinterest with this Pinterest quiz. Take out your ninja bandanna, because it's time … [Read more]

How Pinterest Advertising Works (P2P Episode 19)

Thanks for dropping by the Pictures to Profits Podcast.  and I'm happy to be interviewing Andy Hayes, who is the founder and creative mind at, which is a lifestyle blog that helps people create moments that matter. Plum Deluxe was … [Read more]

How to Search For Someone On Pinterest

  Have you ever tried to look for someone on Pinterest and found it was a  bit of a challenge? Pinterest's search engine can be a bit confusing considering there are so many different types of search that are available within Pinterest, both … [Read more]

7 Tools and Tips to Promote Your Pins on Social Networks (P2P Episode 18)

Welcome to episode 18 of the Pictures to Profits Podcast, where I will be talking about 7 tips and tools on how to promote your Pinterest page and pins onto other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram. 7 Tips and Tools … [Read more]

10 Ways eHarmony Can Improve their Pinterest Account

My Online Dating Life I remember  the days before I got engaged, and online dating was still a taboo. Nobody ever wanted to admit that they found a date online, because it meant that you had trouble getting a date in real life and that you were … [Read more]

Grow Your Google Hangout Audience and Get Sponsors (P2P 17)

It might be a bit unusual for me to talk about Google Hangouts for a podcast that's dedicated mostly to Pinterest, but that's why it's called Pictures to Profits Podcast, because it's all about using visuals to help grow your business. At the end of … [Read more]

5 Tips For Using Pinterest Messaging for Business

It seems like there's so many different ways to be in contact with people these days, e-mail, text, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter and the list just goes on and on, so why should you care about Pinterest's messaging system and why is it important for … [Read more]

7 Costly Mistakes Businesses Make on Pinterest (P2P Episode 16)

Welcome to episode 16 of the Pictures to Profits Podcast, in this podcast I'll be interviewing Alisa Meredith, and she's going to be sharing with us 7 costly mistakes that business make on Pinterest. Alisa Meredith is the senior inboud marketer at … [Read more]