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31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by Vincent Ng

For years I’ve heard about Problogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog, and how he’s challenged people to produce blog content for 31 days in a row. The initial 30 day challenge started back in 2007, and I feel that  his project created positive and … [Read more]

How “Manly Brands” can Market on Pinterest (P2P Episode 11)

David may not know who he is, but if you were like me, you remember the commercials that he did. David Rubin is the branding brains behind the infamous Axe commercials. His marketing with Axe was so successful that it actually ended up … [Read more]

4 Tools for Pinterest Marketing with E-commerce

Recently Shopify and Pinterest announced that Rich Pins would be available for all products that were sold on the Shopify e-commerce platform. That's great news for people using Shopify, but there are other e-commerce platforms such as Magento, … [Read more]

How Universities Can Use Pinterest and SnapChat (P2P Episode 10)

I had the pleasure of coming across an article that was written by Hillary Frazier. Hillary is the Sr. Social Media Specialist at University of Michigan. I contacted her after I read an article on Linkedin that was based on her article, Pinterest … [Read more]

How to Build Consumer Trust with Pinterest

Pinterest can be amazing when it comes to driving traffic. For me it's my number one social media traffic source, and for others like Mike Alton, it's helped him add another 1000 visitors to his site a month, which for a social media blog is … [Read more]

Best Practices with Pinterest Contests (P2P Episode 9)

Have you considered hosting a Pinterest contests? It can get rather confusing with all the different rules out there and types of contests out there. On episode 9 of Pictures to Profits Podcast, I'm joined by Melissa Megginson, Marketing Manager of … [Read more]

The Pinterest SEO Checklist: 5 Essential Items to Maximize Your Organic Visibility

Big thank you to Adam Bullock, Content Strategy Expert at  MKG Media Group, for this wonderful article. Read on to get your SEO Pinterest checklist. ---- Chances are you've taken the plunge into the beautiful visual world that is Pinterest. … [Read more]

5 Tips for Getting Your Pins Found in Search Results (P2P Episode 8)

Pinterest is becoming one of the world's leading search engines. While people are using Google to help search for knowledge, people are using Pinterest to search for lifestyle choices. They use Pinterest to find new recipes, new exciting places to … [Read more]

How Two Great Canadian Retailers are Using Pinterest

To help celebrate Canada Day, I decided to take a look at two Canadian companies and how they're using Pinterest. Let's start off with Lululemon. Lululemon is a famous for making yoga clothing around the world.  Lululemon actually started in my … [Read more]

Practical Tips for Using Canva with Peg Fitzpatrick (P2P Episode 7)

Are you looking for a free tool to help you create pins, Facebook covers, or even slides for your next presentation? For many small business owners we're not savvy with Adobe, nor do we have time to learn all the different features. This is why it's … [Read more]