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UTM Tracking Codes and Pinterest – How They Work

Pinterst announced that they were going to allow UTM tracking codes for pins. This is a major win for marketers and companies that rely on UTM tracking to get granular about what campaigns are working. This was a much requested feature. What is a … [Read more]

Pinterest Announces Manliest Day to Pin

So this an interesting turn of events, Ben Silbermann, C.E.O of Pinterest has announced that April 21st, will be Men's Day on Pinterest, the manliest day on Pinterest, where users will be encouraged to post pictures of Star Wars, power tools, and … [Read more]

Is Pinterest Finally Releasing an Open API?

Back in November of 2013, Pinterest announced a specific API that was accessible to select business partners. With that specific API companies were able to show off their most pinned products or articles from their site. Companies like Zappos, … [Read more]

Find Pinterest Group Boards Easily With This Tool

It can be a real struggle trying to gain followers for your Pinterest account when starting off. When I first started, I was lucky to get followers due to timing. Pinterest was getting a lot of coverage at the time because it was recognized as the … [Read more]

Clickable URLs Have Changed in Pinterest’s Pin Descriptions

UPDATE: Please note that Pinterest seems to have fixed the issue of clickable links. Before if you put a specific link in the description it would go to the source of the pin. This seemed to be happening for about 4 days before March 20th. Since this … [Read more]

How to Know if Your Pinterest Board Covers are Visually Optimized

I have to tell you that I was very excited when I discovered this tool. I think it's no exaggeration that my eyes lit it up like a ball of fire, and I almost wanted to do my happy dance. There are a lot of different studies out there that show … [Read more]

What are the Best Times to Pin on Pinterest?

This is a big question and people want to know. What are the best times to pin on Pinterest? Let's be honest, there's no easy or simple solution to this. Pinning times are just as customized as your own business. I'm going to tell you straight … [Read more]

Breaking News! Unlimited Secret Boards on Pinterest

I don't usually write blog posts at 7pm and have them go out fresh, but I really wanted to share some excellent news for people who love to use secret boards. Pinterest users are now allowed to create unlimited secret boards. I don't know if this … [Read more]

Best Ways to Use Hashtags on Pinterest

I'm really proud and happy to have assisted Cynthia Sanchez with her Business for Pinterest workshop series this past month. There always hot topics about Pinterest that people want to know about. They want to know how to get their pins to show … [Read more]