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What’s Your Restaurant’s Brand Promise?

A Restaurant's Brand Promise Matters to your CustomersLet's start off by defining what a brand promise is.What is a Brand Promise?A brand promise is the statement that you make to your customers that identifies what they should expect … [Read more]

How to Reduce Staff Turnover at Your Restaurant

High Staff Turnover is a Huge ExpenseOne of the biggest challenges restaurants face is the constant high turnover of staff.This is a hidden expense that most restaurant owners don't give much thought to because they feel that it is a natural … [Read more]

The Minimum Wage in BC is Getting Hiked Again!

Minimum Wage Increase In BC- Is your Restaurant Prepared?It's already March, and only a few months ago BC workers received a minimum wage increase, and with May 1st being around the corner it won't be that long before it happens again. … [Read more]

Restaurant Marketing Ideas that Increase Profit

Restaurant Marketing Ideas that Increase ProfitYou've come to this page because you're looking for restaurant marketing ideas that will help your restaurant get to next profit level. In this blog post I'm going to share with you 3 restaurant … [Read more]

How Restaurants Can Deal with Bad Yelp Reviews

How to Deal with Your Restaurant's Worst ReviewsOnline Reputation Repair is Essential in the Restaurant BusinessYou are excited because your brand new restaurant has opened up for a week now. You are on top of the world. run into … [Read more]