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Change your Favicon for Pinterest Rich Pins

Day 20 of 31 days to a better Pinterest page. In this challenge, you'll be changing your favicon to help your rich pin stand out. #PintalysisAcademy Welcome to day 20 of the 31 days to a better Pinterest page. For day 20, I’m going to be discussing about changing your favicon to help your rich pins stand out even more. It’s one of those small delicate changes that when compounded with other changes can help you stand above the competition. I also want to give a big thank you to everyone who participated in the survey I sent by e-mail. The insights were amazing and will help me design a better Pinterest course for the Pintalysis Online Academy that’s launching August 31st.

What is a Favicon And Why Is it Important?

First off, let’s talk about what a favicon is. A favicon is that picture that you see next to a tab when you’re surfing the internet. Whether you visit, or check out, you’ll see a cute tiny picture next to their website name.

These favicons help with your business’ or blog’s branding. The favicon took a bit of a back seat for most websites, after all, it didn’t seem all that important to have a good one.

Well, anybody that’s serious about their Pinterest marketing can’t say that any more. Your favicon will be plastered across thousands of pin if you have rich pins enabled. And the last thing you need is to lose this type of opportunity to help your brand and your pins stand out.

There’s just too many rich pins that have a generic favicon on Pinterest. And the reason for this is because many website templates, and WordPress themes (such as Genesis) will assign you a favicon if you decide not to change it.

How this is all related to Pinterest is that if you have rich pins, then they will take the favicon from your website and put it into the rich pin preview on the Pinterest newsfeed, as well as the actually clicked pin itself. Here’s what a rich pin looks like from, along with it’s distinct favicon. Change your Favicon on Pinterest On the Android smartphone app of Pinterest, the favicon is the only element that will help differentiate a rich pin from a non rich pin in the Pinterest feed. For myself, my favicon wasn’t the greatest, so I changed it to something that was nice and visible. Before the words MCNG were too jumbled and barely visible, so I changed it to a nice clear blue M.  (It’s a bit ironic, but I do actually participate in my own challenge)

Do You Have the Dreaded GreyPin Favicon on Your Pinterest Account?

Many favicons on Pinterest have the grey pin. This is an indication that there is no assigned favicon for the website, if you notice that for your rich pins, I strongly suggest that this gets changed so that you’re able to have your rich pins stand out even more.

As millions of users continue to grow, and more blogs and product sites join, your brand differentiation will become more and more important. Don’t be lost in the hundreds of other grey pin favicons.

How To Change Your Favicon For Pinterest

This type of activity can’t be changed from within Pinterest, it requires a little bit of technical know how but it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it. The important aspect to remember is to create an image that is 16 pixels by 16 pixels and to convert the image to favicon.ico file. There are a lot of different ways to change your favicon.

If you happen to be using a hosting service that uses cPanel, such as HostGator, Bluehost, or HostMonster, then you can follow these instructions that were given, that I took from Host Monster.



Host Monster’s Instructions:

How to edit my address bar icon or favicon.ico?

Problem: Can I change the “favicon.ico” file for my website(s)? Solution: Yes! It’s quite easy to do. The favicon.ico file is typically a simple 16×16 image, visible in the browser status bar, tabs and/or title bar. To change this to your own, simply do the following:

  1. Create a “favicon.ico” file from your preferred image. You can either use an image editing tool—such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, MS Paint, etc., or you can use this website:
  1. Upload the image to your “web root” for your website. If this is your primary domain, the directory is “/public_html/”. If it is for a subdomain or addon domain, please refer to your cPanel → Domains → Subdomains or cPanel → Domain Manager section to see what directory the domain is assigned to.
  1. Clear your browser cache, then visit your website again.

Assuming you’ve uploaded to the right place and your browser’s cache is clear, it should update with your image. In some cases, you may need to visit the favicon.ico file directly; simply go to (Replace “” with your own domain.)


How to Change Your WordPress Favicon for Pinterest

If you are using self hosted WordPress, but don’t want to use a plugin for your favicon, then check out this video. I know quite a few bloggers use Genesis, and the favicon for Genesis shows up for their rich pins by default. To change it, you can follow this detailed video that will explain step by step what needs to be done with WordPress themes, and any associated child themes. Once you’ve uploaded your new favicon, you can get a sense of what it would look like on Pinterest, you can go and validate your pins, and it will show you what your favicon will look like.

Why I don’t Suggest a Favicon Plugin for WordPress

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I ended up trying to use a favicon plugin for WordPress and unfortunately it didn’t change the original favicon image from my WordPress theme. It did change the favicon for my web browsers, but just not for Pinterest.

I waited a few days and nothing changed. However, when I did change to a new favicon using the video instructions I was able to see my new favicon image within 10 minutes after validating it through Pinterest.

However, if you do have a different experience please let me know in the comments. And that’s it! Death to boring favicons!

Day 20: Actionable Step

Take time to create a favicon for your website if you don’t have one. And just to make sure that Pinterest recognizes it, go and re validate your pins, to ensure that the new favicon is recognized.

Additional Resource:

This is a great case study that shows the power of Pinterest for sales and brand awareness. When HSN needed to reach a new audience for their show The List, they used Pinterest as a way to fuel it. Read more at the official Pinterest business blog.  Pintalysis Advertisement

How to Create A Gif on Pinterest

Day 19 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.  It's time to create an animated gif. #PintalysisAcademy Welcome to day 19 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.

For day 19, you’re going to elevate your Pinterest engagement with people on Pinterest by creating an animated gif. What I love about animated gifs is that they can help bring your pins to life, in a way that static Pinterest images can’t.

Here’s an example of an animated gif I found on Pinterest. It brought such a big smile across my face. That particular pin which was shared by Buzzfeed received 353 repins.

This is Animated Gif that will make you smile

As a matter of fact, I’m going to stop you right here, and tell you to leave my website! Yes, I’m telling to scram, and head over to Pinterest and type in the word gifs in the search box and see what great stuff people have come up with for their gifs, then head on back and I’ll show how you can create one for yourself.

What are the Benefits of Creating Animated Gifs on Pinterest?

1)      Animated Gifs Keep People’s Attention Longer

If most of us were to ask whether we would like to see a statue, or would we rather see a play, I’m sure most of us would rather see a play. Animated gifs are more engaging and keep people’s attention longer.

You could create an animated gif that shows of your products in different environment and angles. This way people take more time to focus on the product you’re trying to sell.

2) Show off Your Product Benefits with Animated Gifs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then animated picture is worth a then thousand. One of the great benefits of animated gifs is that you’re able to show off your product’s benefits.

Think of the animated gif as a short infomercial. The animated gif below that I found on Pinterest does this beautifully. That single animated gif told me more of what it could do, than any blog post or single picture ever could.

A great example of product benefit being displayed using an animated gif.


3) Helps Your Pins Stand Out in Pinterest Feeds

Another advantage that gif pins (doesn’t necessarily have to be animated) is that they stand out in the Pinterest feed. On the bottom left hand corner of a pin, a grey button that says gif appears, which encourages people to click on it and view the pin.

Create an Animated Gif on Pinterest

How do you Create Animated Gifs for Pinterest?

The free tool that I use is which takes still life pictures and can make them into animated gifs. Think of your animated gifs as still life animation. Have each picture represent one movement you want to show to your audience, similar to the gif that featured the candle.

I won’t be going into how to convert video into gifs, but I will add that into the additional resource section of this blog post.

With, you can upload your photos or pictures that you’ve created. Ensure that all the pictures are the same size so that the animation remains consistent.

Once the pictures have been uploaded, you can drag them into the appropriate order that you want with your mouse.

Tools such as Canva and PicMonkey can help you add text to pictures as necessary, and to help you create each frame for your animated gif.

Day 19 Actionable Step:

Take the time to create an animated gif for Pinterest. This could be a product that you’re selling, or if you’re creating it for a blog post, then it can help people pay attention to your featured image.

For those that do social media marketing, another great benefit of animated gifs is that they work wonderfully on Google Plus.

Additional Resource:

Are you looking to create animated gifs using videos from YouTube or from your own? Check out this article from Life Hacker.

How do you feel about animated gifs? Do you feel they’re annoying or do you feel that they can be helpful in helping sell products? Drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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Get Analytics from Tailwind For Your Pinterest Account

Day 18 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 18, you'll want to sign up for a Tailwind account. You'll find insights into your own account you never knew before. #PintalysisAcademy. Click on the pin to know more.

Welcome to Day 18 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 18, I’m going to encourage you to sign up to an amazing analytics tool that’s available for free, which is Tailwind. Pinterest offers analytics, but at the moment, those analytics are specifically for your website, not your actual Pinterest account. This where Tailwind can be helpful.

Tailwind is Golden For Businesses

When I first started using Pinterest, there were probably about double the amount of Pinterest tools available as there are now. It seemed like a lot of startups were trying to get a piece of the gold rush with Pinterest.

Fast forward a few years later, and only those that have truly been successful at helping businesses have had staying power, and only a hand full of those analytic tools have access to Pinterest’s official API.

Tailwind, which I have been using since their early days, is one of the companies that has access to Pinterest’s API. As mentioned earlier, the tool is free to use for as long as you like, and can be upgraded later at $149/month if you become serious about your Pinterest analytics.

What Does Tailwind for Pinterest Analytics Offer?

So you might be curious to know what Tailwind offers for their free version?

1)      They offer reports on how your most 250 pins are doing. This is an extremely helpful tool especially if you’re starting to pin pins to a lot of different boards but not too sure which one worked out the best. Tailwind can tell you that, as well as tell you the webpage that the pin is linked to.

Taiwlind Pin Inspector area, can help you analyze how popular your most recent pins are. 2)      They give you the status of your follower growth on Pinterest. If you’re wondering if you’re gaining more followers from one week to the next Tailwind can help you out with that. This way, if you start a Pinterest marketing campaign, like a contest, to see if it’s having an effect on your follower growth, you can tell.

They can also e-mail you your stats, which is nice.

3)    Curious to know which of you group boards or individual boards have the most followers or has the most repins? Tailwind can tell you that as well. So if you feel that one board needs more followers, you can now devise a strategy to help grow it.

Or if you find that has a lot of followers, you may consider creating more content for that board to help its followers grow.

4)  A metric that Tailwind offers that’s very helpful in terms of finding out the repin activity is the virality score. This is determined by the number of repins a board has divided by the number of pins on the board. This metric allows you to gage how active your followers are on a board. Tailwind Metrics A board with a low virality rate may indicate that the content you put is not of repinnable interest to your audience. Ones with a high virality rate indicates that the community enjoys what you are posting.

The only thing I would caution is the outliers. My Print Advertisement board has a virality rate higher than 20, which is quite high for any type of marketing for a person with about 3400 followers. The reason why it’s so high is because of one single pin. A Game of Thrones pin that has over 1813 repins.

Just be careful of outliers that may over inflate your virality score.

Honestly, for a free Pinterest analytics tool, it’s amazing. You get a lot of data about your account. So hat tip for Danny, Alex (co-founders) and Melissa for keeping this amazing tool to use for free.

Pro Analytics from Tailwind Offers Some Fascinating and Useful Data

But as I said earlier, if you’re looking to take it to a whole new level, then Pinterest has analytics that are much deeper. They can tell you how your repin activity has been over time for your most popular pins.

Tailwind can tell you who your most influential (pinners that have the most followers) so that you’re able to establish a relationship with them from the get go.

Tailwind can also tell you based on previous pinning history, when the best times to pin your content would be.

I can tell you that Tailwind is definitely a company to watch, whether you’re a small business or enterprise. Tailwind has also developed a contest platform as well and will be released in the future.

I know that Tailwind will add some amazing features, some that many people will LOVE, and if you want to be one of the first to know about it, make sure you sign up for their analytics at Tailwind. 

Day 18 Actionable Step:

Take the time to go and register for a Tailwind account if you haven’t yet. You’ll need to wait for a while before Tailwind is able to provide you analytics for your Pinterest account. This is because it takes time to download your data and stats.

Additional Resource:

Here’s a fascinating look at how pin descriptions could impact your repin rate. The article was written by Melissa Taylor, of Imagination Soup and it offers some fabulous insights.

Do you have a favourite Pinterest tool that you enjoy using? I’d love to know more about it. Drop me a line in the comments section and let me know what it is.

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Examine Magazine Covers to Create Better Pins

Day 17 for 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Find out how magazine covers can help you create amazing pins. #PintalysisAcademy Welcome to day 17, of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 17, you’re going to be examining your favourite magazines and seeing how you can take what you learn about magazine covers and using them for your pins.

Don’t Be Afraid to Venture into the World of Design

I’m not a graphic artist, nor am I professional photographer. I’m learning about the principles of graphic design and some basic photography tips to help me improve the quality of the pins I create.

It used to be just enough knowing how to write a blog post. Then you needed to know how to write amazing headlines within 140 characters, and now it’s about creating visual content that will grab the attention of customers in less than a third of a second.

It’s important to try to get your pins to stand out from billions of other pins and to help them get more repins. And that means that learning a little bit about color theory and design are important.

Curalate came out with a report that suggested that redish orange coloured pins received twice as many repins as blueish coloured pins. Brand pins that contained no faces had 23% more repins than those that did have faces.

You can read all about the report on Curalate’s Tumblr blog. 

These are great tips that can help guide you in your journey for creating pins that are better at converting visitors into customers.

Magazine Covers Are Pins

One of the aspects of design and marketing that I like to study is magazine covers. Magazine covers have been around longer than social media has, and can teach us a lot about visual design.

If you think about it, pins are a lot like magazine covers. Usually magazines are put into a vertical format “scrolling” format next to other magazines. They only have a few seconds to grab your attention before you move onto the next magazine cover (or off to pay for your groceries at the cashier till), and magazines are vertically designed.

Magazine covers have been mastering the art of grabbing your attention for decades, which is why we can learn a lot from them for our own pins.

Two Aspects of Magazine Covers You Should Study

There are two aspects of a magazine cover that I really enjoy.

One, it’s the visual aspect. Take a look at some of your favourite printed magazines and take a look at how they design their fonts, the colour choices that they make for their foreground and background, and the types of images that they use. This can offer you some great insight for your pins can be carried out.

I do believe that branding is important. I’m still trying to find a design that I can create that I feel fits my brand, and I feel that it’s a bit of a process. So far I’ve found that using yellow with red gives my pin’s a distinct look.

I also ended up studying Men’s Health to see how they design their covers and have taken elements from their design and incorporated into mine.

Men's Health Magazine

The second aspect of magazines that matter are the headlines that they put on their cover. While pretty pictures can lure people into looking at a magazine cover, it’s a good headline that’s going to make people pick it up, read it, and buy it.

Here are some examples of headlines from different magazines that peaked my curiosity.

1)      Men’s Health Singapore – Scrawny to Brawny in Just 8 Weeks

2)      Conde Nast Traveller – Hot List. 154 Best New Hotels in the World

3)      Vogue Magazine – Secrets Behind the World’s Most Beautiful Bodies

4)      Oprah Magazine – How to Get Better with Age

5)      Shape Magazine – 4 Moves to Fab Abs

Pscyhology Today Headline.

What’s interesting about people who design magazine covers for big name magazines and create the headlines for them is that they are paid professionals. They’ve usually been in the industry for years, and understand what works and what doesn’t work.

Looking at magazine covers that are related to your industry, and target audience, especially magazines that are still surviving even thought it’s the age of digital. It can give you valuable insights into what your target audience enjoys looking at and reading.

Don’t Create Pins that Look Exactly Like Magazine Covers

Now, I’m not suggesting that you go out and create a pin that looks like a magazine cover. As a matter of fact if you are going to create pins that are like a magazine cover, ensure that there’s on main focal point to start.

If you create a pin with too much information on it, it can be hard to see, especially on smaller screens on smartphone.

Day 17 Actionable Step

Take about 30 -45 minutes to go and visit a book store and take a look at the different magazine covers. Take a look at sports magazines, at travel magazines, at fashion magazines, take a look at them. See what type of elements that you like and don’t like.

If you can’t go to book store, then take that time to look at different magazine covers on the Internet.

Additional Resource:

Here’s an article that offers tips for creating magazine covers. Great practical information on the type of images and colors to use for a cover, and tips and tricks that the magazine industry has been using for decades.

Are there magazine covers that you enjoy looking at or reading? What is about them that appeals to you. Share your thoughts and wisdom in the comment section. Looking forward to reading your answers.

How to Create a Place Pin Board on Pinterest

Day 16 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Day 16 is about creating a place pin board for your business. There are a variety of uses. Example number 2 has yet to be used on Pinterest. Article by Vincent Ng. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 16 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page, can you believe it that we’re past the half way mark?

For day 16, I’m going to encourage you to create a place pin board.  Place pins are a type of rich pin that is associated with a location on a map. While I would say it’s not essential for businesses to have a place pin board, it can add an extra creative and helpful dimension to your business depending on how it’s used.

Here’s what the place pin board created by Cassie from Ever in Transit looks like. As you can see it maps out some of her favourite locations in the San Francisco area.

How to create a Place Pin Board on Pinterest by Vincent Ng.

The use of place pins are only limited to your imagination. The best way to approach place pins is to think of it in terms of providing extra information that would be interesting or educational to your customers. Creating a place pin board without knowing how it contributes to your marketing strategy would be a waste of time.

Since your business is going to be different from the next one, I thought it was best to show how place pins could be used in a variety of business industries.

What Businesses Can Benefit from Place Pins?


If you operate a hotel, there’s no doubt that one of the questions your staff receives is where are all the good places to go eat and visit.

Why not create a place pin board with pins of all great eateries that 10 minute walking distance away? Also create a place pin board for all the attractions around the city and in the surrounding region that you believe your hotel guests may enjoy. Create pins that share little known secrets about the city, or even your hotel to help them become excited about visiting.

The Vancouver area, where I live, wasn’t just the host for the 2010 Winter Olympics, it’s also a place where you’re able go out to fresh ocean waters and potentially get up close and personal with whales through whale watching tours.

Something that many tourists who visit the Olympic host city may not be aware about. Imagine creating a place pin board that shows off those wondrous activities. How much would they want to visit the city and stay at your hotel?

Think of the place pins as an online concierge!

Supermarkets and Businesses that Support Local

Do you run a farmer’s market or a local supermarket?

People nowadays are curious about where their food comes from. Why not make it easier to answer that question and take photos of your produce, meats and vegetables and show off where all that delicious food comes from with place pins.

It’s not just limited to food, maybe you’re a fashion designer that sells your products in a variety of different retail locations. Show off where people can purchase your fantastic jewellery or clothes that you design.

Show Off Where You Source Your Social Products

Do you run a business that sells social products that are made by a group of women in Ecuador? Why not use place pins to show off where your social products are from, and to insert pictures of the people who are producing it.

To elevate those pins to the next level, ensure that each of those pins about social product have a wonderful story around them. You’re allowed up to 500 characters in pin descriptions. Use them to touch people’s hearts, and turn them into loyal customers.

Wholesalers and Distributors 

Do you do wholesale distribution of some sort? Maybe you sell wonderful kitchen sinks and beautiful  bath tubs.

Show off where these beauties are sold. List down all the retailers across where people can enter the showroom and see them with your place pin maps. Include telephone numbers where people can reach these retailers so that it makes it that much easier for them to make an appointment with one of their sale staff.

Now you’ve got some ideas about how to use place pins, and there’s so many more. Here’s how you can start a board using the desktop version of Pinterest. You can create them on all mobile devices as well, but for the sake of keeping it simple, I’m going to stick to the desktop.

How to Create a Place Pin Board

If you’re more of a video person, you can view the video I created about place pins. However, you can’t view the video, or you prefer reading, then read on my friend. Read on.

Go to your Pinterest profile and create a board (or you can create a secret board). Then scroll down to the toggle “Add a map?” Change that to yes.

You can also edit an existing board and change the settings there to make it a place pin board.

The good thing about place pin boards is that they are reversible. If you don’t like it, you can always change it back to a regular board.

How to Add Place Pins

Once that’s toggle on, you technically have a place pin board! Yeah. Nice and and easy, like eating a pizza that’s cheesy. Okay, I admit, I’m not Dr. Seuss, so let’s move on shall we?

How to Add Place Pins on the Interactive Map

There are two ways to add a place pin with the desktop version of Pinterest. The first is to click on “Add a Place” button. When you do this, it will automatically load up locations from Foursquare from which you can choose from.

When you start typing in the place, you have the option of choosing photos taken by Foursquare users, or you may upload your own to represent that location.

How to Add a Place Pin Board

When you do this, by default, the source of the pin will go back to Foursquare’s website. You can change this by changing the source of the pin by hovering over it, and then clicking on the “Edit button.”

The second method is to add a pin through repinning or from pinning directly from a website. Once the pin has been added to the place pin board, you’ll have the option to “Add a Place.” When you click on that button you’ll have the option to add a location that’s registered with Foursquare.

Add a Place Pin

When people click on a place pin that’s created in this method, it will default to the source of the pin, instead of to a Foursquare listing.

You may find that you can’t find your business or location on Pinterest. In order to add your business onto Foursquare, you will need to set up an account with Foursquare first, and then add in your business. For more details on how to do that you can check out this article by on

Day 16 Actionable Step:

For day 16, you’re going to start your own place pins board. Think of a theme for that place pin that would be relevant to your business.

Remember you don’t have to make the board public to start, as a matter of fact I would suggest that you play around with the concept of place pin with a secret board first.

Additional Resource:

Carrie Finley-Bajak wrote a wonderful and detailed post about how the travel industry can use Pinterest. For example, did you know that Texas Tourism has over 470,000 followers? Read all about it at Travel Weekly.

I’ve shared some ideas with you on how you can use place pins, I would love to hear your ideas. Please share your idea in the comments along with the rest of the Pintalysis community!

Add a Pin it Button to Your Blog or E-commerce Site

Day 15 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. On Day 15, it's all about finding the right Pin it button for your blog or e-commerce site. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 15 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.  Thanks so much for joining me on this journey as I’m just a little under than half way there.

For day 15, I’m going to be writing about adding a pin it button to your website to make it easier for your readers and your customers to pin content to their Pinterest page.  While there are many users who use Pinterest’s bookmarklet tool, there are many others who don’t have it, or may be using Pinterest on another computer while they scan through your website.

This is why it’s vital to make it as easy as possible for people to pin from your website.

According to Shareaholic, Pinterest drives more referral traffic to online publishers than Linkedin, Twitter and Reddit combine. That’s quite amazing considering that the number of users on Pinterest dwarfs those on Twitter, Reddit and Linkedin.

In article reported by Piquora, it stated that 50% of social sharing on an iPad happened with Pinterest.

This is why having a Pinterest social sharing button can help elevate your website’s traffic to the next level.

Check out What Other People Have Pinned from Your Website

As a matter of fact, there may be  a lot of people who are already pinning content from your site who you may not be aware of. Type in and see what the results are.

Concerns over Copyright

The biggest concerns will be copyright infringement. This is why even though many businesses and professional blogs understand the power of Pinterest, they know that there are pictures that do not have the right to be on any other network. This is common with agreements when paying for stock images.

However, if you own the copyright to your photos or are using photos where permission is given freely to distribute the photos and use for commercial purposes, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a Pinterest share button for your website.

Adding a Pin it Button to Your E-commerce Platforms

Adding  a Pin it buton to your commerce platform can be as easy as eating apple pie, or may need the help of a developer to help implement a social sharing button site wide depending on the actual platform itself.

For example, if you have an Etsy shop, Etsy does the hardwork for you and has a social sharing button. Here’s an example from Julie’s Elegant Crafts. 

Etsy Pin it Button

With Shopify you’re able to download an app, like Shop Connection.  It’s has a five star rating on Shopify and has 92 reviews. It allows for Shopify owners to add sharing buttons to their site at $9.99 per month.

The other Shopify app that has received positive reviews is the Beetailer Social Widget. It’s free to use, and has received a 4.5 star rating based on 67 reviews.

If you’ve got some money  to spend and are looking for a robust social analytics system that allows you to keep track of the number of social interactions and how they result in sales, you may consider looking at AddShoppers.

They produce a plugins and extensions for a variety of different social networks, and even have a social sharing incentive button where shoppers are able to get discounts for sharing.

But here’s an example of site that is using AddShoppers.

One of the features that Addshoppers has that I really adore from a customer side is their social sharing widget that offers discounts. I ended up socially sharing this jacket, and received $5 dollars off. How cool was that? I wish more e-commerce platforms would do that.

Sometimes it’s not the amount of discount that matters, but being recognized for socially sharing does.

Here’s an example of the coupon that pops up after social sharing on Pinterest occurred.

AddShoppers pop up example of a discount.

Adding a Pin it Button for Your Website

There are A LOT of different social sharing buttons out there. Popular platforms that include the Pinterest sharing button on the sides include AddThis and Sharethis button. For my site, I have included AddThis buttons which show up at the very top.

The beef I have with Addthis button is that they don’t show off the number of repins that I’ve received. The number of shares can play a role in the credibility of my content and acts as a social proof.

There is also the jQuery Pin It Button for Images, a plugin available for self hosted Worpdress, which is what Social Media Examiner users, which pops up when a mouse hovers over them.

j Query Pinterest Plugin

I personally use a Premium plugin created by Chris Gutherine, known as the Pin Button Attraction. (Affiliate Link)

This allows me to create a Pin it button that shows up on the top right hand corner of any image I choose in my WordPress site, as well as shows the number of repins that the site has received.

One of the features I like about this is that the pin button is mobile friendly for sharing. Unlike a hover button which would require a mouse to hover over it, tablet and mobile phone users won’t be able to do that, and therefore relying on a hover button for sharing on these devices may are not effective.

I find that if you have a set of social sharing buttons that you’re fond of and just want to add the feature then this is a great plugin.

However, if you’re looking for a premium plugin that has more features and allows you to choose the primary image then the Pinterest “Pin it” button is an excellent choice. It allows you to choose the image you want people to pin, as well as creating customized hover buttons if you would like.

This is a great plugin for people who want to create a horizontal featured image for their WordPress blog, but will have a customized long image show up when people use that particular pin it button.

For sites like Wix and Blogger, they both have Pinterest social sharing buttons integrated into their platforms now.

Day 15 Actionable Step:

If you website does not have a Pinterest sharing button, take action to explore the different options that would work best for site. Don’t hesitate to add one, because you never know who’s going to reshare your content!

Additional Resource:

Curious to know the pin count is for a specific blog post or site. You can check your stats on 

Do you have a favourite Pin it button? Please share it in the comments for others.

Promote Another Pinner’s Content

Day 14 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For Day 14, you're going to help promote another pinner's pin like she's your best friend.  And you'll learn the secret of "spamming"pins that's not spamming. Article by Vincent Ng. #PintalysisAcademy Welcome to day 14 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 14, it’s all about small acts of kindness.

Small Acts of Kindness on Pinterest Can Lead to Big Relationships

Small acts of kindness. That’s all it takes to make the world a better place. That’s what it takes to develop relationship with others.

I feel that it’s so easy for us to get overwhelmed with marketing, with business, and with our working lives, that we don’t take the time to pause and think about how our small actions can make a positive impact on someone else’s life.

How much better would the world of social media and marketing be if we thought of social media engagement in terms of acts of kindness?  Every time you fix a customer problem to their satisfaction, that’s an act of kindness. Every time you share a piece of social media content because it’s something you believe others would enjoy, that’s an act of kindness.

I’m guilty of falling into the trap of sharing content because I feel it’s on my list of things to do. But when I feel like I HAVE to do something, it sucks the joy out of it, and when something gets the joy sucked out of it, well…kindness goes with it as well.

In the last few months, I’ve come to think of sharing content, not as sharing content, but as small acts of kindness.  People have been extremely generous in sharing my own content, and I really can’t thank Jeff Sieh from the Manly Pinterest Tips for all his gracious hospitality, as well Wade Harman from the Relationship Marketing Show, and Kelly Lieberman who hosts #PinChat on Twitter, Wednesday nights at 9pm ET. Really there’s just too many to thank.

These gentlemen and ladies have shown nothing but kindness to me. They have interviewed me, and have consistently repinned my content.  Honestly, my content wouldn’t be read as much if it wasn’t for them.

Show Kindness to Others on Pinterest

One of the ways that you can show kindness to other people on Pinterest is to pin their content. Now you might be going, “Well, I’m already doing that Vincent. “ Aye, but here’s the rub, I want you to pin their content onto as many relevant boards that you can post to as possible.

Now you might be thinking, “Isn’t that considered spamming?”

In the past, when you posted pins to multiple boards in a row, all those pins would show up in a user’s Pinterestfeed when she chose to “Follow All” your boards, hogging up the main feed.

Seeing the same pin 10 times in a row from the same user was annoying, and team members at Pinterest knew this, so they decided to do something about it that will allow you conduct some amazing acts of kindness.

Consecutively Pin to as Many Boards as You Want Without the Spam

Now you can pin the same pin consecutively to as many boards (whether it is a group board, or one that’s run by you) as you want and that pin will at MOST show up twice in your follower’s feed.

What this means for you is this. If you’re hoping to get the largest amount of reach for you pin in a single given moment, then pin that pin onto all your relevant boards.

But there’s also something wonderful that you can do to help out another pinner, that no doubt will make their day. You can pin content from their site, and post it onto as many relevant boards to help their pins reach a larger audience.

Since Jeff Sieh from Manly Pinterest Tips has been so kind to me, I’ll take the time to pin his pin onto 6 -8 different boards for his pins, and as I do this, I’ll watch my notification feed flare up with notices of other people repining the pin he created, and therefore helping him increase the reach of his pins.

Doing that gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I’ve helped him out. It’s not a large act of kindness, I didn’t refer a large contract to Jeff, but still a small act of kindness that I know he appreciates.

If you do this consistently, you’re helping other people out, and most of all, you’re going to be developing some unexpected relationships along the way.

Day 14 Actionable Step:

For day 14, it’s all about focusing on others. Take the time today and choose 2 people who you want to help on Pinterest.

Choose one pin from each person. The pin should be one that was originally created by that person and sources back to his site. This can be a pin about a blog post he wrote, a product she sells, or a pin that helps promote their business.

Now consecutively pin that pin to as many relevant boards as you can.  Do the same for the second pin.

You should only be repining stuff from people you trust.

Congratulations you’ve done your act of kindness for the day.

Additional Resource:

Looking to get more comments for you pins, then check out Tailwind’s article “How to Get Comments on Pinterest.”

I’m sure I’m missing a lot of different acts of kindness when it comes to Pinterest, please share some of the acts of kindness that you do on Pinterest in the comments.

Pinterest Desktop versus Pinterest Mobile

Day  13 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For Day 13, take a look at your pins across different mobile platforms and see how they compare to the desktop version. This will give you valuable insight on how to design pins. #PintlalysisAcademy

Welcome day to day 13 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Day 13 focuses on the task of viewing your pins across different mobile platforms and the desktop version of Pinterest.

Mobile Usage for Pinterest is Massive

93% of daily usage on Pinterest happens on mobile devices. But within mobile there is the iPad version, the iPhone version, and the Android version. And to an that extra layer of mobile, there’s also the mobile internet version of Pinterest as well.

While it seems that the percentage of people who are using Pinterest on their desktop is decreasing, that doesn’t mean the desktop version isn’t valuable. Keep in mind that there are 60 million monthly active users on Pinterest, and I guarantee that tens of millions of them will use the desktop version from time to time.

What Do Your Pins Look Like On Different Devices

Today’s post is about looking at your pins on multiple devices. Both in the Pinterest feed,  and how they look when they’re clicked on.

You may not have all the different devices with you today, but when you do get a chance, borrow a friend’s device and ask if it’s okay to download the Pinterest app on their mobile device. Then take 5-10 minutes to look at the pins on your Pinterest feed, as well as what those pins look like when clicked on.

If possible it’s best to look at Pinterest across iOS, Android and desktop to see the commonalities and differences.

Take the time to really explore how each platform is different from each other. For example, on the iPhone device, when someone lands on your Pinterest profile she’s able to read about your profile, and find out how many followers you have.

However on an Android device, a person must click on the About tab, which many people won’t, so you have to ensure that the boards that Pinterest users do see give a strong idea about what your Pinterest account is about. What your first two boards are about are so critical to new visitors. 

Pinterest profile view on iPhone compared to Android.


This will give you insight on how Pinterest programs pins, especially rich pins, which are  quite different across the different platforms.

With my Samsung Galaxy 3 which uses Android software, I’ve noticed that rich pins don’t stand out as much on the Pinterest feed since the big difference between a rich pin and non rich pin in the Pinterest feed is that a rich pin will have a favicon in it, but a non rich pin won’t.

Android Rich Pin Example


However, in the Pinterest feeds for the iPad and the desktop version of Pinterest, rich pins stand out much more significantly in the Pinterest feed because the titles of rich pins are bolded.

Previews of Descriptions are Much Shorter on Smartphones

One of the main differences you’ll notice when looking at the desktop version of Pinterest and the Pinterest app on smartphone is the character length of descriptions in the Pinterest feed.

In the desktop version, Pinterest shows up to the 500 characters in the pin description. However on the Pinterest app for smartphones, the number of characters displayed are usually between 75-100 for iPhone, and 100-125 for the Android app.

Don’t Make this Pinterest Mistake

Another issue that’s quite common is that infographics or pins that have fonts that are too small to see on a smartphone,even when the pin is clicked on.

This can be incredibly frustrating for anybody that clicks on a great infographic that wants to read it but can’t.

Day 13 Actionable Step:

Today’s action step is to take time to look at your pins and see how they look across a smartphone, a tablet, and the desktop version of Pinterest. What differences do you notice in your pins that could affect business?

I would also suggest that you take the time to play around with the different Pinterest apps and platforms. You’ll find some amazing features that are only available in certain type of platforms.


Additional Resource:

Check out William Johnson’s guest blog post on Social Mouths about 10 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy. 

Is there any differences you notice between the different platforms? Please share it in the comment section.

Get Rich Pins for Your Website

Day 12 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Your challenge for day 12 is to implement rich pins to help your pins stand out in Pinterest news feeds and to improve your pin search rankings for keywords. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 12 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 12, I’m going to be discussing about implementing rich pins for your website, and why they are so vital.

What are Rich Pins for Pinterest?

Rich pins are pins that provide extra information that visually “standout” from regular pins in the Pinterest newsfeed.

As you can see from the two pictures below, the top picture is an example of a rich for a product, and what it looks like on the desktop version of Pinterest in the feed.

The second is a non rich pin. Noticed how the product rich pin has bolded text that helps it stand out compared to the other pin. A product rich pin also shows the favicon that is set for your site.

The favicon can help your pin stand out from others, giving it that extra visual credibility compared to non rich pins. Across all different platforms, whether it’s Android, iOS or the desktop version, the favicon for a website is always shown in the Pinterest feed.

Rich Product Pin example. Non Rich Pins

There are currently five classes of rich pins.

They are:

1)      Product Rich Pins

2)      Article Rich Pins

3)      Rich pins for Recipes

4)      Movie Rich Pins

5)      Places Pins

Since this blog post focuses mostly on small businesses, I’ll be discussing product rich pins, article rich pins, and recipe rich pins.

I won’t be discussing movie rich pins, but will discuss place pins in a future blog post during the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.

Why Should You Get Rich Pins?

Just like a verified Pinterest account gives people a sense of trust and authority, having rich pins for your website can give confidence that the content they pin comes legitimately from that website.

An issue in the past, and it still does occur, is that scammer and spammers would take popular pins and then change the source of the url to a page that they desired. This often confused people as to why the pin they clicked on didn’t lead back to the right website.

Rich pins for products, articles, recipes and movies need to go through Pinterest’s approval process, and depending on your site, the approval can happen within a couple of days or a week.

If you’re finding it’s taking a long time to get approval for rich pins for your site, then you’re most likely being looked at under closer inspection. This could be due to a copyright or trademark violation.

Rich Pins Help Tremendously In Pinterest Search Results

A second reason that you want to get rich pins is that rich pins have a strong tendency to be first in search results for search terms on Pinterest.

This is a huge advantage over competitors in your field who don’t have rich pins, and maybe starting late into the game.

How to Get Rich Pins for Products

Rich pins for products is almost necessary if you want to grow your business in Pinterest. With product rich pins, information such as pricing, availability, and the website’s favicon show up, when the pin is clicked on and enlarged.

Product Rich Pin Example


One of the best advantages of having rich pins for products is that when the price drops by at least 10%, a person who has repinned a product will be notified by e-mail by Pinterest (assuming they’ve given Pinterest permission to send them e-mails).

Rich pins for products are probably the most difficult to implement, and the reason for that is because the sheer number of different e-commerce platforms that exist out there. Some e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, e-bay (not stores), and Shopify have rich pins implemented automatically.

If you’re using a shopping platform that’s based on Magento, then you would need to get an extension to help you out.

There’s also an extension for those are using Opencart.

If you would like to know more about the extensions available for Opencart and Magento, you can read up on 4 Tools for Pinterest Marketing with E-commerce.

If you have a customized e-commerce platform then you’ll most likely need a developer who is familiar with oEmbed, Open Graph, or tags. To find out more about how to implement products pins visit Pinterest’s developer site.

How to Get Rich Pins for Articles

Rich pins for articles stick out on the Pinterest feed because the title of the article is bolded, and unlike non rich Pin descriptions, rich pins for articles cannot have their bolded title or the accompanied meta description  changed no matter who pins it.

If someone attempts to change the source url of the pin to another site, then the bolded title is lost and it goes back to looking like regular pin.

And lastly, especially on the iPad version, the rich pins for articles have a nice visible “Read this on…” button. Pinterest wants you to read people’s blog posts and online articles.

Rich Pins for Articles


This is a big home run for rich pins for articles. A title description, a meta description, a pin description and a call to action! Pinterest hit that ball long and hard and it’s OUTTA here! All of those makes rich pins for articles a home run.

Most people I know run a WordPress blog, and the great news is that there is a simple way to implement rich pins for your Pinterest account. The plugin that I use to help me implement rich pins is the YOAST SEO plugin. The link provided will give you step by step on how to start it for your self hosted WordPress blog.

Once it’s installed, all you need to do is click on this and the have the rich pins validated.

If you’re run a blog that may need additional programming, then check out Pinterest’s developer site.

How to Get Rich Pins for Recipes

Ahhhh….recipe blogs! One of the most popular type of blogs in world and on Pinterest. Without them I would have resorted to buying hundreds of dollars of cook books that would sit on my bookshelf.

Now if you’re a recipe blogger, implementing rich pins can be be beneficial because it can provide a sense of authority.

One of the features I love about this rich pin is that it allows for the recipe blogger to put all the ingredients, as well as how many people the food is supposed to feed, and how long it would be expected to make the dish.

But here’s where Pinterest was smart, they don’t giveaway how to make the actual recipe. A visitor must go to your site to determine how to make that recipe.

If you run a self hosted WordPress blog, there is a site plugin called Ziplist Recipe Plugin that can assist with recipe rich pins.

Once you’ve implemented rich pins you’ll need to go through Pinterst’s validation here.

Day 12 Actionable Step:

For some, I know it will take more than a day to implement rich pins depending on your business, but for others I strongly urge that you get rich pins as soon as possible and have them validated by Pinterest.

Once it’s done, it’s done, and the great thing is that when you and your fans pin from your site, those pins will be forever rich.

Additional Resource:

Are you curious how Pinterest influences on and offline purchases? Check out this fascinating white paper from Vision Critical.

What are some other ways you’ve found have been helpful for getting your pins to stand out in the Pinterest newsfeed? Share your tips in the comments.

Add New Life to An Old Blog Post With Pinterest

Day 11 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 11, the task is to bring new life to an old blog post by creating a pinnable image for it. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 11 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.  Day 11 is going to be a fun one, because you’re going to see the power in promoting an old blog post of yours but with a new twist.

Do you have an old blog post that still rings with wisdom today but was written before the age of Pinterest? Then it’s time to introduce that great piece of content to your Pinterest community.

Death to Stock Photos as Featured Blog Images

Before I started Pinterest, I used generic stock photos on the blog post, but these generic stock photos aren’t particular helpful for spreading a blog post on Pinterest. As a matter of fact I want you to say it with me, “Death to stock photos as featured blog images!”

One of my early articles I wrote was about 9 Steps for forming the right social media plan. The original featured blog image for the post wasn’t well designed, and I noticed that when I pinned that image on Pinterest, it didn’t get a lot of repins and traffic back to my site.

I felt the content was valuable but I knew the image wasn’t pinnable.  So I created a new image to replace the old one. One that would grab people’s attention. The number of repins that the new image received compared to the old was much more dramatic, more eye catching and more funny as well.

Social Media Planning

Though I don’t have the statistics for the old image, I know it wasn’t more than 20 repins, but once the new image image received over 80 total repins.

Create Amazing Blog Content, but Also Create a Kick Ass Blog Image

I truly believe it’s important to create amazing content, and amazing content is definitely worth sharing. And amazing content is no longer just the words that are being written, it’s the images that accompany your old blog posts as well.

I’m sure many of us remember the dark days of blogging when it was acceptable to use a generic image or stock photo as the featured image.

We just wanted to grab people’s attention with a visual and get them to continue reading. Blogging was so much simpler then. But now it seems that as bloggers, whether for personal or professional reasons, we have to step up our game and think like online publishers.

If an old article of yours has a lot of tweets, a lot of Facebook likes, but you’re noticing that there isn’t a lot of pinning going on, then you’ve stumbled onto a Pinterest gold mine. It’s obvious that people love the blog post. That’s why they’re spreading the content. But what may prevent people for sharing your old blog post on Pinterest is a lack of an amazing pinnable image.

Make it easy for people to pin some of your old amazing content. Make a pinnable image for that old popular blog post.

Amazing Pinterest Tools for Design Are Available

Excellent tools like Canva, and PicMonkey can help you create those images. Canva is great tool, and I use it once a while, and I would be using it more often but unfortunately there’s one particular font that I’m really fond of that Canva doesn’t have yet. But it truly is an outstanding tool, and Canva offers some great tutorials.

Here’s the beautiful aspect of this, in the future you may find that the featured blog image you created isn’t great (nobody starts off creating amazing featured images) then you can always go back to it months later and improve the image again.

Day 11 Actionable Step:

Look for an old blog post that’s been popular among your readers and social media followers but doesn’t have a great pinnable image for it. Create a new image for that blog post that can be pinnable and then share it with your followers on Pinterest.

Once you’ve created the image, and put it as the feature image, share the post with your Pinterest community, and see what type of traffic you receive. If you’re starting off with your Pinterest account, you’re probably not going to see a lot of results.

But if you have an established community, be prepared to be dazzled by how many people on Pinterest take an interest in your old blog post.

Additional Resource:

Have you heard of place pins? I’ll be talking about them in an upcoming post, but here’s a primer with 6 Ways to Promote Your Business with Pinterest Places. 

What’s an old blog post that you’re proud of that you want to share with the Pinterest community? Why do you love it so much. Feel free to share it all in the comments.