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Use Pinterest Like Your Customers Would

Day 10 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Profile. As businesses, we often think too much like a business on Pinterest. It's important to take time to use Pinterest like a customer would so that you know how she feels and how she could potentially come across your pins. Article by Vincent Ng. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to Day 10 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. I honestly can’t believe that we’re almost one third of the way there. If you’ve been reading up on my blog post every day and implementing, then I want to give you a big thank you! I appreciate you being on this journey with me.

Day 10 is going to be fun activity. It consists of two parts. The first part is for you to enjoy Pinterest for what it is, and not worry about any of the business aspects of it all. Forget how many repins you’re getting, or how what the notifications say and all that business jazz. You’re going to enjoy Pinterest for what it is.

The second part of today’s exercise is to imagine what it would be like for your ideal customer to use Pinterest. What types of terms would she be using, and what would intrigue her. This way you’re looking at how she’s using perspective from an outside perspective.

Using Pinterest Shouldn’t Be All About Business

It’s so easy to sit back and use Pinterest to help promote your business, but it’s also important to sit back and just enjoy Pinterest for what it is. It’s a great tool for discovery and inspiration.

It’s a place where you’ll find pins that will make you laugh. It’s a place where it will create wanderlust in your life. Pinterest is a place that will inspire to feel, to do, and to try. This is why I love Pinterest so much, not only because it’s great for business, because it visually reminds me that we live in a beautiful world where people are sharing their thoughts, their lives, and their passions so openly in a visual way.

I want you to start using Pinterest with the eyes of just a users, not a business.

What areas of life interest you? Is it travel? Is it cooking? Is it about how to use old doors to make amazing outdoor tables? Take the time to look through those pins and scan them. You’ll find a world of AMAZING waiting for you!

Doors can be reused as old tables.

For me personally, I love comic art. Ever since I was 12 years old and went in to get my first comics, I’ve always had a love affair with them. I love how different artists draw Batman in different styles. I love the passion of cosplayers and how they take the time to make costumes that bring comic and gaming characters to life.

Batman and Bane Cosplay

For me, I sometimes feel that I’m often stuck in Pinterest and that I have to be there, because I’m a Pinterest marketer. That’s when I pull back and ask myself why do I enjoy using this network, and why would my customers enjoy using it.

Sit back, relax and enjoy Pinterest for what it is, at least for the next half hour. Discover why it is that people loving using it.

Use Pinterest Like Your Customers

Once you’ve done that, I want you to imagine what it must be like for a potential customer to use Pinterest. (You didn’t think it was all going to be fun and games did you?)

Think of how a potential customer might discover your content on Pinterest.

Are they most likely going to discover your content through search results? Would she find your content because another influential pinner shared one of your pins? Or maybe a customer might discover your content because the pin is drop dead gorgeous that she has to stop in her tracks and look.

How would your pins stand out compared to those of your competition. Leave out all your own biases aside and try using Pinterest like one of your customers.

Can’t Find Any of Your Pins? That’s Not Good

You may have started to use Pinterest like a customer, but if you can’t find any of your own content after doing some Pinterest surfing, then it’s something to worry about.

If you’re having a tough time finding any of your content through search, or through pin hopping, then chances are that you’re not taking the time to engage with your community. Consider pinning other people’s content that’s not in direct competition with yours.

Provide your customers with resources that they want to share. Remember that most people discover pins purely by accident, usually either through search, or because another pinner shared the content.

Day 10 Actionable Step:

Take half an hour and forget about Pinterest for business. Use Pinterest purely for pleasure, and understand why customers like using Pinterest.

And then take half an hour and use Pinterest like a customer. Think of what they may type into the search box. How would they go from pin to pin, and what type of Pinterest users would they be interested in following.

Additional Resource:

Want to find out how one blogger doubled her following on Pinterest? Listen to this episode of the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast to find out.

Other than your business, what are you passionate about discovering on Pinterest. Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Search Optimize Your Pin Descriptions with Keywords

Day 9 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Optimizing Your Pin Descriptions by Vincent Ng. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 9 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 9 I’m going  to discuss search optimizing your pin descriptions with keywords, search terms people use, and making the most out of your pin descriptions. Keywords are search terms that people use.

I want to make it clear, that keywords are just a small factor in Pinterest’s search algorithm, it is not the only aspect of optimization that matters.

One of the ways for new users and potential customers to discover what you sell is through Pinterest search. It’s a similar mind set to the way that people search on Google. When people search on Google there’s a certain intent, and that intent, depending on what’s being searched, could lead to a sale.

One of the ways to help you rank higher in Pinterest’s search results for pins is by ensuring that you place keywords  into the pin’s description. This will increase the chances of your pins being found for that particular search term.

I typed into the search box under pins for the term “wedding dress mermaid.” This is one of the pins that showed up in the search results. While the keyword in the description is not exact, it uses the keyword wedding dresses mermaid, it’s very similar.

Wedding Dress Mermaid

By ensuring that you put your keyword in the pin description it helps with Pinterest search results. Other factors that play a role include whether it is a rich pin, shapes and colors within the pin itself, number of repins the pin receives, and the previous number of pins that have come from that specific url.

Pinterest Tip

If you’re wondering what type of search terms people are searching for on Pinterest, go to the search box on the desktop version of Pinterest and start typing in a search term such as, lamps. If you wait for two second you’ll get an automated list of popular search terms people look for on Pinterest.

Keywords are Important in Pinterest Guided Search Results

If you feel that Pinterest has a lot of different types of search engines, it’s because they do. On mobile Pinterest apps, you can use Guided Search to help you discover new Pinterest content. 

How Guided Search works, is that as you start typing in search terms on your mobile device, Pinterest will also make suggestions of other search terms to add to help you find more relevant search results.

For example, when I type in Vancouver, other words such as Canucks, Aquarium, and Island pop up. Guided Search helps users discover content unexpectedly.

Guided Search on Pinterest

All of sudden they were typing in Vancouver, but are now curious about the Aquarium, so they add that term into their search result.

This leads them to a whole new set of results for Vancouver Aquarium.

This is why it’s important to have descriptions that are not just using one keyword, but having similar keywords.

To find out what type of words that others associate with a single keyword, start typing it in on search and see what other words that pop up that you can use in your pin descriptions.

Keywords in Pin Descriptions Can Help with Google Search Results

Adding keywords can also be helpful in Google for extremely niched search terms. At the time of this writing, I typed in the search term “Day 8 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.” And this was the fourth result shown to me on the first page of Google search results. It’s a pin that I had pinned onto a group board.

31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page Pin in Google Search Results.

Adding Your Website to Pinterest Descriptions

The beautiful aspect about Pinterest descriptions is that websites are clickable on the desktop version of Pinterest, though they aren’t clickable on the mobile apps.

By adding your website at the end of the description, viewers on the desktop version can click on it without the need to double click on the pin itself to go back to your website. However, if you have a long and ugly url that’s filled with squibbles and squabbles, then I suggest not putting it in.

Also, don’t add generic url shorteners like or to your descriptions. They don’t work. You will see some companies that have customized short urls like BuzzFeed and Hubspot and their shorteners do work.

Have a Click Through Action

While Pinterest focuses on discovery and inspiration, it’s also a great place to go window shopping. Don’t be afraid to add call to actions to your pin descriptions, though you shouldn’t over do it. Look at your pins from a customer perspective.

If what you saw on your Pinterest page was from another business would you keep looking at their pins if everything was about buy buy buy. Or would you be more receptive if they offered great resources, and had the occasional sales message?

Optimizing Your Pin Description Lengths

According to Dan Zarella, he found that pin descriptions that had about 300-350 characters in their pin descriptions has the most number of average repins. However, it’s a bit tricky because if you’re just over or under it can result in dramatic drop in the average repins which is quite interesting.

For the most consistent results in terms of getting more repins, it’s best to have a character limit between 100 – 200 characters.

Dan Zarella's Optimal Pin Description lengths.


Day 9 Actionable Step:

Take the time to look over the last ten pins that you pinned from your website, or that link back to your website. Are they filled with keywords that people would look for on Pinterest? If not, take the time to change them so that they are keyword rich.

Additional Resource:

Want the encyclopaedia of Pinterest statistics, check out 120 stats about Pinterest. It will blow your mind.

What are some ways that Pinterest descriptions can be improve to help serve potential customers better? I would love to hear your thoughts, please share them in the comments.

Link Old Uploaded Pins Back To Your Website

Day 8 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by Vincent Ng. Link old uploaded pins back to a source. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 8 to 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. I hope you’re enjoying all the blog posts so far. For day 8, you will be looking over old pins that you have uploaded pins and ensure that they are linked back to your website. After all, why would you want to lose potential traffic.

Link Your Uploaded Pins Back to Your Website

This is a common mistake that I see new businesses make on Pinterest that is easily avoidable anybody has total control over. It’s not linking uploaded content back to a desired url or product page.

If you upload a picture onto Pinterest, it asks you to choose a board as well as to fill in a description. What Pinterest doesn’t automatically do is ask you if you want to put in a url you want the pin to redirect to.

In order to do this, go to the desktop version of Pinterest and hover over the pin you’ve uploaded. A pencil icon on the top right should show. Click on it, and a button a pop up box will show. At the bottom of this pop up box is the “Source.” You can change this to any url that you wish.

How to Edit The Source of a Pin on Pinterest

With any pin that you've pinned on Pinterest, you're able to change the source url.

This means when you have uploaded pins that are about your products or services onto Pinterest, you’re able to link them back to a specific url.

What About Non Business Related Pins?

Regardless of whether the pin is a product, service or blog related, all uploaded pins should be linked back to some type of resource. If you have pins that are showing off your staff, have those linked back to a hiring page, or to the about us page.

I think what breaks my heart a little is to hear how a professional blogger  uploads a picture, watches it get repinned thousands of times, only to realize that they forgot to put a source for the pin. It’s hard to say how much traffic is lost.

It’s important to make it a habit of linking pins back to a relevant website whenever possible.

Day 8 Actionable Step

Take the time to look over some of your pins that you have uploaded in the past that do not redirect to your website. Take the time to change as many as you can to link back to your business page that is relevant.

You don’t want to miss out on all the potential traffic.

Additional Resource:

On August 6th, 2014, Pinterest announced a new feature known as Pinterest Messages. It’s a great feature where you’re able to privately message followers who you also follow. You’re able to send pins, boards, and profiles over to them. You’re also able to share links, make it very easy to collaborate on projects.

This is definitely a feature worth knowing about Pinterest. To find out how you can use it personally, or for your business check out More in Media’s blog article about Pinterest messaging.

What other common mistakes do you see businesses make on Pinterest? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Rearrange Your Boards for Maximum Impact


Day 7 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Rearrange Your Boards for Maximum Impact by Vincent Ng #PintalysisAcademy Welcome to day 7 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. I can’t believe a whole week has flew by so quickly. I’m hoping that you’ve been enjoying the tips so far.

Pinterest is a lot of fun, especially when you’re starting off and there’s so much interesting content that can be found. During that time you may have created a lot of different boards.

For day 7, think in detail how your Pinterest boards are arranged.  Each Pinterest account lays out there boards differently, and what’s even more interesting is that the way that the boards are shown are dramatically different depending on the device being used and the orientation.

For example, on the iPad Pinterest app, it shows the first three boards when the iPad is placed horizontally. On  the Android app for smartphones, the first four boards are shown, and on a desktop it’s dependant on the zoom  and screen resolution.

Your First Two Pinterest Boards Matter the Most

What does remain constant is your first two boards from Pinterest. These two boards will always be visible to potential customers, and these two boards should be congruent with what your Pinterest account is about. Having your first two boards be  irrelevant to your business is a big Pinterest mistake in attracting new customers. 

I was consulting with a digital marketing agency about their Pinterest account. The very first board focused on a sporting activity even though they didn’t do any sports related marketing.

Based on the first impression, I would have assumed the company was involved in the sport.

I suggested that they change their first board to reflect what their business is about so that people didn’t feel disjointed when they first land on their business Pinterest page.

For example on the Android smartphone app, you’re not able to read the Pinterest profile description unless the user clicks on the “About” tab, which most users won’t. Instead they will need to glance at your boards to determine what your business is all about.

Here’s a snapshot of Lorna Sixmith from Write On Track’s Pinterest account. Right away I know that this account offers blogging and Pinterest tips, as well as the fact that it has something to do with books.

Lorna Sixmith's Pinterest Page on the Pinterest Android App.

It’s Okay to Put Personality Into Your Pinterest Pages

There’s no harm in putting up boards that are related to personal hobbies if you’re a solopreneur, but where it gets kind of dicy is that if you have employees at your company. In this case it’s best to have boards that show of the company culture.

Constant Contact’s Pinterest page does a great job of showing off their staff, as well as Four Seasons Vancouver. Here’s what the staff board looks like for Four Seasons Vancouver.

Four Seasons Vancouver Get to Know Us Board on Pinterest.

Is the Order of Your Pinterest Boards Serving Your Customers?

Take a hard look at your Pinterest boards and how they are arranged, are the most important content up top?  I believe content that is related to your business should remain at the top.

If you sell retail products that go with the seasons, it’s important to ensure that your first board reflects on the season. If you’re focusing on back to school products, then the first board should focus on back to school. When Hallowe’en rolls around and that’s a big season for sales, then have your Hallowe’en board first.

I owe a big thank you to Cassie from Ever in Transit. She told me that she liked following brands that weren’t always so on brand. She liked a mix of boards that showed off personality.

I realized that too many boards consecutively focused on Pinterest.  It was Pinterest tips here, and Pinterest video tutorials there with 10 boards in a row focusing on Pinterest. I realized how BORING that was!

While this was definitely on strategy, I realized that it’s good to vary up the order of the boards.  Give customers what they need, and then add in some entertaining boards, or boards that reveal about yourself or your company. A good example of this is Petplan Insurance Australasia. 

Pet Plan Insurance Australia Pinterest account.

Delete Your Pinterest Boards that are No Longer Relevant

Pinterest allows up 350 boards, and so you’re able to create a lot of different boards.  But instead of creating more boards, you might want to ask yourself which ones you can prune that best serve your ideal customer.

I’ve audited my own accounts twice, and during that time, I’ve pruned boards that I believe aren’t relevant to my customers, or weren’t helpful in creating a better relationship with them.

These included boards about SEO. While I enjoy learning about SEO I no longer felt that it was needed, and I didn’t want it to clutter my Pinterest account.  So I deleted boards and unjoined group boards that were about SEO.

Did I lose followers? Yes. Out of the approximately 3,300 at the time, I ended up losing 50 followers after pruning three different boards.  These were followers that weren’t following my other boards that I would consider my potential customers who are interested in social media marketing and Pinterest marketing.

While it stings a little bit, I also feel more relaxed knowing I have more of the right followers on Pinterest.

Delete Boards You’re Not Actively Pinning To

Do you have boards that you started but you don’t actively pin to any more? I’m specifically referring to boards that may have less than 10 pins and haven’t added new content to for the last 3 months. Chances are if you haven’t been active on a board for the last 3 months, it’s not important to you.

If you’re worried that you may want to reactivate this board, consider starting a secret board and repin all the pins onto that boards as a way to back them up.

You should especially delete boards that you have 4 or less pins that leave empty spaces. Empty shelves in grocery stores can detract us from buying products. Empty Pinterest boards can detract us from building a relationship with our customers.

Day 7 Actionable Steps

1)      Move the most important boards that would be valuable for your customers to the first two positions. Keep in mind to keep up with seasonal changes.

2)      Look at your Pinterest boards as a whole, and the way they are arranged. Are they arranged in a logical manner and flow? Rearrange the order of the boards so that it offers a nice flow and logic to first time visitors, but at the same time ensuring that there is variety as well.

3)      Consider deleting Pinterest boards that don’t serve your ideal customer, and don’t help further the relationship you have with your customers.

Additional Resource:

Check out Hello Society’s case study on how Lowes uses Pinterest to gain millions of followers.  Insightful, and thought provoking.

Are there any Pinterest accounts where you’ve noticed the boards are arranged in a nice and understandable fashion? Please share it in the comment section.

Create Amazing Pinterest Board Descriptions

Day 6 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by Vincent Ng. Create amazing board descriptions that are enchanting and SEO friendly. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 6 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.  For day 6, I’m going to be discussing about the importance of filling up and creating Pinterest board descriptions.

I hope you’re enjoying all the tips and tricks that have been taught so far. If you’ve missed the previous days, you can read up on day 4 and day 5.

It’s Hundreds of Small Things that Make the Difference

John Wooden is recognized as one of the greatest sporting coaches of all time. He built a basketball dynasty, winning 10 NCAA basketball championships with the UCLA Bruins. Winning any championship 10 times is never easy, but to do it with a team is next to impossible.

One of the factors that led Coach Wooden to such amazing success was his belief that players needed to master the small things.

“There was no single big thing that made our UCLA basketball teams effective, not the press or the fast break, not size, not condition—no single big thing. Instead it was hundreds of small things done the right way, and done consistently.”

Consistency is vital, and that’s something my good buddy Jeff Sieh of the Manly Pinterest Tips show reinforces a lot. But the other aspect is being able to do the small things right that help lead to big results. And in our case, it’s about taking the time to fill out your Pinterest board descriptions.

Small Changes Can Bring Drastic Results to Your Pinterest Page

I’ve come across Pinterest boards that have great board names, but unfortunately the board descriptions are left completely blank.

An example of this would be a board created by Starbucks titled, “Real Food.” The board description has been left completely blank.

Starbucks Real Food Board

When people click on it, it’s evident that it’s about food because of the food pictures they pin, but is this food that’s considered healthy? Is it food that’s made with all natural ingredients?  Or is it recipes that staff at Starbucks like? What does Starbucks mean by real food?

While Pinterest is a visual medium, and users that land on a Pinterest board may scan the pictures, there’s a chance that they are going to read the board  description.

A good board description is similar to a meta description in Google. (Meta description is the description you get under the main headlines of Google search results.) A good description will encourage the user to look at your pins more carefully and put them into a specific mind set.

Words have power.

A Good Pinterest Board Description Has Keywords and an Explanation

Weilos is a mobile app for people who are looking an inspirational and  supportive community while trying to lose weight. The gist is that people share motivational selfies of their journey to losing weight without feeling judged.

Here’s the description for a board by Weilos which is rich with details.  It contains keywords, an explanation of what the board is about, and even has a call to action to join.

Weilos Group Board on Pinterest

Would a Stranger Know What Your Pinterest Board is About?

If someone were to land on your Pinterest board through Google, or through a search term on Pinterest and your board came up, would she have a clear idea of what the board is about? Would she know that the board is designed to be a resource for her?

I feel that many of us believe that people only discover our Pinterest boards through Pinterest itself, but forget that search engines bring potential viewers as well.

On top of that, board descriptions also help with search results within Google search, and this allows for opportunities to have more keywords that you want to be found for than just using your board’s name.

What Google does very well, is that it associates certain search terms with other related words to provide better and relevant search results to searchers.

If you are selling women’s shoes, Google may look for words that are commonly associated with women’s shoes such as women’s fashion,  high heels, flats, running shoes in the text areas to determine how how relevant and high a search result should be.

By filling in your board description with keywords that are associated with your board title, it can help customers understand what your board is about and also help your Pinterest board rank higher in Google.

How Long Should Pinterest Board Descriptions Be?

Pinterest board descriptions can be at most 500 characters. Which is a lot of space for you to describe your board and any keywords that you want to be found for.

Just because you can use 500 characters doesn’t mean that you should. Use the right amount that’s in the best interest of your customers.

The full descriptions will show up on the desktop version of Pinterest and the iPad app.

For the Android smartphone app, only the first 134 characters of the board description will show. Anything beyond that will get cut off. I don’t believe there’s a way to view the full board description on the Android smartphone app, but if someone knows a way, please leave a note in the comments. :)

Day 6 Actionable Step

For day 6, go back and take a look at all your boards that you have control over. Fill out the boards that have no description first. Then take the time to look over your other board descriptions and see if you can improve them.

Additional Resource:

Wednesday nights at 6pm (PT) Kelly Lieberman hosts #PinChat on Twitter. Kelly does a great job of interviewing guests on the show, and fostering conversation.

So if you’re looking to learn more about Pinterest, and connect with other pinners, then you need to drop by #PinChat on Wednesday nights.

Now it’s your turn. Have you found that adding board descriptions have been helpful in gaining more followers? Or are you finding that they’re not that important for your business.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section, and please feel free to ask any Pinterest related questions.

Pinterest Question from Bon of

Bon from asks, “When I follow someone, should I follow all their boards or just the ones I really want to? And how does that affect my stats, clout, juice, etc.?”

Answer: I find Pinterest most enjoyable when you follow what you really want to. This way you’re more likely to see pins that you want to see.

When you choose the option “Follow All” it automatically follows all the boards that a person creates and will create. This is why you may end up being confused about a pin that seems “off brand” from a person you follow.

Another tidbit to be aware about is that you also follow any group boards that that person creates, so if the person is actively recruiting more and more contributors to the board, you will see pins contributed to that group board.

In terms of clout, stats, and anything that affects influence and ranking, I can’t say for sure whether following all their boards or a few does. In the past, if you had more followers and those following, that had a bearing on search rankings.

However, it seems that Pinterest has updated it’s search algorithm in a major way and so I’m trying to figure out what other factors affect search.

Thanks for your question Bon.

Search Optimize Your Pinterest Board Names

Day 5 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Search Optimize your Board Names by Vincent Ng. #PintalysisAcademy Welcome to day 5 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.

I appreciate all the wonderful comments and questions that you’ve been sending and to the wonderful support of amazing people. I appreciate it.

If I haven’t have responded to all your questions and comments yet, it’s because I’ve been busy moving all weekend and on Monday. I will be getting around to all of them this week. But let’s move on to today’s Pinterest post.

When Art and Science Combine, it is Beautiful

For day 5, I’m going to be asking you to look over your Pinterest board names and see if they are optimized for Pinterest board search, but before I go into the nitty gritty of it all, I want to share a story with you.

One of my fiancee’s dreams was to go to Barcelona and see the beautiful La Sagrada Familia  church. At first I was reluctant, since it wasn’t on my own bucket list, but I knew how important it was for her because it was her dream. And since she had never travelled to Europe before, I wanted to show her life outside of Japan.

Before our trip to Barcelona, I saw a variety of pins on Pinterest. I noticed how majestic and awe inspiring the church from the outside, and the the beautiful stained glass art was from the inside from the pins that I had saw.

I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I saw the church in real life. It took my breath away. What stunned me even more, was how much science played a role in the creation of the church.

I loved learning how the structure of plans played a role in how the church was designed, how principles of geometry were used to give the church a distinct look from the inside and outside, and they physics of the building. Beautiful.

What does all of this have to do with Pinterest and naming boards?

Balance Creativity With the Science of Customer Search

Creativity is truly beautiful and I would never encourage people to stunt their own creativity. Coming up with witty headlines for board names such as “Doors that Go WOW” are intriguing, but psychological science dictates that very few people would ever search that term on Pinterest board searches.

This is why I suggest mixing in a blend of creativity and a blend of science for your board names. Have some of your board names be creative and witty. But for your most important boards, have them named after popular search terms to help increase their chances of being found on Pinterest by potential searchers.

If you end up naming your boards with creative terms, then customers that are already loyal to the brand are going to follow.

If you’re looking to reach a whole new customer base then it’s vital that you name boards after terms that potential new customers will be searching for, who may not be aware of who you are or, or your company.

Using popular search terms on  Pinterest for your board names can help your boards be found more easily on Pinterest.

Ahhh…but here’s the bonus. A well named and search optimized board can also help you be more easily found on Google.

I typed in “children’s activities” into Google. The first page showed a lot of local results about children’s activities in Vancouver, but my very last result on page number one was a Pinterest board page, labelled, activities for children.

Children's Activities

And I typed in a search term plus the word Pinterest, such as the phrase, party ideas on Pinterest, my first three pages of results on Google showed nothing but Pinterest board pages. Here’s a sample of what the first four results for party ideas on Pinterest was.

Google Search Results for Pinterest Boards

I truly believe that Pinterest is becoming a powerhouse in the world of visual search and discovery and offers an interesting alternative to Google. Pinterest is a search engine hat is curated by users of Pinterest and Pinterest’s search algorithm. That’s why it’s important

How to Find Out Popular Search Terms on Pinterest

To find out what are popular search terms that people on Pinterest are looking, go to the search box on the desktop version of Pinterst and start typing in the first word of  what your potential customers may be searching for.

A drop down list of popular search terms associated with that keyword will then pop up. As you continue to type in more characters and words, the auto-generated results can also change.

I decided to type in the word doors, and these were the suggested term by Pinterest that popped up. These are based on popular search terms that other people on Pinterest are searching for.

Pinterest Board Search

I’ve noticed that people are searching for doors interior, and so I would consider naming one of my boards that’s focused on interior doors to be renamed that. While it may not be brilliantly creative, it does help to get found in Pinterest search results.

Day 5 Actionable Step

The challenge day 5 is to look over all your board names and optimize them for search terms that customers are typing in. This will not only help with your Pinterest search result rankings, it will also help improve the search rankings on Google and Bing as well.

Am I saying you have to do it for all your boards? Not at all! But the ones that are designed to help you attract your ideal customers should be renamed to search terms customers are using and are familiar with.

Additional Resource:

Curious to know how to use Pinterest for local marketing. Check out Scalable Social Media’s, “Can Pinterest Work for Local Businesses?”

I’ve also noticed that the search results for Pinterest for board searches have changed recently and the results shown are quite dramatically different from the last few years.

Have you noticed any changes in your search rankings on Pinterest for boards? Please feel free to share in the comments section.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile Name for Search

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile - Day 4 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page with Vincent Ng. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 4 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page, I’m hoping that the tips I’ve provided so far have been helpful, and for those that are joining the project, welcome aboard.

It’s been very busy for me, as I have just moved into my new place, and I’ve started unpacking. Living with the woman of my dreams so far has been okay, but I know that every day we have to continue to work at our relationship, and it’s those incremental improvements we make in our daily lives that makes our relationship amazing.

For day 4,, I’m going to show you another incremental step you can take. I’m going to show you how to optimize your Pinterest profile name for pinner search and for Google as well.

I’ll assume that you have business account with Pinterest, if not, then you can get all the details of getting one from my day 1 blog post.

With a business account you can technically make the name of your Pinterest account as long as you want. Because of this, there’s one major advantage for businesses. It’s the ability to put in multiple keywords in your Pinterest profile name.

Add Keywords That Will Help Your Customers Find You

I have two accounts on Pinterest. One for business that focuses on MCNG marketing. And then there’s one I personally use that to post up pins about comics, love and travel.  When MCNG Marketing first started out, it was with a partner of mine, so I kept the account more professional, and didn’t put my personal name in the MCNG Marketing profile name.

I started noticing that a few influential users on Pinterest started to follow my personal account. At first I wasn’t too sure why, and then I realized that people were searching me up by my personal name and not my business name.

This will tend to happen when a personal brand is much stronger than a company brand. This is the case for marketers like Seth Godin, or Gary Vaynerchuk.

And in order to make it as easy as possible for others to find my business Pinterest account, I changed my business name to have:

1)      My business name in it so that people could find me for that search term.

2)      My personal name, since I’m solopreneur.

3)      A keyword that potential customers may be looking for

Now I’m not suggesting that you have to follow that formula.  There are advantages and disadvantages to that. By having keywords in your profile name it can help with the Pinterest search results  under pinners.

For example, I typed in Galveston Wedding Planner, and only one result showed up. It was from Moments Event Planning and Design. Based on this search result you can’t see the keyword Galveston Wedding Planner, until you click on the result.

Galveston Search

It’s only then do you begin to see why their company ranked for that particular search term under pinners. It’s because they put it right after their business name.  By doing this, people are able to search for them on Pinterest by both their company name, and by a search term, even though we may not be able to view the full name, Pinterest can still recognize it. Pretty neat huh?

Galveston Pinterest Profile.

The iPad Pinner Search Does and Doesn’t Work the Same as Others

Where this becomes disadvantageous at times is the iPad version of Pinterest. If you start typing and you don’t push the search function right away on the iPad, the iPad app will auto-generate results. It ranks Pinterest accounts you follow higher.

For me when I start to type in the word Julie in search on the iPad app, and I wait for the auto-generated results to show, my friend Julie Grandbois from Julie’s Elegant Crafts shows up first.

In order to see the same Pinterest search results as the desktop or android version you would need to click on the “See all (search term)” that’s right next to pinners on the iPad app.

Another interesting feature of the iPad, is that users who don’t wait for the auto-generated results will be taken to pin search by default.

I wouldn’t suggest changing your strategy just because of the iPad aap, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Pinterest has a variety of different search engines, and they operate differently depending on the device and user’s experience.

Give Your Pinterest Profile Description some Zest

Think of your Pinterest profile description as your greeting, and your first impression. What do you want people to know about you.  This is also a great place to add additional keywords, fill in information about your business, and what your Pinterest account is about.

You’re allowed up to 200 characters for your Pinterest profile, and you should take full advantage of this.  Chances are with Pinterest, you’re going to reach a whole new audience, so don’t assume that people know what your business is about, unless you have an extremely strong and valuable brand like Starbucks or Tiffany’s.
Cassie Kifer | Ever in Transit's Pinterest profile page.

Cassie Kifer, who writes at Ever in Transit, has a friendly and personal approach to her profile description. I know exactly what she’s about, and what to expect from her Pinterest profile.

A Keyword Optimized Pinterest Profile can Help with SEO

One of the great benefits of having an active Pinterest account and a relatively low competitive search term is that it can help you land on the first page of Google search results more easily than if you tried with a website.

Moments Event Planning and Design added the keywords, Galveston Wedding Planner into their profile name. By doing so it helped rank their Pinterest page as number 5 for my search for the term Galveston Wedding Planner.

Galveston Wedding Planner Google Search Result

Not only will an optimized keyword profile help with you Pinterest results, it can help customers find you on Google as well.

Day 4: Actionable Step

Take the time to look over your Pinterest account name and see if there are any keywords that you can add to your Pinterest account. My suggestion is to have at least two search terms that you want your Pinterest account to be found for.

You can also add a third keyword into your profile if you feel it’s appropriate.

Additional Resource:

Looking for some powerhouse tips to help grow your business blog with Pinterest? Check out  40+ Smart Ways to Grow Your Blog With Pinterest. 

Are there any tips and tricks about Pinterest that you would like to share? Don’t hog it all up like it’s the last bottle of water on a deserted island, share it in the comments!

Create Your Pinterest Account For Your Ideal Customer

Day 3 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by Vincent Ng.  Create your Pinterest page for your ideal customer. #PintalysisAcademy. Welcome to Day 3 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. 

Missed the first two challenges. Here’s day 1 and day 2.

For day 3 you will be focusing on creating your ideal customer profile and how he or she is going to fall in love with your Pinterest page. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Create Your Pinterest Account for Your Favorite Customer

I read an article on Copyblogger that really stuck in my head, and it discussed about writing for your ideal fan.  Instead of trying to write for the masses, if you could write for one particular person, who would I be writing for? What type of characteristics would she have? And why would she want to share your content?

It made me think of writing and my Pinterest profile in a different light. Yes, I still write in my own voice, but at the same time I wondered, was there a single person that I was writing for?

In marketing, it’s not uncommon for marketers to create that one single buyer persona that they want to attract into their business. Marketing departments will sit down, and brainstorm about a buyer persona  and determine what her day is like and how a product or service fits into her lifestyle.

A master at crafting these buyer personas is the yoga clothing company, Lululemon. They create a single female person in mind and fron there they determine what her income levels is,  what she eats, how she lives, her career choice, what type of values she has, what type of activities she enjoys, what type of vehicle she drives, what type of problems she runs into in her daily life, and so much more.

They basically try to understand their customer better than she understands herself. This is no easy feat. And if you’re expecting to get it right the first time, chances are…you won’t. Even with Lululelmon, it’s about tweaking the buyer persona, adding characteristics that fit the buying personality, and taking away characteristics that don’t work.  But it’s always an organic process, until they’ve found one that works.

Lululemon’s Pinterest Account Mainly Focuses on One Customer

By doing this, it helps clarify their marketing strategy. They can shape their marketing strategy around this.

Looking at Lululemon’s Pinterest account, it’s very clear that it’s not all about yoga and yogaware, they’ve prepared a Pinterest account for a specific type of person.

Lululemon Pinterest Account

Based on their boards, I deduce that their ideal customer they are trying to relate to on Pinterest is someone who is female, who does yoga, who has health as their priority and that exercise, not just yoga, is part of her regular regiment, does not have children, is most likely brunette, enjoys traveling a lot, is conscious of the type of make up she wears and prefers all natural and eco friendly products, enjoys eating healthy foods and is into the latest healthy food trends such as eating avocado and quinoa.

What Lululemon has done, and done extremely well, is that they have not only created a resource for their customers on Pinterest, but they’ve created a lifestyle Pinterest account.

After looking at their account, it gave me a WOW moment in my life. I had pinned a lot of resources, but the truth is that I didn’t know who I was exactly I was pinning for.

Take a Look Back in History

I started to look back at my previous customers and clients to gather data and to see if there were any interesting commonalities and problems they had.  I also looked at societal trends, and didn’t want to be of help in just her business, but also how I could help enhance her lifestyle.

One of the boards I created was about how to De Stress from Business, and one focused on Happiness and Success.  Being a small business owner can be stressful, and it’s always helpful to have reminders to take breaks, breathe, and relax. But for me that’s just the beginning, I still have a long way to go to flush out who she is.

For today, take the time to think about who that one person you’re pinning for. What type of content would help solve their immediate problems? What problems does she have overall that you can help be a resource with as well, in a way that make sense to her and your business.

Take the time to think about how she carries about her day. What would she do first thing in the morning, what would she do in the afternoons. When is she most likely going to check out your business? What does she do on weekends? How would this person most likely hear about your business?  What type of values would she hold.

Yes, it’s a lot of questions, but once you know, it will make it so much easier to create boards, because you’re going to be creating boards and content for that one person to start with to help grow your following and niche.

Remember to Stay on Brand and On Strategy with Pinterest

For example, there are a lot of busy business moms out there, and if you’re a furniture company that has a board titled 30 minute meals, because you know a resource like that can help save time for moms, that’s great, but it’s too disjointed from what your business and branding is about.

However if you created a board that’s about how to save time when furniture shopping, this can be a valuable resource.

Think of who that one person you are pinning for, and  see if your boards are reflecting that.

(Please don’t misunderstand that you can’t use Pinterest to market to your secondary market, but the first few boards should be a resource to people who you want to do business with.)

Day 3:  Actionable Step

Take 20 minutes out of your day to think about who your ideal customer would be. Think about how their lifestyle would be like, but also ground it with data from previous customers.

The good thing about this exercise is that you can just enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while you write. Remember, this is also the type of customer you would enjoy serving.

Additional Resource:

Tailwind’s article about how to block a user on Pinterest has been repinned over 1000 times.   It’s helpful, especially if you’re finding that a person is taking your pins and counterfeiting them. Or if someone is just annoying you in general. Stupid spammers and trolls.

Do you have a Pinterest resource that’s amazing. Please feel free to share it in the comments!


Verify Your Pinterest Account with Your Website

Find out why it's important to verify your website with Pinterest, and how to do it. Day 2 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by Vincent Ng. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 2 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. It’s also the day that my fiancee and I are moving in together. And we’re definitely looking forward to spending time together.

Today’s actionable step will for the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page will be to to verify your website with Pinterest.

Verify Your Website With Pinterest

I strongly believe that verifying your website is extremely important, and that’s because there are so many spammers out there that it can be hard to find out which Pinterest accounts are real, and which ones are not.

One of the most effective ways of gaining consumer confidence with your Pinterest account is to verify it.

Of course, there are some scammers and spammers that go through all the trouble of getting their site verified still. But many of them don’t go through the extra trouble.

There are Three Reasons to get Your Pitnerest Account Verified

1)      It Proves That You have Control Over the Website

With Pinterest it’s very easy for me to copy your business, copy your profile description and copy every single name of your board, the order of it, and repin all your pins. That’s kind of scary if you think about it, but it’s possible.

But the only way to be able to verify that you are the legitimate account of a company is to have an account verified with your business’ official website.

By doing this, it allows for a check mark that shows up next to the Pinterest account name which gives potential customers confidence to continue window shopping on your Pinterest account.

That check mark is a mark of trust.

When Pinterest first started, and verification wasn’t required, there were so many fake accounts that were trying to copy Nike and sell counterfeit Nike products. And there still are.  Have your business account verified to help you protect against these fakes.

I decided to search for the term Nike under pinners search on the desktop version of Pinterest. Notice how similar each one is?

Get Your Pinterest account verified to prevent fraudsters from copying you.

It can be hard to tell which one is real and which one is fake.  Because the url was taken early on, Nike had to use the Pinterest url Because Pinterest didn’t name their account Nike, I was very suspicious at first about whether it was the official account or not.

It was only after clicking on it, did I see the verification check mark next to did I realize it was the legitimate account.

What Nike's official Pinterest account looks like.

Here’s what a fake Pinterest Nike account looks like.

Fake Nike

In the case that you do have someone that is violating one of your trademarks in regards with a Pinterest name, you can go through Pinterest’s trademark form to file an official challenge. You can visit the page here. 

2)    Verified Results Stand out In Pinterest Search Results

When I decided to search up the term Zappos on the iPad under pinners search, I noticed immediately that verified accounts had a little grey check mark next to them for the automated search results, helping them stand out.

On the desktop version of Pinterest, Zappos has a check mark next to them, helping them stand out from other search results that may also contain the word Zappos in their Pinterest account name.

Verify your Pinterest account to help them stand out in Pinterest search results.
iPad version of the verified search results for Pinterest accounts.

Though it’s not related to search results specifically, when people do click on the search results on the iPad version of Pinterest, there’s a nice red check mark next to the website. Again, giving consumers a boost of confidence about your Pinterest page.

3) Get Analytics for Your Website and Your Pinterest Account

When you verify your Pinterest account, you get analytics and data about what’s being pinned from your website. You’ll be able to know who’s pinning, as well as how many people are clicking through pins to visit your website.

The great news is that Pinterest is slowly rolling out a new data and analytics platform that will give you data about your Pinterest account and your website. This has been a big request by users, and Pinterest is slowly rolling out the features. The announcement was made back in Jun of 2014, and hopefully many of us will get the new platform soon!

New Analytics

How to Verify Your Website On Pinterest

There are three ways to verify your website. In order to do this, you first have to go to your Pinterest account and then click on the pencil icon on the desktop version of Pinterest.

Pencil Icon

After the pop up shows up, you scroll to the bottom and insert your website asking it to be verified.

How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest.

Once you click on the verify website button, you will have two different ways to verify your account.

How to confirm your website verification with Pinterest

There are Two Options on How to Verify Your Website with Pinterest

1)      You can choose to upload the given html file by Pinterest. To do this you will need to click on the “Download Verification File” and add this HTML file to the main directory for the website you wish to verify.

2)      Add a metatag to your website, which may require the help of a programmer.

Once that’s done you’ll have to back your Pinterest account and do the steps above and then click on Complete Verification. The verification should be quick, and if it doesn’t verify within half an hour, then a misstep was taken during the process.

 Verification Through WordPress Plugins

If you operate a self hosted WordPress site, there are plugins that will help with the verification process through the meta tag method.

Here is a “Pinterest Verify Metatag plugin”

If you would like more of detailed list of how to verify your website, Pinterest has created a nice list that you can find here for a variety of different hosts that include:

Big Commerce, Blogspot, Bluehost, FatCow, GoDaddy, Goodsie, Hostgator, HostMetro, iPage, Prestashop, StoreEnvy, Shopify, Squarespace, Tumblr, Weebly,, WordPress and Zenfolio.

Day 2: Actionable Step

Take the time to go and verify your business Pinterest account if you haven’t already done so. Prevent your Pinterest account from being copied, and help it stand out in search results.

Additional Resource:

16 Tips, Tools and Tricks to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy by the good people at Buffer.

Do you have a Pinterest tip you would like to share? Don’t hide it from the world like your some secret agent. Share it in the comments section for others to read. And if you wrote an excellent blog post about Pinterest, don’t be afraid to share it with the world.


Create a Business Pinterest Account

Day 1 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by Vincent Ng. Why you should convert to a Pinterest business account. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 1 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page Project. 

For day one I’m going to be discussing the benefits of changing your personal Pinterest account into a business account.

Day 1: Convert To a Business Account on Pinterest.

When starting off on Pinterest you have the option of choosing between a business account or personal account. There are some advantages that a Pinterest business account has over personal accounts, which I’ll explain in this blog post.

If you do have a business that is earning or trying to earn revenue, whether you are doing it through professional blogging, or if you own a retail store, Pinterest strongly suggests that you sign up for a business account.

This is because the terms and service agreement for business accounts are different than those for personal.

Personal accounts are designed for personal use only, though I haven’t heard or encountered personal accounts being shut down that had business related activities involved.

Here Are the Advantages of Having a Business Pinterest Account

You’re Able to Create a Customized Name

With a personal account, you’re asked to fill in your first name and your last name, leaving no room for the name of your business, even though you could add the name of your business in the first name or last name section.

With a business account, you’re able to create a name that is as long as you want it to be. So for people that are solopreneurs, like Alberto Mateo, who is a travel photographer, his business name on Pinterest is Alberto Mateo, Travel Photographer.

Having a business name makes it easier for you put in keywords (keywords are search terms that people use). But don’t over do it by keyword stuffing. This is because when people get notified in their feed they get your loonnnng name, and it looks annoying.

Here’s an example of overkill that unfortunately that would make your account look spammy if you over use keywords.

Don't create long names for your Pinterest business account.

Your Ability to Advertise On Pinterest

If you’re looking to create advertisements for Pinterest, and some users have reported that they have been accepted into the beta program (I’m not one of them),  you’ll need a business account.

Right now this is all very new so nobody knows exactly how the advertising program works with exception of some very large corporations such as Ziploc, Kraft, Gap and a few others who are experimenting with Pinterest advertising platforms known as promoted pins. 

If you would like to get Pinterest analytics for your own site, it does not need to be converted to a business account. Personal accounts have access to Pinterest’s official analytics platform as long as their website has been verified with Pinterest.

Get Notified of Business Case Studies and Business Features

One of the advantages of having a business account is that you can receive newsletter updates from Pinterest regarding new feature roll outs that may affect your business like the promoted pins.

They also provide case studies on how other successful businesses from all walks of life and how they are successfully using Pinterest for their own marketing. You can read more about Pinterest success stories here. 

How to Change Over to A Pinterest Business Account:

To change over to a business account, the easiest thing to do is to head over to, you will be able to join as a business. If you have a personal account, and want to change it to a business account you can click on the Convert Now link that’s just below the big red button.

Business Account Page


After that, you will be able to fill in your business account information such as the type of business, who the main contact is, and profile information.

Business Information Page on Pinterest

I believe that once you have converted your personal Pinterest account to a business account, you won’t be able to reverse it as well.

Another aspect of Pinterest you should be aware about is that Pinterest only DEACTIVATES accounts, they do not erase nor delete. If there is a case where you find your business is going through a transition and you need to put a halt to your Pinterest account, you can do that and resume your Pinterest account where you left off once the transition is over.

Day 1: Actionable Step

If you’re using Pinterest to conduct any type of business, consider changing it to a business account. As Pinterest continues to grow, no doubt that there will be more features that will be exclusively be available to Pinterest business account only, like promoted pins..

Additional Reading:

Excited about learning more about Pinterest, check out Mitt Ray of Social Marketing Writing. He wrote a great article about 12 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers.

Is there a Pinterest resource or article you feel would be helpful to other readers during the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page? Please feel free to share in the comments. And yes, it’s okay to share articles that you’ve personally written.