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Gender Search on Pinterest: How to Market to Men on Pinterest

How How to Market to Men on Pintrest using gender based Pinterest search results @mcngmarketing. You can get more tips about Pinterest marketing at #PintalysisAcademy

Pinterest Search Results Will Differ For Men And Women

Pinterest announced in late January of 2015 that the gender of the user will influence how Pinterest results are shown to him or her. The visual discovery tool that has been used mostly by women is now able to show results to men that are more relevant and less “womanly.

If you’re a woman that types in the search term, movies into Pinterest search, you may see pins related to Titanic, Frozen, or the Notebook. It seems that the theme of romance movies comes up. But with the new search, men may see movie pins related to Gladiator, Guardians of the Galaxy and Fight Club as the top results.

The Number of Men Using Pinterest Doubled in 2014

Pinterest announced that the number of men using Pinterest doubled in 2014, but this still makes up a minority of users. What’s interesting to note is that there are more men that use Pinterest in the U.S. than read Sports Illustrated and GQ combined.

Late in 2013 I made the prediction that in 2014 there would still be problems trying to get men to jump aboard Pinterest. And the main reason for this is because of the irrelevancy of many search results when men use it.

First time and non frequent users of Pinterest don’t go and follow boards – they use the search box.

And over time if search results don’t bring back what you want, you abandon using the search engine. And Pinterest is a search engine, and in many ways is superior to Google.

If users aren’t able to find what they need they’re going to abandon using search engine. For those of you who remember the days before Google, you will remember how horrible it was using search engines like Lycos.

There’s a lesson to be learned in all of that.

You have to give users  what they want. And that means giving men relevant information as soon as possible. New users are only patient up to a point before they abandon a network or any search engine.

Now with a search engine that provides results based on gender, it’s assumed that men are going to get more relevant search results.

This is good news for both users and for businesses. I truly believe that we’re at a point where more men are going to be using Pinterest as a search engine, but it’s still going to take another two years before it becomes mainstream.

The question is, “How to market to men on Pinterest?” Here are three guidelines.

How Your Business Can Market to Men on Pinterest

If Pinterest wants to be incredibly profitable and wants more advertisers to jump on board, they know that they HAVE to grow the amount of active males users.

With Pinterest being serious about growing their male users, you should strongly consider using Pinterest to grow your business. And here’s how to get started on your Pinterest marketing.

1) See If There’s A Hot Bed of Activity Going On For Your Product or Service

The first thing that you want to do is to see if what you’re selling or something related to what you are selling is already on Pinterest.

To get an idea of what’s popular and whether people are interested in what you have to sell, type in your product in the Pinterest search box. If you happen to sell chairs, then you can see what type of chairs that men are paying attention to on Pinterest.

How Your Gender affects Pinterest search results by @mcngmarketing.  You can get more tips about Pinterest marketing at are the first few search results for chairs when using a female user account.

How Your Gender affects Pinterest search results by @mcngmarketing. You can get more tips about Pinterest marketing at

When looking at Pinterest search results, what you’re looking for is the repin activity regarding this product and the type of photos that are being used. Notice if the pins are just product shots, or products in an environment, or if they’re pins with people using the product.  All those details will matter in trying to grow your Pinterest business with male users.

Pinterest’s job is to provide relevant results. And so they are constantly adjusting search results to match what most people are looking for and clicking on.

For example, when you type in glasses, you’ll notice eye glasses pop up versus drinking glasses for the first few results, and that was decided by users’ actions and engagement with pins.

How Your Gender affects Pinterest search results by @mcngmarketing. You can get more tips about Pinterest marketing at

If Pinterest finds that people click through on pins related to eye glasses more than pins about drinking glasses, then that’s how they know that they should show eye glasses more often for the search term “glasses.”

When you’re able to see what pins already exist and are already popular, you can start to create pins around the same themes and with some results you’ll notice the same color themes.

2) Used Guided Search for those Gender Keywords

Guided search is a type of search recommendation tool for Pinterest searchers. The goal of Guided Search is to help you find what you’re looking for, or to help you discover what you’re looking for that you’re not aware of.

In the previous picture, you will have noticed words that are above the pins. The tool that recommends those search terms is known as Guided Search.

With the new gender based search results with Pinterest, Guided Search itself also receives a bit of a gender twist.

What’s great for you, as a business, is that you now know what type of words male and female users are searching for and you can start to add those keywords into your pin descriptions.

Go back to the earlier photo and look at the recommended search terms. Now look at the photo below, and notice the Guided Search terms that show up on the tiles for the search term glasses for a female user.  Some of them are the same, while others are quite different.

How Your Gender affects Pinterest search results by @mcngmarketing. You can get more tips about Pinterest marketing at

In the Pinterest search results for males, you’ll notice that Guided Search recommends the term etching, but with the female search results, it’s not shown in first few results.

If you happen to be targeting males on Pinterest, you now have some insight into the type of search words that they are using to find your products.

3) Use Pinterest Data For Content Creation

What’s I love about this new feature is that Pinterest is giving you a lot of free data. A lot. And you have to take advantage of that, because if you don’t someone else already is. I know, I’ve consulted for some of these businesses that use this technique.

The most popular guided search term associated with glasses, is “For My Shape.” People are genuinely curious to know what type of glasses fit what shape face. And if you run a glass store, and have a blog, then this definitely needs to be one of topics for your blog.

Once that blog has been written, and you’ve created an image for it, post it on Pintrest.

Alisa Meredith and Tina Gammon of Scalable Social Media did this with one of their clients to help him generate hundreds of leads. They created e-books, landing pages, and blog posts based on what was popular on Pinterest to help their client be extremely relevant to his Pinterest audience.

Not Every Search Result is Gender Based on Pinterest

Not every single search is going to bring up results that are different based on your gender. Search terms such as small speakers, and shampoo still show up with the same results.

This doesn’t mean that as a male oriented business that you shouldn’t get started with your products on Pinterest. This is because over time, Pinterest will keep refining their search until they can find that great balance. It never quite ends. The same way that Google will always tweak little things to ensure that search results are more relevant.

If you’re a business owner who sells manly products, I encourage you to go to Pinterest, search up products that you sell and see what’s there, and to at least start a Pinterest account. A good business doesn’t just think about the now, it also thinks about where its future customers are most likely going to be.

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How to Use Pinterest for Lead Generation (P2P Episode 21)

Find out how to use Pinterest to Generate more leads to your business.

Have you wondered how to use Pinterest to generate more e-mail sign ups? Or wouldn’t you love it if you could get a month’s worth of blog post ideas? In episode 21 of the Pictures to Profits podcast, the dynamic duo Alisa Meredith and Tina Gammon of Scalabe Social Media discuss how to use Pinterest to generate more e-mail sign ups, and for their blog and content curation. Here are some tips that they discuss in the podcast:

Tips for Generating More Leads with Pinterest

  • Ensure that the offer you create for your landing page is a premium offer. Offer a free e-book or video, but it should be an offer that’s of interest to your particular audience. This way it will help increase your leads.
  • Create new pins to replace older pins if you find that the older pins are no longer as effective as they used to be.
  • Create a variety of different pins that would appeal to a different type of audience. Don’t just create one.
  • Ensure that your pins are of high quality and use text over pins to help attract the right audience.
  • Look at other people’s pins to get inspiration and to find out what’s popular on Pinterest and how you can use those pins to create amazing pins of your owns.

 Tips for Generating Social and Blog Content Using Pinterest

  • Search on Pinterest for ideas that would be relevant to your audience. See what topics are trending and hot by looking at the number of repins these topics have.
  • Cross promote your popular pins across a variety of social networks like Google Plus and Twitter. Ensure that the visuals are adapted to the appropriate social network.
  • To help drive people back to your Pinterest account, consider using a #PinoftheDay, a pin that you can promote on other social networks.

Alisa Meredith

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17 Funny Advertisements to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Funny Advertisements That Will Make You LOL

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If you’re looking for a good laugh, a little shock, and just plain silliness then here are 15 funny advertisements that will help tickle your funny bone.

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If you’ve got a hilarious advertisement that you want to share, or you’ve got a webpage or a Pinterest board that is dedicated to them, feel free to share a link in the comments section with our readers. Also if you love creative advertising, feel free to join 20+ others on our Pinterest community board on creative advertising.

How to Develop Credibility When Your Business is Starting Off

Trust It’s hard for a small business to develop credibility when it first starts off, especially if you don’t have the large backing of working with a Fortune 500 company for the last 15 years.

Let’s face it, we all go through the same problems, potential clients are always hesitant about using your services, they want proven results, they want to know who you worked with in the past, and the list goes on and on. However, there are some great ways to develop business credibility through different channels of marketing. In this blog post we’ll discuss 4 ways about how your small business can develop great credibility in your business niche.

Write an E-book that Solves Your Customers’ Pain Point(s)

Writing an e-book, or any digital report that helps solves your customers’ pain points add credibility to your business. The goal is to write material that your customers can relate to, and is so good and unique that they want to share it. For many of our clients, dealing with bad Yelp reviews
are a challenge.

They know how it generally works but don’t understand the finer details of Yelp, such as the way they rank reviews and how it affects their bottom line.

After doing some research I realized that there weren’t a lot of books out there that gave detailed and valuable information on how Yelp ranks reviews, what types of actions lead to filtered reviews, and how to use Yelp to maximize their marketing efforts. And we’re looking forward to having the book published.

When you write a book, encourage people to share your book or report. When you meet people at networking events and they tell you the problem their having is one that your book can potentially help them solve, send it to them after you’ve met with them.

Volunteer to Speak at Events

A good way to develop credibility is also to start off by volunteering to speak at different events or associations. When you first start off, look for opportunities to speak to non profits, at universities, local board of trades, and small business networking groups. This also gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise and attract people who need your service or product to come to you, instead of you always hunting down leads.

As you start to get more speaking gigs, you’ll notice your name will get tossed around to different organizations and the number of invites will increase over time and help you establish strong credibility within those fields.

When all else fails, and you can’t speak at an event, host one yourself. Ask other industry experts to come speak at the event, and market the heck out of the event. By combining the power of several speakers, each of you will bring in a different crowd. The most important part is to ensure that you partner with speakers who are also hungry to get clients and customers. Speakers need to understand it’s a team effort and everybody wins. Charge a small fee as well, as this will weed out potential clients who are too cheap to pay for your services or products to begin with.

Share Your PowerPoint Presentation on Slideshare

If public speaking is not for you, then consider making great PowerPoint presentations and putting them on Slideshare. Slideshare allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations to share with the world. If your business has a great slide show presentation oozed with wisdom then you need to share it with the world. The interesting thing is that there are literally thousands of people who are searching for your expertise online.

Start a Podcast

Now with smartphones with recording capabilities, creating a podcast is easy and allows you to discuss about the pain points that your customers or clients are having, no matter where you are, and to potentially reach a large audience. MCNG’s podcast, Revolutionary Marketing, was designed to educate and entertain about marketing.

While social media is all the rage, podcasting deserves some attention as well. Approximately 29% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last year, and the number of people who listen to them has steadily grown since 2006. And since about 50% of people own smartphones, it’s only a matter of within a year or two before more people look for podcasts about your specific business niche. I didn’t look for podcasts until a year after I got my phone, and the lectures and talks you find on there are mind boggling good.

A great marketing podcast to listen to is Terry O’ Reiley’s Under the Influence. Terry is a master storyteller, and has given me a lot of insight on how to approach creative marketing campaigns.

In my opinion podcasts are simple and easy to do, and depending on your needs you may need different software. And once you’re able to create a podcasts you can take some steps to put it on Apple’s iTunes.

What is also an interesting fact that you should probably take note is that about 40% of listeners of podcasts earn more than $75,000 a year. I’m sure that statistic got your attention. Ironically enough, I got that stat here from the research done by Edison Research that was on Slideshare.

Final Thoughts:

Other than speaking at events, the others are a great way to make your presence known online. And those methods can stay on the net forever. A great Slideshare presentation can easily attract 300 views, a great e-book within a specific niche can receive 1000 downloads, and a podcast can help reach hundreds of more people. The most important thing to remember is to also be active in the method of marketing you choose. Consistency, and great content will drive customers to your business when you’re starting off.