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The Pinterest SEO Checklist: 5 Essential Items to Maximize Your Organic Visibility

Find out the five essential items to maximize your organic visibility. Article written by Adam Bullock of MKG Media Group. pinterest-seo-checklist-5-essential-items-maximize-organic-visibility

Big thank you to Adam Bullock, Content Strategy Expert at  MKG Media Group, for this wonderful article. Read on to get your SEO Pinterest checklist.


Chances are you’ve taken the plunge into the beautiful visual world that is … Read the rest

Breaking News! Unlimited Secret Boards on Pinterest

Create an unlimited amount of secret boards on Pinterest. (We know for sure you can create more than six!) Article written by Vincent Ng of I don’t usually write blog posts at 7pm and have them go out fresh, but I really wanted to share some excellent news for people who love to use secret boards.

Pinterest users are now allowed to create unlimited secret … Read the rest

Best Ways to Use Hashtags on Pinterest

Best Ways to Use Hashtags With Pinterest

I’m really proud and happy to have assisted Cynthia Sanchez with her Business for Pinterest workshop series this past month.

There always hot topics about Pinterest that people want to know about. They want to know how to get their … Read the rest

10 Ways E-commerce Sites Can Use Pinterest to Increase Sales

Pinterest Marketing: 10 Ways to Increase E-commerc Sales with Pinterest by

It was announced that Pinterest received an additional $225 million in funding, giving the “start up” an evaluation of $3.8 billion dollars. While the social network continues to expand globally, and the release of their limited API, e-commerce businesses … Read the rest

What you Need to Know About Gifs on Pinterest

How Business can use Gifs on Pinterest by
Pinterest announced that they are rolling out gifs on their Pinterest feed, which could pose a challenge to Tubmlr, which has been known as THE gift visual social network.

What You Need to Know about gifs and Pinterest:

1) Read the rest

How to Create Pinterest Newsletters with Mailchimp

How to Easily Create Pinterest Newsletters with Mailchimp by

Welcome back to MCNG’s blog, if it’s your first time here then you’re going to love reading this because I have something awesome to share with you. Not only for Pinterest users, but users who are into MailChimp. I’m going … Read the rest

What You Could Expect from Pinterest in 2014

Top 9 Predictions about Pinterest for 2014

9 Pinterest Predictions for 2014


1) Pinterest Advertising Finally Goes Full Blown

Back in early October 2013, Pinterest made the announcement that they were working on placing advertising in search results. This was known as “Promoted Pins.” It … Read the rest

7 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic With Pinterest

7 Ways to Drive More Website Traffic with Pinterest by Vincent Ng

1. Add Your Website to Your Pinterest Profile

One of the first things that every business should do once they start their Pinterest account is to add their website to their profile. To add your website, all you need to … Read the rest