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Create a Business Pinterest Account

Day 1 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page by Vincent Ng. Why you should convert to a Pinterest business account. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 1 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page Project. 

For day one I’m going to be discussing the benefits of changing your personal Pinterest account into a business account.

Day 1: Convert To a Business Account on Pinterest.

When starting off on Pinterest you have the option of choosing between a business account or personal account. There are some advantages that a Pinterest business account has over personal accounts, which I’ll explain in this blog post.

If you do have a business that is earning or trying to earn revenue, whether you are doing it through professional blogging, or if you own a retail store, Pinterest strongly suggests that you sign up for a business account.

This is because the terms and service agreement for business accounts are different than those for personal.

Personal accounts are designed for personal use only, though I haven’t heard or encountered personal accounts being shut down that had business related activities involved.

Here Are the Advantages of Having a Business Pinterest Account

You’re Able to Create a Customized Name

With a personal account, you’re asked to fill in your first name and your last name, leaving no room for the name of your business, even though you could add the name of your business in the first name or last name section.

With a business account, you’re able to create a name that is as long as you want it to be. So for people that are solopreneurs, like Alberto Mateo, who is a travel photographer, his business name on Pinterest is Alberto Mateo, Travel Photographer.

Having a business name makes it easier for you put in keywords (keywords are search terms that people use). But don’t over do it by keyword stuffing. This is because when people get notified in their feed they get your loonnnng name, and it looks annoying.

Here’s an example of overkill that unfortunately that would make your account look spammy if you over use keywords.

Don't create long names for your Pinterest business account.

Your Ability to Advertise On Pinterest

If you’re looking to create advertisements for Pinterest, and some users have reported that they have been accepted into the beta program (I’m not one of them),  you’ll need a business account.

Right now this is all very new so nobody knows exactly how the advertising program works with exception of some very large corporations such as Ziploc, Kraft, Gap and a few others who are experimenting with Pinterest advertising platforms known as promoted pins. 

If you would like to get Pinterest analytics for your own site, it does not need to be converted to a business account. Personal accounts have access to Pinterest’s official analytics platform as long as their website has been verified with Pinterest.

Get Notified of Business Case Studies and Business Features

One of the advantages of having a business account is that you can receive newsletter updates from Pinterest regarding new feature roll outs that may affect your business like the promoted pins.

They also provide case studies on how other successful businesses from all walks of life and how they are successfully using Pinterest for their own marketing. You can read more about Pinterest success stories here. 

How to Change Over to A Pinterest Business Account:

To change over to a business account, the easiest thing to do is to head over to, you will be able to join as a business. If you have a personal account, and want to change it to a business account you can click on the Convert Now link that’s just below the big red button.

Business Account Page


After that, you will be able to fill in your business account information such as the type of business, who the main contact is, and profile information.

Business Information Page on Pinterest

I believe that once you have converted your personal Pinterest account to a business account, you won’t be able to reverse it as well.

Another aspect of Pinterest you should be aware about is that Pinterest only DEACTIVATES accounts, they do not erase nor delete. If there is a case where you find your business is going through a transition and you need to put a halt to your Pinterest account, you can do that and resume your Pinterest account where you left off once the transition is over.

Day 1: Actionable Step

If you’re using Pinterest to conduct any type of business, consider changing it to a business account. As Pinterest continues to grow, no doubt that there will be more features that will be exclusively be available to Pinterest business account only, like promoted pins..

Additional Reading:

Excited about learning more about Pinterest, check out Mitt Ray of Social Marketing Writing. He wrote a great article about 12 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers.

Is there a Pinterest resource or article you feel would be helpful to other readers during the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page? Please feel free to share in the comments. And yes, it’s okay to share articles that you’ve personally written.


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    Just stumbled across this list and will work through the 31 points for my business, Equus Education –, thanks so much!