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How to Find Out Which Pins Drive the Most Traffic

Day 23 to 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Find out which pins on Pinterest are driving the most traffic back to your site. Article by @mcngmarketing. #PintalysisAcademy You can get the details by exporting a CSV file and sort the information by the number of clicks. Welcome to day 23 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 23, we’re going to dive into Pinterest analytics dashboard. These are the analytics that you can see in the desktop version of Pinterest when you click on your profile. The drop down menu shows up with a tab for analytics. These analytics provide data who is pinning from your website, what type of pins are responsible for driving traffic to your site and more. The analytics don’t focus too much  on your actual Pinterest account. To find data about your actual Pinterest account, such as follower growth,  or what pins are getting the most repins, check out Tailwind.  Pinterest Analytics Tab on Pinterest. One of the main benefits of verifying your website, the assignment for day 2, is to be able to get qualitative and quantitative data with Pinterest’s dashboard. When you load up your analytics, there’s a few different tabs that you can click on, those tabs can tell you a variety of different information. For me, what’s actually interesting, and a big thank you to Lorna Sixsmith from Write on Track for mentioning this, is the export option after clicking on the tabs. You can generate CSV reports for the different tabs.

Find out Which Pins Drive the Most Traffic Back to Your Site

The statistic that’s most interesting to me is the number clicks that go to my website from pins on Pinterest. To find out the top 25 pins that are responsible for driving the most traffic to your site for a specific day, all you need to do is click on the tab that reads, “Most Clicked” and choose a specific date. From that point on, you’ll see visually which pins from Pinterest are helping you drive the most traffic back to your site. While you can see which pins are doing that, it doesn’t actually tell you how many clicks have resulted from that pin. This is why you want to use the export feature AFTER you’ve clicked on the “Most Clicked” tab. A CSV file will then be created, showing off your the top 50 pins that drive the most traffic back to your site. Mos Clicked on Tab on Pinterst

Beware of the Time Period You Choose for Your Analytics

Maybe it’s just me, but when I clicked on Export, the exported CSV file for most clicked, it only provides numbers from the last 14 recorded days. Even if I tried to choose the option for the last 7 days, the csv report generates data for the last 14 days. If I try to get the most clicked on for a specific date, it still generates a 14 day report. Don’t take the report generated for a specific period as the most accurate. Look at it with caution. I generated the report on August 22nd, and so the report is for the two previous weeks starting, and including, August 21st, 2014.

You May Discover Some Old Hidden Treasures

But there’s beauty in those numbers that are produced. You can now get a good summary of what type of pins have been driving traffic back to your site. And this will help guide you in determining what type of pins you have that are converting casual pin viewers into actual website viewers. This is what shocked me about my own most clicked on pins. One of the pins that was pinned on August 24, 2013 (almost exactly one year ago) still drove 20 visitors to my site during that two week period, making it the eighth highest traffic driving pin for that period. That’s incredible! Number of clicks from a pin I honestly can’t remember the last time that a tweet or a Facebook post from one year ago could come even close to brining back that type of traffic. What’s important about these stats is that it provides a quick summary of to know what type of pins are actually converting people into visitors. What can also be helpful is that if you are using Excel, you can sort all that information. So you can sort the website in “alphabetical” order and you will quickly find out a rough estimate of how many visitors are visiting a particular site from an aggregate of pins. Other than knowing which pins are driving traffic back to your site, how can you make use of this for your business?

Day 23 Actionable Step:

For day 23, take a look at your own CSV for the most clicked pins and see if there are pins that are still driving traffic to your site that are from a few months ago. Choose three of those pins, and repin that content back onto your relevant boards. This way, new followers who may not have seen those pins are now seeing them. And there’s a chance they’re going to repin it. If those pins drove traffic to your site before, and are still driving traffic to your site now, then chances are it’s something that new followers are interested in.

Additional Resource:

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