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Get Rich Pins for Your Website

Day 12 of 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. Your challenge for day 12 is to implement rich pins to help your pins stand out in Pinterest news feeds and to improve your pin search rankings for keywords. #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 12 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page. For day 12, I’m going to be discussing about implementing rich pins for your website, and why they are so vital.

What are Rich Pins for Pinterest?

Rich pins are pins that provide extra information that visually “standout” from regular pins in the Pinterest newsfeed.

As you can see from the two pictures below, the top picture is an example of a rich for a product, and what it looks like on the desktop version of Pinterest in the feed.

The second is a non rich pin. Noticed how the product rich pin has bolded text that helps it stand out compared to the other pin. A product rich pin also shows the favicon that is set for your site.

The favicon can help your pin stand out from others, giving it that extra visual credibility compared to non rich pins. Across all different platforms, whether it’s Android, iOS or the desktop version, the favicon for a website is always shown in the Pinterest feed.

Rich Product Pin example. Non Rich Pins

There are currently five classes of rich pins.

They are:

1)      Product Rich Pins

2)      Article Rich Pins

3)      Rich pins for Recipes

4)      Movie Rich Pins

5)      Places Pins

Since this blog post focuses mostly on small businesses, I’ll be discussing product rich pins, article rich pins, and recipe rich pins.

I won’t be discussing movie rich pins, but will discuss place pins in a future blog post during the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page.

Why Should You Get Rich Pins?

Just like a verified Pinterest account gives people a sense of trust and authority, having rich pins for your website can give confidence that the content they pin comes legitimately from that website.

An issue in the past, and it still does occur, is that scammer and spammers would take popular pins and then change the source of the url to a page that they desired. This often confused people as to why the pin they clicked on didn’t lead back to the right website.

Rich pins for products, articles, recipes and movies need to go through Pinterest’s approval process, and depending on your site, the approval can happen within a couple of days or a week.

If you’re finding it’s taking a long time to get approval for rich pins for your site, then you’re most likely being looked at under closer inspection. This could be due to a copyright or trademark violation.

Rich Pins Help Tremendously In Pinterest Search Results

A second reason that you want to get rich pins is that rich pins have a strong tendency to be first in search results for search terms on Pinterest.

This is a huge advantage over competitors in your field who don’t have rich pins, and maybe starting late into the game.

How to Get Rich Pins for Products

Rich pins for products is almost necessary if you want to grow your business in Pinterest. With product rich pins, information such as pricing, availability, and the website’s favicon show up, when the pin is clicked on and enlarged.

Product Rich Pin Example


One of the best advantages of having rich pins for products is that when the price drops by at least 10%, a person who has repinned a product will be notified by e-mail by Pinterest (assuming they’ve given Pinterest permission to send them e-mails).

Rich pins for products are probably the most difficult to implement, and the reason for that is because the sheer number of different e-commerce platforms that exist out there. Some e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, e-bay (not stores), and Shopify have rich pins implemented automatically.

If you’re using a shopping platform that’s based on Magento, then you would need to get an extension to help you out.

There’s also an extension for those are using Opencart.

If you would like to know more about the extensions available for Opencart and Magento, you can read up on 4 Tools for Pinterest Marketing with E-commerce.

If you have a customized e-commerce platform then you’ll most likely need a developer who is familiar with oEmbed, Open Graph, or tags. To find out more about how to implement products pins visit Pinterest’s developer site.

How to Get Rich Pins for Articles

Rich pins for articles stick out on the Pinterest feed because the title of the article is bolded, and unlike non rich Pin descriptions, rich pins for articles cannot have their bolded title or the accompanied meta description  changed no matter who pins it.

If someone attempts to change the source url of the pin to another site, then the bolded title is lost and it goes back to looking like regular pin.

And lastly, especially on the iPad version, the rich pins for articles have a nice visible “Read this on…” button. Pinterest wants you to read people’s blog posts and online articles.

Rich Pins for Articles


This is a big home run for rich pins for articles. A title description, a meta description, a pin description and a call to action! Pinterest hit that ball long and hard and it’s OUTTA here! All of those makes rich pins for articles a home run.

Most people I know run a WordPress blog, and the great news is that there is a simple way to implement rich pins for your Pinterest account. The plugin that I use to help me implement rich pins is the YOAST SEO plugin. The link provided will give you step by step on how to start it for your self hosted WordPress blog.

Once it’s installed, all you need to do is click on this and the have the rich pins validated.

If you’re run a blog that may need additional programming, then check out Pinterest’s developer site.

How to Get Rich Pins for Recipes

Ahhhh….recipe blogs! One of the most popular type of blogs in world and on Pinterest. Without them I would have resorted to buying hundreds of dollars of cook books that would sit on my bookshelf.

Now if you’re a recipe blogger, implementing rich pins can be be beneficial because it can provide a sense of authority.

One of the features I love about this rich pin is that it allows for the recipe blogger to put all the ingredients, as well as how many people the food is supposed to feed, and how long it would be expected to make the dish.

But here’s where Pinterest was smart, they don’t giveaway how to make the actual recipe. A visitor must go to your site to determine how to make that recipe.

If you run a self hosted WordPress blog, there is a site plugin called Ziplist Recipe Plugin that can assist with recipe rich pins.

Once you’ve implemented rich pins you’ll need to go through Pinterst’s validation here.

Day 12 Actionable Step:

For some, I know it will take more than a day to implement rich pins depending on your business, but for others I strongly urge that you get rich pins as soon as possible and have them validated by Pinterest.

Once it’s done, it’s done, and the great thing is that when you and your fans pin from your site, those pins will be forever rich.

Additional Resource:

Are you curious how Pinterest influences on and offline purchases? Check out this fascinating white paper from Vision Critical.

What are some other ways you’ve found have been helpful for getting your pins to stand out in the Pinterest newsfeed? Share your tips in the comments.

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Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis and the host of the Pinterest podcast, Pictures to Profits. You can grab your free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines."
  • Marie Castine

    Do you know what the average wait time for approval is? We are a gov agency so we should not be subjected to being looked at under closer inspection. I submitted on Monday and have not heard anything yet. Also, is the validation for the entire domain or does each URl need to be approved? Has anyone run into issues with conflicting code for Facebook?

    • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

      Hi Marie. I’m not too sure what the average wait time is but usually my friends and colleagues have told me two days to a week. If it generally takes longer than that, then most likely they’ve passed it on to someone else and they are taking a closer inspection at what you’re offering. The validation is for your entire domain. Once approved, you don’t need to worry about getting approved again.

      There’s always the possibility of conflicting code when it comes to Facebook. But if you’ve gone through the validation process, and it says it recognizes everything, then the code is fine. If you don’t see anything within 3 weeks, chances are someone in management is taking a look.