Learn How to Increase New Visitor Traffic, Generate More Leads, and Boost Sales with Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis

Does Pinterest marketing confuse you? Get clarity on how to move forward with your Pinterest marketing.

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“When we first started posting to Pinterest, we had no direction. We had a ton of boards, pins and little organization and no goals…we decided to implement some of your tips. We upgraded our account and utilizing the analytics, it became quite apparent what was working; and more importantly what wasn’t. In the last two weeks since the upgrade, we’ve seen a rise in sales of 14%, and new visitors to our website have risen by 42%. Love reading your tips tricks, Vincent. Keep ‘em coming!”

- Cheri Tracy, Orglamix

In Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis E-book You Will Learn...

  • How to Increase Retail and Online Sales with Pinterest
  • How to Create Pins To Grab Your Customers' Attention
  • How to "trick" Customers into Clicking on Your Pins
  • 8 Wonderful Tips to Get your Pins to Show Up on Top of Pinterest Search Results
  • How to Gain and Grow the Right Quality Followers Efficiently
  • How to Drive Thousands of New Visitors to Your Blog or Business Website
  • How to Generate more E-mail Sign ups with Pinterest
  • How to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Own Website's ranking on Google
  • 199 Pages Filled with Tips and Strategies on Pinerest Marketing :)

I'll Also Provide You With 8 Valuable Bonus Videos

  • How to Get Your Boards Discovered on Pinterest Within Search Results
  • 13 Eye Catching Headline Templates to Use For Your Pins to Increase Click Through Rates
  • Find out the BEST ways to use Hashtags On Pinterest
  • How to Implement Rich Pins For Your WordPress Blog
  • How to Find the Exact Pin that's Driving The Most Traffic to Your Site
  • How to Develop Relationships with Influencers on Pinterest
  • And Much More! (A $200 Value)
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Who is the Creator of Pintalysis?

I'm Vincent Ng, and I'm the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis, and the host of the podcast Pictures to Profits.

I've had the pleasure of writing for world famous social media blogs like Social Media Examiner, Top Dog Social Media, Oh So Pinteresting, Tailwind, Basic Blogging Tips and Pinnable Business. I was a speaker at Social Media Marketing World, the world's largest social media conference in the world.

My blog was declared as one of the top 20 resources for becoming a Pinterest expert according to Heyo, a Facebook app developer that has over 40,000 clients.

I love helping business owners, bloggers and marketers discover the power of Pinterest for their business, whether it's to help them generate more e-mail sign ups, or drive more sales for their online and offline products.

So if you're an online business owner, an aspiring professional blogger, or a marketer, or just starting off with this money making social network, this book is filled with easy to implement practical tips that you can start using on Pinterest today.


What is Pintalysis and How can You Benefit?

Pintalysis is the Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Blueprint Consisting of Five Pillars.

Pillar One

Determine Your Pinterest Business Goals

Pillar Two

Visually Optimize Your Pins and Boards

Pillar Three

Build and Create Virality Through Your Community

Pillar Four

Search Optimize for Pinterest and Search Engines

Pillar Five

Optimizing Your Website For Pinterest Sharing

According to a Leaked Document, Facebook has admitted that Organic Reach for Pages will Drop

Don't you wish that you were on Facebook five years ago, so that you had tens of thousands of fans instead of your competitor.

The question you have to ask yourself is, are you missing the same boat when it comes to Pinterest. Don't miss the same opportunities. Get the advantage and start growing your business on Pinterest today.

My Knowledge Was So Helpful that One Professional Food Blogger Wanted To Keep Me a Secret

A professional food blogger/online business owner in a specific food niche wanted to know how she could use Pinterest to beat out her competition.

After the Pinterest knowledge I provided her, she was very happy to give a testimonial under one condition...she had to remain anonymous.

Why? Because she didn't want her competitors to come to me for help! Because she feels she would lose her competitive advantage.


"Vincent is just what every business needs: a burst of fresh air in the form of a highly communicative and knowledgeable professional. He is up to date, organized, and brings contagious enthusiasm to the table. I hired Vincent for a private consult and was impressed beyond expectations. He addressed all questions thoroughly and efficiently while providing additional info to help raise my Pinterest presence to the next level. I look forward to our next session."

- Member of Food Bloggers of Canada

 Mr. Vincent Ng spoke eloquently and enthusiastically to my members. The title of his presentation was “How to drive thousands of leads using Pinterest.” Vincent totally engaged the audience with his stories and the depth and breadth of his knowledge around the importance of leveraging images on Pinterest. He opened many eyes to the potential that can be realized by harnessing the power of Pinterest to make our personal and professional lives more lucrative, pleasant and productive. My members simply loved him.

Roger Killen, Vancouver Business Network
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Smart Business People Make Investments

To get the all the information that's packed in this book with a private consultation with me would cost you $3000 dollars.

This same information is provided in Pinterest to Profits, that also includes $200 worth of bonuses for just $29.97.

You can spend your next $29 bucks on a meal and wine, or invest $29.97 to learn how to maximize your sales and reach 70 million people on Pinterest. Smart business people make investments.

It looks like you cover topics  that were glaringly absent in some of the Pinterest courses and books I've read.

So I have to say, I told you so! I knew your book would be the best one out there. :)

Deborah Frazier

Vincent is amazing when it comes to researching what works and doesn't work on Pinterest. He has done so much A and B testing that has given all of us in the industry valuable information we can pass on to our clients. In addition, Vincent is very willing to share and help others in the industry. I am so glad I had the opportunity to get to know him. He is the consummate business person.

Anna Valadingham
Pinterest Pro
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Vincent Ng

I had been following MCNG Marketing for about 2 weeks when I preordered your ebook.  On the day I got it I went to the book store to sit and read and take notes.  I was highlighting practically everything!  It was simpy defaced with highights and notes.  Ideas and inspiration just kept pouring in.  It was actually a bit annoying as I wanted to keep reading but didn't want to loose those great ideas.  I mean seriously, when was the last time Pinterest was so interesting you were annoyed by all the inspriation?  yeah.  I've used the information I was (and still am) learning to help my clients and I'm jsut now beginning to add it to my own boards.  I'm also not a newbie to the scene.  I've attended 8 blog conferences in the past 2 years, I've read every Pinterest book available and I follow all the great pinterest blogs.  I actually unfollowed a few of the "big blogs" because I didn't need them since I've been following MCNG Marketing and especially since I've read Pinterest to Profits a few times.

Honey Rowland
Honey's Life
What's Covered? +

Here are some of the information packed topics covered in the book:

How to Visually Optimize Your Pins - page 54

Tools to Help Your Business Optimize Your Photos and Visuals - page 80

Rich Pins Will Get Your Pins Noticed - page 82

12 Principles to Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest Search Results -  page  97

How to Gain More Followers on Pinterest  - page 145

Running a Successful Pinterest Contest to Get More Followers - page 159

How to Get Invited to Group Boards page - 173

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