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How To Add Facebook Photo Posts to Pinterest

Facebook Photos onto Pinterest One of the golden rules of marketing to grow your online community is to be able to cross promote your social media channels. This may include having a Facebook message automatically be tweeted, or vice versa (try not overdo this). At the moment, there are some interesting challenges for getting Facebook photos onto Pinterest. This article focuses on using it for Facebook Pages, NOT for personal accounts. But, you can use this method for personal photo posts that are labelled as public in Facebook.

Pinterest Bookmarklet Button Doesn’t Work with Facebook

If you try to use the Pinterest Bookmarklet tool that is officially provided by Pinterest, then you’re going get the dreaded “Sorry, can’t pin directly from Facebook” pop up. However, as of the writing of this post, there are ways around it, and I’m going to show you step by step on how to do this.

Step 1: Upload Your Photo to Facebook

After you have uploaded a photo directly onto your Facebook brand page, then manually download the photo and name the file anything you like. I would recommend renaming the photo file so that it’s rich in keywords.

Step 2: Upload the Photo Manually onto Pinterest

Once you’ve downloaded the photo, go to Pinterest and then choose the board that you want to pin the Facebook photo to. This could be a specific themed board, or if you feel it’s appropriate create a board that’s dedicated to your Facebook photos so that Pinterest viewers know that when they click on those photos it goes directly back to your Facebook page. This will depend on you organization’s marketing goals.

How to Add a Facebook Photo onto Pinterest

Once you’ve clicked on “Add a pin,” there are two options at this point. You can either choose a file, or choose a URL from which the file is shown on. Choose the first option and go click on “Choose File.” Then upload your the photo file that is from your Facebook Page.

Step 3: Fill in the Description with Keywords

Once you have uploaded the file, make sure that you fill in the pin description with keywords. This is vital to help make your pins more searchable on Pinterest’s own search engine.

Also take the time to write descriptions. The optimal amount is around 300 characters as this will help maximize the amount of times that your pin is most likely repinned according to an Pinterest infographic by Hubspot.

If you’re looking to drive traffic to your Facebook Page, then I would strongly suggest that in the description to put the URL of your main Facebook Page in the description such as: Visit our Facebook Page at

Step 4: Change the URL

Now that the pin has been uploaded, go back to the board where the pin has been hosted and hover over the pin. You should now see the “Edit” button on the top left hand side of the pin. Click on it. A new window pops up and you’ll see “Source.”|

In a new tab, go back to your Facebook Page and click on the photo you want to post. It will automatically go into a pop up gallery mode and you’ll have a black background. You should have a long URL in the web address box that should end with the word theater. Copy this URL.

Then in the source box on Pinterest, paste the Facebook URL. And then click on save changes. And then you’re done!

How to Add Your Facebook Photo onto Pinterest

The After Effects

When someone clicks through on that particular pin, it will automatically load the photo and show it off in gallery mode on Facebook. At that point viewers can automatically click to see different photos from your Facebook photo album.

It doesn’t lead them directly to the main page where they can like your page, but it does give your Facebook page more exposure, and if you present amazing visual content then that should be enough to hook some of your Pinterest followers to click on the branded page and “Like” your Facebook Page.

If you have uploaded the photo and you want it to go directly to the main page instead of that specific post, you can also do that by changing the URL to be so that all the clicks land right onto the main Facebook page website.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments about this method, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis and the host of the Pinterest podcast, Pictures to Profits. You can grab your free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines."
  • Ann

    Many thanks for a much-needed work-around! It works like a charm.

    I also wanted to point out that once a Pinterest user clicks through the pin to the facebook photo gallery, they can click directly from there to the main facebook page, provided that the posted photo was accompanied by comments. In that case, you can hover over the company name to see a thumbprint of the main facebook page and also click through to it.

    See here:

    Also a question: When I click on the pin the first time, it opens up in Pinterest and only after that, when I click on it again it goes to facebook. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

    Thanks again for a great post!
    Ann from Kincast

    • Vincent Ng

      Thanks for adding that wonderful piece of info, and I actually forgot that it changes into a different type of frame once comments have been added. If you want a quick way to post Facebook posts directly into Pinterest consider using ShotPin, Google Chrome extension. All you have to do is click on the individual post date and then use shot pin and then ANY post can now be added to Pinterest. It will save you soooo much time, and I’ll be updating my blog post to reflect this.

      As for the double clicking, that does happens for all pins that are linked to an external source. Something I recommend to my clients is to put the url in the description every few pins so that people will click on the link in the description to go to the page instead.

      I wish the best success for Kincast!

      • Ann

        Hi Vincent,

        Thanks so much for the pointer.

        So I installed ShotPin and it does show up on Chrome next to the bookmark star, but it doesn’t really do anything when I click on it. Do I need to restart something?

        I’ll look forward to your blog update with more info about ShotPin. Would love to see it.

        BTW, now I see that I cannot post from Pinterest to our biz facebook page. Pinterest tell me that I need to switch to individual user mode in order to post to facebook. So I can only post on my personal page. What gives?

        And thanks for the kind wishes and for following our new Pinterest board.

        Thanks again,

        • Vincent Ng

          Great to hear from you again, ShotPin has some issues, but if you reload the page and then try to use it again, it usually works for me 95% of the time.

          As for the second inquiry. They need access to your personal account, but after that you will have the option to choose which Facebook Page you will get to put the Pinterest Tab on. If you’re using Woobox, I wrote a post that gives you a step by step guide on how to do that.

          Happy pinning!

  • pamellaneely

    Hi. There’s also an If This Then That recipe that will add any Facebook photo you post with the hashtag #pin to a Pinterest board of your choosing. The recipe is here:
    Just change the name of the Pinterest board to something other than the default.
    Hope it helps – I’ve personally tested this.

  • supharb

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