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How to Add Pinterest to Facebook

How to Add your Pinterest account to your Facebook Page within 5-10 minutes using Woobox.

One of the beautiful things about having multiple social networks is that you can use them to cross promote each other. This means that you can post Facebook photos onto Pinterest, or you’re most likely reading this because you want to get your Pinterest onto Facebook to increase engagement. Here’s how to add Pinterest to Facebook.

Visit Woobox to get Your Free Pinterest Tab

I recently did this for my client Candy Meister, and it will only take you about 5-10 minutes to install. No programming or techie stuff needed.

Visit Woobox’s Pinterest tab page as your first step.

Now make sure that you’re logged in on your personal Facebook account, not a Facebook Page. Now go back to the Woobox website and click on the “Get Started For Free” button near the bottom of the page. If you’re logged into your personal account you should be redirected to a page that looks like this.

How to Add Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Page using Woobox. This is an easy way to install and will take you 5-10 minutes if everything is done right. #PinterestTip

If it shows the wrong branded page, then you have the option to change it at the very top. Near the bottom, I’ve circled where you would click to add the Pinterest tab to your Facebook Page. After that you will be given the option to add your Pinterest account to you Facebook Page where you will then be able to add some customizations, such as only showing one of your Pinterest boards instead of all of them.

Here's a screen for the Woobox Pinterest Tab. It's a great tool to use to add your Pinterest account to your Facebook Page.

And once that’s done, you should have a beautiful Pinterest tab that’s added to your Facebook Page and it should look something like this.

This is what the Pinterest tab from Woobox should look like if everything is done correctly. Make sure you click refresh cache to see the latest updates you've added to the Pinterest account.

If you find that the screen on Facebook doesn’t have all your boards or pins, then click on the bottom left that reads, “Refresh Cache” and you’ll see all your latest updates you’ve posted onto Pinterest.

And that’s how to add Pinterest to your Facebook.

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