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How to Get Readers to Pin A Specific Image from Your Blog

How to Get Readers to Pin a Specific Image from Your Blog Post. A step by step guide by Vincent Ng of

Have you ever wanted to have one featured image for your blog post, but you wanted people to pin a specific image (maybe a very long one)?

For example, here’s the image I have on top of my blog post 4 Pinterest Tips to Make Your Pins More Searchable.

How to create a specific pinnable image for Pinterest for your blog.

But when people use the official Pin it button with their browser, or a generic Pin it button at the top of my blog post, the following image options will show up.

How to Choose A Specific Pinnable Image for Your Blog by @mcngmarketing.

You will notice at the top left hand corner is an image that you won’t find on my blog post. Instead it’s hidden in the “back” and only comes up when people use the Pin it button.

This allows you to create an image for your blog (maybe one that’s horizontal) with a specific pinnable image used for Pinterest that people will notice first. (Isn’t that great!)

This is incredibly useful for blogs that find great success with long pins but prefer not to have these images in their blog post.

A great blog that’s making wonderful use of this tactic is You will see that many of their pins have reached the 1 million repin club.

She will have generic photos of all the food she’s cooking up, but when you push on the Pin it button on the top of her blog post, a long, beautiful and pinnable image shows up on the top left.

I truly believe this is why she’s been so successful at getting multiple pins repinned over 1 million times.

If you have a Pin it button that hovers over a specific image, then that specific image will still be chosen as the pin.

Encourage Readers to Pin A Specific Image from Your Blog 

Here’s how you can do that with each blog post, regardless of whether you use WordPress or not. 

<img src=””



You can get more details about how this code works on Pinterest’s official business blog.

Let’s break it down line by line:

<img src=”” (This is the image that you want to use on your blog post.)

data-pin-url=”” (This is the url you would like the pin to redirect to. So if you don’t know your blog’s url yet, you can leave this blank and put it in after you have your final url.)

data-pin-media=””/>(This is the preferable image that you would like people to see first at the top left hand corner.)

How to Find the URL of the Pinnable Image

In order to use a specific pinnable image, you must upload that image first to your site or blog. If you are using WordPress, you will need to upload it to your media library.

With WordPress, once you upload the image, all you need to do is click on your media library, and click on the image that you want to use as your pinnable image.  Now look at the right-hand side. It will contain the url of your specific image.

This is the url you want to use for your pinnable image in the third part of the code.

Replacing a Blog Image with a Pinnable Image

Adding A Custom Description for Your Pinnable Image

You can also prepopulate the Pin’s description as well. The last line in the following code in between the “…” allows you to put in any description that you want. If you don’t, usually Pinterest will take the alt tags of the image as the Pin’s description.

<img src=””



data-pin-description=”Baked Mozzarella Cheese Sticks”/>

Here’s A Peek At My Pinterest Coding for my Blog Post

<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-2495 size-full” src=”” alt=”Pinterest Marketing Tip: Can’t find your pins on Pinterest? Here’s 4 tips to help your pins be more searchable within Pinterest. ” width=”350″ height=”466″


data-pin-media=”” /></a>

WordPress generated the first part of the code when I aligned the image and filled in the alt description. The part highlighted in red was then manually added to the rest to create the pinnable image of choice.

And that’s how you encourage readers to pin a specific image from your blog post. Now go and create those amazing long pinnable images!

I’m not really a coding person, but I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis and the host of the Pinterest podcast, Pictures to Profits. You can grab your free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines."
  • Hugh Culver

    Thanks Vincent. I just listened to your interview on SME (again) and I’m glad I’ve found your site!

    • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

      Hi Hugh, thank you so much for the kind words and listening to my podcast again!

  • Amy McGarity

    Thanks so much for this post! I was looking for a way to do this, I’m still working on my post but it seems to be working so far – perfect! I want the nice large image pinned but don’t want it included in my post since it’s so large. Nice! :)

    • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

      You’re welcome Amy. I kept pulling on my hair trying to find a solution that would work on any site. So glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Rachel Ramey

    Last I checked, the data-pin… codes weren’t working anymore. Have you been using them recently?

  • Robin Pierman

    Thanks for your post, Vincent. I knew this could be done and I read the instructions on Pinterest, but I haven’t taken the time to incorporate them into my blog. The example code you provided will allow me to simple cut, paste, and customize. This is especially important for my blog since I write about Prezi. The Prezi images are generated in Flash, so Pinterest doesn’t recognize them as images.

    I always find great stuff on your blog!


    • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

      You’re welcome! Robin, I’m so glad that you found this helpful, especially for your type of blog. Happy pinning.

  • Dustin W. Stout

    Hey Vincent! Great tip– I fully agree that giving visitors the exact image you want them to pin is the best way to get repins and click-through traffic! I’ve tested it extensively on my blog.

    But it’s actually MUCH easier than this! I co-created a plugin (Social Warfare) that allows you to upload a specific Pinterest image from the WordPress post editor. That way when someone hits the Pin button (provided also by the plugin) the ONLY option they get is the image you’ve uploaded. On top of that, you can pre-populate the description ahead of time so that it’s optimized exactly the way you want.

    As helpful as I know this is for people, I recognize it is a bit self promotional so I won’t put the link to the plugin in here unless you give me the go-ahead Vincent! And feel free to delete this comment if you don’t think it’s helpful to those reading this post who don’t want to learn HTML to do this manually.

    All the best my friend!

    • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

      Hey Dustin, how’s it going! You’re more than welcome to post the link to your plugin, I know quite a few people that do use it. I actually mentioned your plugin in my presentation for the Social Media Marketing Society that took place last week.

      • Dustin W. Stout

        Oh, awesome. Well for anyone else who wants to take a peak, it’s :D

        Thanks for the shoutout! We have many great plans for the plugin, but even in it’s early stages I saw a 300% increase in Pinterest traffic the first month I started testing it on my own blog.

  • Brooke Kimbrough

    How do I do this with weebly?

  • Tanya Qc

    ugh, wish id read these BEFORE trying this. 2017 – nope. doesnt work

  • Laura P.

    Love this! It really worked! Now, how about something for prioritizing horizontal images for Facebook?
    Thanks! going to click around and explore hoping to find more great, useful tips like this!



  • Holly Bowen

    Hi Vincent, I’ve followed many tutorials to the “T”, including yours (thanks so much for posting this BTW) however, whenever I click my “pin it” button, it doesn’t even give me the option to pick any other images other than my featured image…im stumped. Im wondering if this is something to do with my themes coding? or is it possibly something I’m doing wrong and just don’t realize it?