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How to Find and Join a Group Board on Pinterest

For day 28 of the 31 days to a better Pinterest page is to explore and find a group board to join. Written by @mcngmarketing #PintalysisAcademy

Welcome to day 28 of the 31 Days to a Better Pinterest Page challenge.  For day 28 it’s all about joining a group board on Pinterest.

Unlike Twitter, or Facebook where identities are not able to contribute to single stream, Pinterest is truly amazing in this manner. Pinterest boards can be created where multiple Pinterest users can contribute to the board.

Some of these group boards have tens of thousands of followers. For example Melissa Taylor’s group board about Pinterest Savvy has close 50,000 followers. I would definitely say that’s a fair number of followers.

But I should caution, that that’s not a typical number of followers for most group boards.

How to Join Group Boards on Pinterest

What are the benefits of joining a group board?

The major benefit of joining a group board is exposure of your pins.

If you’re starting off with Pinterest and one of your major objectives is to drive more traffic to your site, then group boards are a magnificent way to go to help you achieve that goal. The reason why this is so effective is because your pins are exposed to a larger audience.

Pins that are shown to 100 followers won’t get the same exposure as one with 2000 followers. To build your own account to 2000 followers could take months. So being part of a group board is a real time saver for new users of Pinterest.

Could you imagine the idea of a Twitter group that exposed you to 20,000 people? That would be insane.

A second benefit of group board is that they can help grow your followers more quickly. 

Over time as you start to post content onto the group board, other people who follow the page will also start seeing your pins. If you become a regular, and you’re providing great pinnable content, some of yours, and some from other people, other followers will take notice, and will be curious to know more about your Pinterest account.

The important aspect is to make sure that you are participating in the community on a regular basis. If you only pin once, then your pin might get the exposure, but you won’t be able to grow followers through the group board.

Where do I find Group Boards on Pinterest?

Finding group boards used to be a headache, but it’s so much easier now. Thanks to the website can help you find group boards based on keywords in the description or in the title.

How to Join Group Boards on Pinterest

You will also be able to search for group boards based on the number of followers, the number of repins, number of contributors and so much more.

If you’re hardcore, and you want to find out the engagement levels of the actual group board, then take the number of repins that a group board has and divide that by the number of followers, and you’ll know if the group board is quite active.

However you’re only able to search for group boards that have more than 250 followers, 5 or more contributors and at least 50 pins.

How to Join a Group Board on Pinterest

Method 1: Get to know the creator of the group board. 

The best way to get invited to a group board is to get to know the creator of the group board. Start to pin a few of their pins, and make comments on their pins. By starting that relationship it makes it much easier to get invited.

If that founder of the group board has a blog, then go visit their blog and leave comments on there. This way she will remember you even more.

You can also see if she has an e-mail address in the board description that you can send a message to. Most group founders are weary of spam, and don’t want to have someone come in and not be focussed and contributing member, so ensure you give a good reason why you would like to join.

To identify who the founder of the board is all you need to do is look to the very far left icon. This is the user who is the founder.

How to Join a Pinterest Group board by @mcngmarketing.

Method 2: Some group boards will have an invitation method listed in the description

Some group boards will have a way for you to be invited to a group board. This may be in the form of an e-mail or users may request that you leave your request on one of their pins.

Remember to be courteous about your request and to offer a reason why you want to join.  Many good group boards are protective of who they invite. And remember they took a lot of time to build up that community, so the least you can do is ask politely and leave a reason why you’re interested in joining.

The easiest way to find out which group boards have their invite instructions in their board descriptions head on over to and then hover over the description.

This way you can check if there’s a way to contact the group founder quickly and easily without visiting each group board on Pinterest.

Method 3: Get Invited By Another Member

Technically you can get invited to a group board by another member of that group board. This means if a friend of yours is a member, she can invite you in.

However some group boards don’t permit this, and you can get kicked out for violating the rules. Ensure that whomever you do invite is credible and someone you can vouch for. Your trust is on the line. And when in doubt, double check with the founder of the group board to see if it’s okay to invite others.

A Positive Alternative to Finding Group Boards to Join

Can’t find a group board that’s right for you?

You can always start your own group board. All it takes is that you invite someone who you follow and also follows at least one of your boards.

With the Pinterest messaging system, you can now send that user a message explaining to them that you would like to invite him to the group board and why, and see if he would be interested in joining.

Before, people would naturally get invited, but without a clear explanation of why, it makes rejecting

The main benefit of starting your own group board is that any person that follows that particular group board becomes your follower.

Day 28 Actionable Step:

Go to the website, search for group boards that are related to your industry. Always make sure you go and check the group board first to ensure it’s not filled with spam.

It’s not uncommon that people who have started group boards abandon them because they no longer use Pinterest.

Narrow it down to three group boards your interested in joining, and try to contact the group board owner.

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