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How to Launch a Profitable Online Course (P2P Episode 20)

How to launch a successful online course with Greg Smith of Thinkific on the Pictures to Profits Podcast with Vincent Ng. In episode 20 of Pictures to Profits Podcast, I’m joined by Greg Smith, the CEO of Thinkific. Greg successfully transitioned from being a full time lawyer to teaching online courses, and from there, he co founded Thinkific, which is an online teaching platform that allows businesses and individuals to teach their own online courses.

Greg shares his tips for what it takes to launch a successful course, and what some of the downfalls may be. Greg and his company were instrumental in helping me develop my own online course. It was a goal of mine that I had back in early 2014, and with their help, I was able to do a successful launch that resulted in $2000 in sales in one week.

If you’re curious to know more about Thinkific, you can sign up for one of the webinars that Greg is hosts.

Tips for Launching A Successful Video Course:

Research What Your Audience Wants

  • Know what people want to learn. Greg suggests that you send an e-mail or a survey to your e-mail list and ask them what they want to learn. You may be surprised to find out that pepole are looking to learn some basic concepts.
  • When you do have an inkling of what people are looking for, write a blog post about it, and see what type of comments and how many comments are left behind. If you have a small community, a blog post that has ten comments may be considered a lot, or maybe it’s one hundred comments. But if you find that blog topic generating more discussion than others, then you’re onto something.
  • Check out if the course has been designed by someone else and see if it is selling. If there’s an online course, and you notice that people are paying for it, then you know there’s a market for what you want to teach.

Tips for Launching for A Successful Video Course

  • Decide who the course is actually for. If you’re trying to teach a course that applies to everybody, or can be too generic, then you’re probably not going to find success. Instead, choose a niche or particular audience who you can be an expert to. For example, there are a lot of marketers out there teaching Twitter, but if you can teach a course on how to use Twitter to generate online sales, then that’s for a specific audience.
  • Ensure you sell something that you  know. This is important for credibility and for your own business. If you go out there, and start teaching what others know but you haven’t personally experienced, or are familiar with, then eventually others will find out.
  • Teach a “How to” course. If you want people excited about what you’re teaching then ensure that you’re offering how to do something, and are providing a step by step guide. This vitally important. If you’re just providing courses that are “knowledge dumps” but don’t provide actionable step, then the chances of the course selling are a lot less.
  • There are a variety of niches out there that are profitable, such as ethics, yoga for kids and much more. So don’t dismiss your idea yet, it could be an extremely profitable niche.
  • You don’t need a large e-mail list, though it helps. What’s more important is that you understand what problems your audience is having and to be able to provide a solution to those problems.


Interested in Starting Your Own Online Course?

If you’re interested in learning how to launch your own online course, go and check out Greg’s webinars. 

Addtional Resources:

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