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If it Doesn’t Sell, it’s Not Marketing

One my favourite quotes about marketing comes from legendary creative advertiser David Ogilvy.
This is his quote:
DavidOgilvy.Ifit doesnt sellits not creative quote. #Advertising

Creative and Strategy Need to Work Together

A common aspect of marketing and advertising you’ll see is having the creative people come up with these interesting ideas, and then having the strategic people (the people responsible for driving the sales and business development) work together to see if it’s a smart way of doing business. It’s very easy to come up with these wonderful ideas that are fun and interactive. Especially in the age of social media, where more and more businesses are about creating fun and happy experiences and capturing them on video. There are many great examples of combining creative with strategy.

VA VA VOOM by Renault UK Attracts Millions of Viewers

Here’s a good example by Renault U.K. that combines creativity and strategy. They invited people to test drive their cars. Usually when people test drive a car, they just drive around the block while the sales person discusses some of the features and benefits of the car.

But Renault did something different, they wanted to create an experience for the person that’s potentially buying the car. Not just any experience, but the experience of what can be possible. A fantasy like state that made me smile and laugh a little when I watched the commercial. The beauty of it all? It was the fact that they made one for both men and women. Take a look.

Often it’s great to come up with creative ideas, but like Ogilvy says, you have to think about how it’s going to make the sale. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying that it has to make the sale right away, though that’s always a great goal to aim and is possible (this is what sampling in supermarkets does, may not be the most creative, but I’ve seen it sell products right on the spot).

Your marketing and advertising efforts should at the very least encourage your potential buying customers to take action to find out more information on Google, or to increase their purchase intent. If you can create advertising that makes them join your Facebook page, sign up for a newsletter, or make them visit a store because of a sale, then your creative is now designed with strategy in mind.

Many Pinterert business accounts suffer from this mentality, they post pictures, known as pins, about recipes and fashion that are beautiful and very intriguing, but the company is a real estate company. What do all those creative and beautiful pins have to do with the real estate industry?

Even in social media, there is a lot of talk about engagement and people are asking for a ROI. But learning to engage people the right way, being able to provide them with valuable information that hits them with a bang is what will keep them loyal to you. Being able to treat each customer that has a concern to the best of your ability will ensure that those customers will remain loyal. You don’t want to create social media marketing just to get new customers, you have to create one that allows your loyal customers to remain loyal to you, though both types of customers are important.

This is why it’s important to always ask you and your marketing and advertising team what the end goal in mind is for their potential buyers or clients? Every advertisement and marketing that’s done at the end of the day should focus on how it will increase sales, this will always be essential. Don’t focus on the cool factor, focus on both the creative and the strategic.

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