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You’re Invited to Our First Ever Pinterest Link Party for Professionals

You are cordially invited to a link party for Pinterest professionals by MCNG Marketing. Get your marketing blog exposed to thousands.

Are you here to join the link party? Here’s the site for the link party.

What is a Link Party?

Now if you’re wondering what a link party (aka linky party) is, then you’re not alone. When I first heard of the concept from a podcast from Cynthia Sanchez, I didn’t quite understand what it was.

Simply put, a link party is a place where other bloggers can freely add their blog posts on someone else’s site. The person that has all the links on a particular blog post is known as the host.

The host of the link party sets up a designated time for people to start adding their articles on their own usually through programs like Inlinkz. And there is a time restriction as well, so posting can only be added during that time frame. It’s not uncommon for some bloggers to host weekly link parties, while others may do it monthly.

Every Link Party has Guidelines and Rules

The host is responsible for setting up guidelines. Some link parties require that you like the host’s Facebook page, or that you follow them on certain social networks. Others require that you put a badge of the host’s website before participation is allowed. It’s proper etiquette to ensure that no matter what link party you go to that you follow the host’s guidelines.

Link Parties are About Helping Each Other Out

The goal of a link party is to help both attendees and the host promote each other. This way almost everybody benefits from the link party. Community guidelines may require that you visit two additional blogs and comment on them, while others may ask you to Pin the article if you found it useful.

Link parties have been extremely popular among mommy, craft and food bloggers, but for some strange reason, and I don’t know why, there seems to be a lot of resistance from the social media marketing community, even though it’s been shown to drive more traffic to both the host’s website and those of that participate.

I believe creating a professional link party is fun, it’s different, and drives people to a host’s site.

Here’s a picture from the blog, The Girl Creative, this is what a bit of what a link party looks like.

Professional Pinterest Link party hosted by MCNG Marketing.

Some link parties have only a few dozen, while I’ve seen others have up to 300 participants. And it can get a little crowded.

Proper Etiquette for Link Parties

When you attend a link party, it’s rude to do a link and run. Adding your link and not participating according to community guidelines.

Most link parties require that you have a thumbnail ready to go, so make sure you know what the exact size is. The link party I’m hosting will allow for 200X200, also be aware of the character limits allowed for the description. For the party I’m hosting, I’m limiting it to 50 characters.

Since the host has been gracious enough to host your link and help you drive traffic, it’s important to do what they’ve requested. If she’s asked you to like their Facebook page, please kindly do so.

And remember to send a thank you either by e-mail or in the comments. Remember it takes time to host these parties, and since anybody can come to the party, they are taking a leap of faith that you’ll be adding your best article or blog post.

Don’t add more than one article to the link party unless the host says it’s okay. Remember it’s about building a community, not a one person show.

And lastly, no spam, selling or any of that junk. Having a good relationship with the host and his or her readers is vital. And if a party is successful you can guarantee that the host will run one again. But don’t jeopardize that relationship for the quick sell.

How It’s Beneficial for Marketers and Bloggers

1) It gives smaller audience bloggers a chance to expose themselves to a larger audience. So if you just started a social media blog and want to get new readers, this is a great way to go.

2) It reaches a different audience. Each blogger will have a different audience and readership than yours, and this allows you to reach that new audience. I was able to reach a whole new audience by guest blogging with PinLeague.

3) It helps build relationships. At the party you’ll be required to interact with others, whether it’s through commenting, or repinning. This will help you engage with others in your community and develop relationships with influencers and like minded people. This could lead to partnerships and guest blogging opportunities.

4) It’s faster than guest blogging. Don’t have time to spend 3-5 hours guest blogging? Link parties are a good solution for the time strapped marketer.

I decided I wanted to host my own, and went to Linkedin to see if there were any responses from Pinterest marketers and enthusiasts. Though it wasn’t much it was a start, but Julie Gallaher from Get on the Map, Melissa Megginson from Pinleague, and Penney Fox from Inner Socialmedianess thought it was a great idea. We want to extend an invitation to all those that do blog about Pinterest as a marketer, or blogger to join us.

How do You Add Your Link to a Link Party?

Depending on the type of program the host is using, all you need to do is click on the add link button. You’ll see it on the bottom left hand side. From there there will be instructions on what to do next.

How to add a link to a Link Party using Inlinkz by MCNG Marketing.

When does MCNG Marketing Host their First Official Link party?

The party officially starts on Sept 4th (Wednesday at 5pm PT) and ends at Sept 11th 5PT, and you can participate by visiting our blog (remember, the people that come early get to be in the top spots of it). This means during that entire week people can add their own site.

To do this you must have a 200X200 pixel thumbnail ready, as well as 50 character description.

Each guest is allowed to only link one article that must be related to Pinterest marketing, (I will most likely open up one for social media in the near future). I highly encourage that the article be the best one you have, since peers may be repinning it. Now you’re probably wondering what’s the catch? You’re right to assume there is one. This is a party after all, and you can’t just link and go, that’s just poor etiquette.

Rule 1: You must Pin the featured picture of the blog post that the party is happening, that states that you are participating in a Professional Pinterest Link Party.

Rule 2: You must Pin content from two other party participants that you believe have great content. Try to pin stuff from people you haven’t connected with before if possible. This way we’re all pinning it forward. This way everyone in the community benefits.

Rule 3: Kindly link a blog article from MCNG Marketing on your next blog post. So this can be about the one where you participated in a link party.

Feel free to give it a test run right now! Add one of your previous post to it and see how full of awesomeness a link party can have.

Krishna De of had a wonderful suggestion about providing the blog link ahead of time. Here’s the link to where the party will be hosted, but it won’t be ready until the morning of September 4th. For now it will lead to a blank website (404). But make sure you put this down in your calendar.

[inlinkz_linkup id=310870 mode=1 pageSize=300]

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Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis and the host of the Pinterest podcast, Pictures to Profits. You can grab your free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines."
  • Cynthia Sanchez

    What a neat idea Vincent! I can’t wait to join the fun. Maybe next we can do a blog hop!

    • Vincent Ng

      I think that’s a great idea Cynthia! Thanks for the suggestion, I would definitely need your help with that because I know that requires a little bit more co-ordination. But we should definitely get the ball rolling, and I think the Pinterest blogging community would love it too!!