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Company Values

At MCNG marketing, our wonderful team of Marketpreneurs try to uphold ten values that are very dear to us. We believe that these values are not just a way of doing business in the restaurant marketing industry, but a way of building better relationships with people. We truly believe that no great company can thrive in the long run without proper respect for their employees and the clients that they represent.

The following is an except from our Marketpreneur handbook.

1) Deliver Service and Experience that Would Impress You.

We know that businesses are expected to deliver top notch service to their customers, and we expect the same thing from our Marketpreneurs. We want to WOW our clients until their jaws drop. Whenever you’re doing work, or get something completed, ask yourself “Is this the type of quality of work that would impress me?” Always ensure you create work that even surprises yourself.

But delivering service and experience that would impress you also means helping out your teammates when they ask for help. Or when you know that you can chip in with the work. It’s important that we fulfill our own duties but also lend a helping hand.

2) Do More with Less

Part of being creative is being able to think of how to do things more efficiently. This is a big part in helping yourself and the company grow. One of the key challenges that we ask of our Marketpreneurs is how can we do more with less? How can we create a creative campaign for our clients without breaking their wallets? How do we achieve our goals in a shorter period of time?

3) Keep things Simple

It’s very easy to complicate things, but this relates to principle number two. Keep things simple. As Marketpreneurs we may have some great ideas, but a good question to ask ourselves is this, is this the simplest way to do things? Are we making things unnecessarily complicated? And are we making things simple for our clients to understand?

Business owners and execs are very busy, and they’re not going to always understand our marketing mumbo jumbo. Are we explaining things to them in a way that they understand clearly in a concise manner? K.I.S (Keep it Simple)

4) Pursue Personal Growth

At MCNG marketing, we never feel that there’s a plateau in life. There’s always something more to learn and strive for, and most of all we want to be able to work with ambitious people. Not just ambitious in their work life but want to be able to create a wonderful life outside of work too. While we recognize that you can’t always be on your A-game for everything in life (Even Tony Robbins got a divorce), it’s important that we keep striving to be better in our health, wealth and relationships.

Learning to grow and be someone you never thought you could be in the past is one of the greatest joys in life. And we will do our best to support that.

5) Build Open and Honest Relationships with Everyone.

We’re marketers, and we have a responsibility to be honest and open with people we work with. This doesn’t mean we tell people about confidential information within our company or our client’s information. It means that when we need help, we ask for it. When we don’t understand something, we ask others. If we made a mistake, we recognize it and find the best path to move forward. We’re going to try to be the perfect work place, but we know we always can’t. And that’s okay.

We also want to make sure that our clients clearly understand our services and what they’re paying for and getting.

We want honest, open, and sometimes hard discussions. It’s the only way to progress.

Gary Vanynerchuck made a simple remark, if we know we’re doing something wrong, and we don’t tell people then we deserve the backlash. In our business, eventually everything catches up to us somehow. Remember we’re marketers, we are not liars, regardless of Seth Godin’s book and title.

6) Create Happiness and Fun

MCNG Marketing is always going to be a business. That’s not going to change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create happiness and fun along the way. At MCNG we believe there’s just so much more to life than work. Therefore we expect people to be a little bit weird, we expect people to write silly, but tasteful notes in their e-mail that make people laugh. And we expect our Marketpreneurs to be creatively funny. Without happiness and fun, work would just plain suck.

And we expect to make marketing fun for clients as well.

7) Embrace Change

MCNG is in the business of marketing. In marketing things change very quickly, so the philosophy is either embrace change, or we die. We help businesses change, or they die.

Good Marketpreneurs don’t stick to old ways of things for the sake of it, they thrive on change. They realize that being comfortable is a sign that things are not moving forward and being improved. Embracing change doesn’t mean that we’re here to create chaos, it means moving our vision forward, even if it means being uncomfortable at times.

8) Be Passionate

Marketpreneurs are passionate people. They are passionate about helping their clients. They are passionate about making their business succeed. They are passionate in getting the job done right.

Passion will come and go at times, but you know you’re passionate about what you do, when even you’re completely exhausted you keep going. That’s passion.

9) Focus on Solutions, not Problems

It’s easy to focus on problems. They are so much more enjoyable and safe to talk about. Creating solutions is hard, but MCNG wants to focus on solutions. Once we’ve identified a problem, how do we find a way to solve it? How do we as Marketpreneurs go about using our genius to solve a problem?

Focus on ways to get to the solution. Find out what types of resources we have. What ways can we go around a certain problem. How do we look at it from a different angle? As Marketpreneurs we need to be creative.

10) Be Humble.

It’s great to be able to celebrate our wins, and to produce work that we’re really proud of. But one of the important things is to be humble about it all. That doesn’t mean we can’t tell people of how awesome we are. We still can, it just means we need to recognize that we’re all human. And that what we have one day may not be there the next.

It’s always important to be grateful for all the things that we do have. The wonderful clients that we do work with, and the people that we build relationships with every day. Without sincere gratitude, we soon leave our humanity behind. Don’t lose sight of your humanity.

It also means that no work is above or below anybody. At MCNG we believe in one thing: hard work. You know Vincent Ng used to scrub toilets for 4 years and had a double major in math and sociology while doing it? No one is above anyone else, as long as everybody is working hard.

Are you looking to develop this type of work culture at your establishment, then feel free to contact us.