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Pillar One of Pintalysis : Create a Kick Ass Pinterest Strategy (1 of 2)

Pintalysis, The Ultimate Marketing Blueprint for Marketing

Start Your Pinterest Marketing Off Right with Pintalysis

With any social network, there are fundamental elements that don’t change and have become part of the Internet marketing world. In this blog post I’ll be going more indepth into the first of the five pillars of the Pintalysis Marketing Blueprint, which is determining your marketing and business goals. Now let’s dive into the world of Pinterest and Pintalysis.

Pillar One of Pintalysis: What’s Your Business Goals with Pinterest?

It’s very easy to get caught up in a hot social media network like Pinterest without actually doing any planning. The Pintalysis Marketing Blueprint focuses on creating a solid business goal and strategy as the very first step. If you’ve worked as an entrepreneur then you’ve realized that the “no planning” method isn’t the best method to use. With Pinterest, I’ve discovered that businesses use Pinterest for three primary goals, these goals may not be independent of each other, and often work hand in hand.

1) Pinterest can be Used to Increase E-commerce and Brick and Mortar Sales

Two examples of E-commerce sites that have adopted this particular business goal have used Pinterest to increase sales are Sephora and Etsy. Sephora focuses on cosmectics and is a website that focuses on selling arts and crafts. Sephora has reported that Pinterest users spend 15X more than their Facebook users.

Did you know that Pinterest referrals spent 15X more than their Facebook referrals for Sephora? That's the power of Pinterest for e-commerce.

Etsy added a Pin It button to all their different items, and has reported sales massively increasing. As an example, Rachel Ball of Elepantine who uses Pinterest and Etsy reported that sales increased by 20% after analyzing patterns of pins, repins and likes to focus more creating pins that consumers were more likely to buy and have interest in.

2)Pinterest can be Used For Lead Generation

If you’re wondering if Pinterest is the right type of business for lead generation, I can tell you that Hubspot, a leading inbound marketing software company has been using the social median network to help generate more leads and visitors to their blog.

They get more referral traffic from Pinterest than they do from Google Plus for their blog. During a two week period back in February 2012, they noticed that close to 700 links were generated by Pinterest (unfortunately these links are no follow) but from a small sample of visitors taken they were able to find that about 6.4% of visitors converted to leads.

Here’s another interesting case study with Petplan Insurance. One of their major goals was to “Attract new audiences through compelling and relevant content.” Not only did they use Pinterest to attract new crowds they reported that requests for insurance quotes rose up by 12.5%, and they hit a home run with new visitor to their website rose by 87%.

3)Pinterest can be Used for Customer Engagement and Brand Awareness

If your business goals aren’t about getting more prospects and direct sales, then you’re more likely interested in taking more of a “public relations” stand point with your Pinterest marketing.

You are using Pinterest because it offers a great space to advertise what you do and to increase brand awareness. As a marketing company, I use it to drive traffic to my blog and to use it further to establish myself as a knowledgeable person about Pinterest.

Yahoo Sports which has over 1.3 million followers (mostly for their Sports News and Update board) which isn’t in the business of generating revenue but driving traffic. It’s not uncommon to see many of their pins repinned 40+ times, some of them reaching up to 100 +. So if you thought that Pinterest was just for women, you need to think again.

Yahoo! Sports has over 1.3 million followers on their Pinterest page. Pinterest is no longer just for women. Find out how to maximize your exposure on Pinterest with #Pintalysis.

Here's an example of a great business to business pin from General Electric. This is engaging content that anybody can appreciate. General Electric is a good example of this as well. It takes the time to create entertaining content. One of my favourites is they “Hey Girl…” spoofs that star Thomas Edison. Chances are I’m not going to buy one of their heavy machineries, but there’s no doubt that it has increased my awareness and purchase intent when I decide to go buy a washer and dryer now.

Who Are You Trying To Attract Using Pinterest?

The next consideration with the Pintalysis model is to know who you want to attract as followers and brand ambassadors. It’s easy to inflate followers by creating boards that are of no interest to your target audience. Big woop if you have ten thousand followers following your recipe board. If you’re a banking institution, you probably don’t want to go there.

But as a bank, I’m probably going to display pins on how to save money, or inform customers on how to plan for their retirement. Canada’s largest credit, Vancity Credit Union, isn’t on Pinterest, which is a total shame. They do a lot to contribute to local community projects, and create highly visual content on their website that can grab a person’s attention.

They hold a variety of events that are of interest to the target audience they serve, and should create pins that attract customers that focus on sustainability and wanting to invest wisely. They know who their target audience is, and there are many pinners who also believe in their social and community values.

It’s important to think like your target audience. How would a pin that’s being posted relate to business goals? Why would a pin be of particular interest to click on for your target audience?

If you’re able to incorporate popular topics like fashion, food, and do it yourself projects into your pins that makes sense to your target audience, that’s great. TOM’s Shoes is an excellent example of this. Weddings are popular subject on Pinterest, and so their business has a dedicated Pinterest board for pictures that show their shoes being worn on wedding days.

But don’t do it just for the sake of gaining more followers. When you create great niche Pinterest boards, and you continuously post and engage with others that are similar in thought on Pinterest, you will attract more of your targeted audience.

Also try to find out what the travel path of what your target audience is like, and when they are most likely to use Pinterest. For many fashionistas, Saturdays are a good day to pin as this is often their down time, and can increase their purchase intent. Find out whether your audience is more inclined to use tablets, smartphones or desktops when searching on Pinterest.

More About Pintalysis To Come

I will be discussing more what boards to choose and what pins to share, why Pinterest is amazing for competitive analysis, and how to measure your business goals for Pinterest. Come back to our blog to read about the second part of the first pillar of Pintalysis.

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Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis and the host of the Pinterest podcast, Pictures to Profits. You can grab your free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines."
  • Cheri

    When we first started posting to Pinterest, we had no direction. We had a ton of boards, pins and little organization and no goals. After reading several posts on your blog, we decided to implement some of your tips. We upgraded our account and utilizing the analytics, it became quite apparent what was working; and more importantly what wasn’t. In the last two weeks since the upgrade, we’ve been seen a rise in sales of 14%, and new visitors to our website ( have risen by 42%.

    Love reading your tips + tricks, Vincent.
    Keep ’em coming!

    • Vincent Ng

      Hi Cheri,
      First off thank you for the wonderful words and taking the time to write comments on my blog. It really means a lot to me, and for you to be able to share metrics (I love wonderful outcomes!) just made me beam with a big smile on my face. I’m really glad to hear that Pinterest has been working wonders for you and your business. I hope to continue to read the good news, and if somehow able to crack the whole SEO thing with sites, I’ll let you know. So far the only thing I’ve found is that Google does crawl the number of times an item is repinned and puts that into account along with keywords. That’s as much as I found out.

  • Jimmy Terronez

    I honestly enjoyed your article. It was very interesting and helpful. One of our team members wrote about Pinterest marketing strategies too: