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How Well Do You know Pinterest? (Take the Quiz)

How well do you know Pinterest? Take the Pinterest Quiz and see how you do!

So you think you know Pinerest eh? (Yep, that’s the Canadian stereotype in me coming out.) Well now is the time to put you to the test and see what you know about Pinterest with this Pinterest quiz.

Take out your ninja bandanna, because it’s time to find out if you’re a Pinterest Ninja!

QUESTION 1:  Which of the following is NOT a factor when it comes to Pinterest pin search results?

A) The keywords you put into your pin’s description.

B) The number of repins that the pin has.

C) Whether it’s a rich pin.

D) The vertical size of the pin.


Pinterest doesn’t accept pins under a certain size, but whether your pins are more horizontal or more vertical, this has no bearing on the how it shows up in Pinterest search results.

However, factors such as keywords in the pin description, the number of repins a pin gets, and whether it is a rich pin or not are all factors that help with Pinterest pin search results.

You can learn more about Pinterest search results in this article. 

QUESTION 2: As a Pinterest Business page, you can use Pinterest message to contact…

A: people you follow.

B: only people who you follow and follow you back.

C: people who follow at least one of your boards.

D: anybody who is using Pinterest.


Once a user has followed you on Pinterest, you can send her a private Pinterest message. This means that you can communicate on a one on one basis with your most loyal Pinterest followers who repin your pins constantly and develop a better relationship with them.

It’s also a great way to share pins and plan projects.

To find out more about Pinterest messaging, check out Scalable Social Media’s article. 

QUESTION 3:  Which of the following is NOT in the top three most pinned categories?

A: Hair and Beauty

B: Food and Drink

C: DIY and Crafts

D: Home Decor


Hair and Beauty is actually the fifth most popular pinned to category, behind Holiday and Events. The first most pinned category is Food and Drink with 20% of pins belonging to that category. 12% go into DIY and Crafts, and 11% go into Home Decor.

This is based on data provided by RJ Metrics. 

QUESTION 4: Which social network has the highest average order spend per session?

A: Twitter

B: Polyvore

C: Pinterest

D: Facebook


According to a study done by Rich Relevance, Pinterest had an average order value of $199. 16, placing it in second. Polyvore, another visual social network actually had an average order value of $383.34 per session make it the top dog.

Facebook’s was $92.27 and Twitter’s was $58.02.

You can read the study by Rich Relevance here. 

QUESTION 5:  Which of the following factors influence board search results? (Choose all that apply.)

A: How frequently you pin to that board.

B: How many followers you have.

C: Keywords in the name of your board.

D: Keywords used in your board’s description.

ANSWER: All of the above.

Boards that get pinned more frequently are believed to be more relevant. And so if one of your boards is not attended to over time, and consistently, then it will drop in rankings.

The number of followers plays an important role, but another interesting factor is the number of people who you follow as well. So the less people you follow the higher your board search rankings can get.

Keywords are always important, and you want to use exact keywords in your board name and as soon as possible. Not all search results will be the exact keyword, but it helps A LOT in rankings.

Keywords in your board descriptions are good for longtail keyword searches. (Longtail keywords are words that don’t get a lot of searches but are extremely relevant, such as the search term “killer whale cupcakes.”)

Read this article to find out how to search optimize your boards on Pinterest. 

QUESTION 6: Which of the following is true about hashtags on Pinterest? (Choose all that apply.)

A: With Pinterest advertising you’re only allowed at most one hashtag in your pin description.

B: Hashtags are only clickable on the internet versions of Pinterest.

C: Generally using generic hashtags like #Marketing or #Tokyo in your pin descriptions can help your pins be found in search results.

D: Hashtags are always indexed by Pinterest search engines, similar to Twitter.

ANSWER: A and B.

With Pinterest advertising, Pinterest only allows at most one hashtag in your pin description for the promoted pin to be approved.

Hashtags are also only clickable on the desktop and mobile internet versions of Pinterest, but don’t work on mobile apps.

As for C, you should avoid using generic hashtags, because once people click on them they are taken away to a search results page that will most likely NOT have your pin in it. To find out more about how hashtags work, check out this article about the best ways to use hashtags on Pinterest. 

QUESTION 7: Which aspects are true about group boards on Pinterest? (Check all that apply.)

A: You MUST mutually follow each other to get invited to a group board.

B: Members of a group board have the right to invite others.

C: The person who started the group board is the one who receives the increase in their follower count. None of the other members do, regardless if people followed the board on another user’s Pinterest account.

D: Secret boards can also be group boards.


“Answer A” used to be true in the past, you both had to follow at least one board from each other. However, at the time of this writing, this is no longer true. Now you can form groups with people who follow at least one of your boards, but as the group founder, you no longer need to follow that other person.

QUESTION 8:  Which ONE of the following can you not do on Pinterest?

A: Change the order of your boards on Pinterest.

B:  Change the order of your pins in your Pinterest boards.

C: Change the source url of any of your pins to any website.

D: Change a public board into a secret board.

Answer D:

Once a board has been declared public, you are no longer able to change it into a secret board. It’s permanent. Now some of you may be wondering about B, and go, you can’t change your pin order on Pinterest.

Pinterest doesn’t have any internal tools to allow you to do this, but the tool Pin4Ever does. You can read more about how to rearrange your pins in this article.

Question 9: True or False?  Pins in your main feed are shown in the chronological order that they are posted by people you follow, similar to Twitter. 

Answer: False.

Before August 2014, this was true. However, engineers at Pinterest have changed the way your Pinterest feed is shown.  No longer is it about the chronological order that people post pins, instead there are several factors that influence how a Pinterest feed is shown.

According to an article by Ahalogy, two factors that are an influence on how pins show up on your feed and the feeds of others are:

1) How many pins link to the same content.

2) How often a pinner pins, and the quality of content that’s being pinned.

You may also see related pins, pins that Pinterest feels you would be interested  in based on what you’ve pinned in the past, as well as pins that you have selected as part of your interests.

QUESTION 10: Which superhero is the best of all time? Like THE BEST!

A: Superman

B: Batman

C: Wonder Woman

D: Green Lantern

Answer: B

Batman, rocks! He’s a human being that doesn’t need super hero powers to be a hero. If that doesn’t rock, I don’t know what does. And yes, I’m aware it wasn’t a Pinterest question. :)

Did you tally up to see how you did? If you got 9 out of 9 then you are definitely a Pinterest ninja!

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Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis and the host of the Pinterest podcast, Pictures to Profits. You can grab your free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines."
  • Robin Pierman

    Thanks, Vincent. You definitely caught me up on a couple of these. But now I know better.

    • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

      Thanks for taking the quiz Robin. Glad that you were able to get some golden nuggets from the Pinterest quiz.

  • Haydn Symons

    Thanks for this very informative and fun blog post Vincent!

    I managed to get 8 right, doesn’t quite make me a Pinterest Ninja though – damn ;)!

    Question 4 definitely caught me out – never heard of Polyvore before, look interesting!

    • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

      Polyvore is definitely interesting. It’s not a network that’s talked about a lot, but it is one that’s quite valuable to retail clothing sites.

      • Haydn Symons

        I’ll certainly check it out for sure, thanks for the heads up (but have a feeling it may be more suited to the female market)! :-)

        • DirtOnTheSkirt

          Polyvore is like a digital magazine. You can make your own sets or collections. It has also followers, groups, competitions and lots of advertising. It’s really nice but you are totally right because is 99% for women and as far as i can tell, teenagers shows more interest. I hope i helped a little.

  • Katherine Kotaw

    Hi Vincent! First off, let me just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you included a superhero question at the end of your blog! It made me smile so much to see because it is so YOU and it makes me happy you’re sharing more and more of what makes you YOU with the world, because your personality and heart make you stand out in the absolute best way possible!! :) And second, what a helpful blog written in such a fun way — I love the quiz format and I learned some things I didn’t know, like if one of your boards isn’t pinned to frequently, it will drop in rankings (and the more you pin to a board, the more “relevant” it becomes in search). You are truly the best in your field and I always learn so much from you, ever since the very first article of yours I read. I couldn’t be more grateful to now be your friend :) PS: My choice for best superhero of all time is Wonder Woman!!

    • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

      Thank you for your support and wonderful words Katherine. They mean so much to me! You are such inspiration to me. I’m going to continue to bring more of myself out. Wonder Woman is truly amazing, she’s definitely my favorite heroine.