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How to Promote Your Small Business on Pinterest (P2P Episode 14)

Welcome to episode 14 of the Pictures to Profits Podcast. On this episode of Pictures to Profits, Anna Vanlandingham, the Pinterest Pro, is going to share tips about how small businesses can use Pinterest for their marketing. As an added bonus, she’ll also be talking about how she’s using Pinterest to help launch an up and coming movie, High Strung.

How Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest. On this episode of Pictures to Profits Podcast I'm joined by Anna Vanlandingham, and we're talking about Pinterest messaging, guided search and how she's using Pinterest to promote a movie.

Anna also discuss the state of Pinterest in Orlando, and Vancouver, and whether businesses are warming up to the idea of using Pinterest for their marketing. Great insights for other marketers.

In episode 14, we’ll be talking about

  • How to use Pinterest for small businesses.
  • What type of businesses should be using Pinterest.
  • How Anna is using Pinterest to promote the movie High Strung.
  • Pinterest messaging system and what that means for businesses.
  • Guided search and it’s implications for businesses.

Anna Vanlandingham

Links and Resources:

Anna Vanlandingham’s Pinterest Page

Anna Vanlandingham’s Facebook Page

Anna Vanlandingham on Twitter

Pinterest Messaging

Pinterest Guided Search
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