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How to Search Optimize Your Pinterest Profile Name

How to get Your Profile Found on Pinterest by Vincent Ng #Pintalysis

I received an e-mail question from Natalie Lo of Natalie is launchbing a children’s clothing company and she sent me two questions. The first one was about search optimizing a Pinterest profile name to show up under pinners search and the second question was whether she should include her personal name on her Pinterest business account. A big thank you to Natalie for her questions.

Katherine Kotaw on Pinterest

There are three different types of searches for Pinterest. You can search by pins, boards, or pinners.

Two Pinteresting Questions from Natalie of Natty New York

Dear Vincent,
I have been getting a lot from your articles on Pinterest. I just started a Pinterest account for my business, Natty, a children’s clothing company and I have a few questions.

Question 1:

My business is just called Natty. When I used this name Natty as my Business Name on Pinterest, I could not find myself on Pinterest when I did a search. Only when I changed my Business Name to Natty NY did I show up as a pinner on the search. Why did I not show up under pinners search “Natty?”

Question 2:

When I started this page, I just used my full name because I thought I could express myself, my personality and interests more as a person rather than a business. Many posts suggested I use my business name. But many people, I’ve read, are more likely to follow people rather than businesses. What is your opinion on this? What about doing a hyrbrid name with your business name followed by your personal name?

Thanks a lot!

Natalie Lo

Why Does My Business Name Not Show Up on “Pinners” Search?

Answer 1:

Thanks Natalie for both your questions. To answer question one, I wish I could give you a definitive answer on to why you weren’t able to find Natty under the pinner search. I know that there are a variety of accounts that have this same issue. What’s interesting is that there are a lot accounts that have the word Natty which are showing up.

There’s a lot of mystery that’s going on. Pinterest is similar to a lot of search engines in the sense that the use of a keywords doesn’t guarantee that it will show up, but does increase the chances.

There may be several reasons for why your account under the profile name, Natty, didn’t show up. Pinterest does take time to “crawl” information of Pinterest accounts. They have over 70 million plus global users. Even with Google, they don’t crawl all websites for information every single day, and I would imagine that Pinterest doesn’t either. It could be a matter of patience and waiting.

Depending on when you’ve started, I’ve heard that Pinterest’s search engines can take up to 3 days before it’s able to “discover” your Pinterest account.

The other possible reason, and I’m not saying this is your specific case, but it could be because the lack of pinning activity on the account.

The lack of people searching for the term may be a contributing factor as well. I’m very confident that Pinterest has a huge database of searched terms and they use that information to pair it up with relevant accounts, boards and pins. If people aren’t searching for the term, Pinterest MAY interpret that the word isn’t that important.

I ended up finding out that your board for the pinner search under “Natty” did show up, but it was ranked 113th at the time. To help search optmize your Pinterest profile page to rank higher for the keyword “Natty” you’ll need to obtain more followers. The follower to following ratio actually does play a role in the ranking.

Another factor in optimizing your Pinterest profile for search is the number of recent repins that an account has. Pinterest assumes that an account that hasn’t repinned recently is assumed to be stale. So the account slowly moves to down.

How to Search Optimize Your Pinterest Profile by Vincent Ng

Should I use My Personal Name, My Business Name or Both in my Pinterest Profile?

Additional Resource: If you’re wondering how to get your pins discovered in search results, check out 4 Pinterest Tips to Make Your Pins More Searchable.

Answer 2:

2) Naming your Business Pinterest account can be a tricky thing. I think it’s important to figure out which one has a stronger brand, the company or yourself.

If you’re a solopreneur and your company is you, for example Tony Robbins is his company, it’s best to have the name first, and then your company. But a company that’s been established for a long time such as Louis Vuitton, where the brand is more important then this should be put first in the Pinterest profile.

The good thing about a Pinterest business name is that you can technically make it as long as you want. There are no limits, only what’s visible to people on Pinterest. I don’t suggest anything too long because it does get really annoying when a Pinterest name occupies the notification feed on the desktop version of Pinterest. I ended up blocking the person because of that.

The other pet peeve is that when someone tags you with Pinterest the name that shows up becomes extra long as well.

Your business profile name on Pinterest can technically be as long as you want.

Your business profile name on Pinterest can technically be as long as you want.

It really comes down to what you believe people will search you for. When I first started my own Pinterest account, I created two personal accounts, one for my company at MCNG and the other as a more personal account. I noticed that a few social media influencers were following my personal account, which I realized was a result of searches done for my name and not my company.

What many of them were really looking for was my professional account, so I decided to make my Pinterest business name be MCNG Marketing = Pinterest Marketing by Vincent Ng. This way when people searched for my company, or by personal name, I would show up in the pinner search for both terms.

A technique that may be a bit of an overkill is to actually add a keyword you want to be searched for. That’s why I added Pinterest Marketing to my profile Pinterest name, but that’s optional.

For example, something you may consider is Natty NY by Natalie Lo (Children’s Clothing) but this has to be determined by you. This is designed to help maximize search results for the pinner search if someone happens to be looking for children’s clothing under pinner search by some chance, as well as helping you optimize for search results with Google.

What about brands versus people when it comes to adding that “personal touch”?

What about personal profile pictures? Or A personal profile to express yourself? Here’s what I use as a simple rule. If you have an extremely strong brand that is beyond the solopreneur, then you should use a logo. Companies like Zappos and ModCloth are examples of this. And some of the biggest brands on Pinterest like Whole Foods and Lowe’s use logos.

The other option is to put a personal photo, and this is great for solopreneurs or people who are the FACE of their company, that don’t have partners or a lot of employees representing the brand. Good examples of people who are faces of their brand are professional speakers like Brian Tracy or as mentioned earlier Tony Robbins.

Brian Tracy on Pinterest

Brian Tracy, who is the face of the brand, is a good example of putting a personal picture on a profile.

The good thing is that you can also mix it up, which is to add your logo with your personal photo, my workshop partner Cynthia Sanchez does this with her profile. This will make it nice a visible on the desktop version, but can be very hard to see on smartphones, especially with the circular photos shown on pins now.

Thanks for your questions Natalie. Best of luck with your launch!

Do you have a question that you would like answered on an upcoming blog post or on my podcast Pictures to Profits? I won’t be able to answer everyone’s questions but will do my best. Feel free to e-mail me at and I’ll do my best to feature your question.

Do you have some great tips for optimizing your Pinterest profile for search results? I’d love to hear them, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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