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An Infographic on How Pinterest Affects Purchase Paths for Retailers

Vision Critical recently came out with report about how Pinterest affects retail store purchases and offers some great insight. Their finding regarding Pinterest was published in the Harvard Business Review, the article is titled “How Pinterest Puts People in Stores.Read the rest

MCNG Marketing Announces Marketing Partnership With Elite HR Solutions

Elite HR Solutions

MCNG is Happy To Announce our New Marketing Relationship with Elite HR Solutions

MCNG Marketing is proud to announce their new marketing partnership with Elite HR Solutions, an employment screening and talent management agency. Elite HR Solutions is one … Read the rest

Creating a Community of Loyal Customers for Your Business

Stadium Crowd Here’s some bad news. Consumers today are bombarded with thousands of different products, services, businesses, advertisements and a whole spectrum of jibber jabber that it’s becoming harder and harder to create loyal customers. Marketers and advertisers are constantly finding ways … Read the rest

The Number One Reason Why Your Small Business is not in the News

You’ve opened up a new business and you believe that everybody in the world should hear and read about it. After all, who doesn’t want to hear about your great business idea, and how it’s going to potentially change the … Read the rest

Own a Business? Then Your Personal Brand Matters.

Personal Brand Don’t be Separate from Your Company

If you love your business and you plan to do it for the rest of your life, then who you are should be synonymous with your business. This is the power of good personal … Read the rest