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17 Funny Advertisements to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Funny Advertisements That Will Make You LOL

I admit, when I get bored, or I feel down in the slumps one of the activities I will do is look for funny advertisements. Some of them just make you go LOL in real life, while other advertisements are accidentally funny due to poor ad placements side by side with each other.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, a little shock, and just plain silliness then here are 15 funny advertisements that will help tickle your funny bone.

Is it Time to Store Your Stuff?

Funny Advertisement 17

Which One Should Go? The Cat or the Husband?

Funny Advertisement 1

Childsurance – At 18 Your Angry Daughter…

Funny Advertisement 2

Durex – Happy Father’s Day

Funny Advertisement 3

Snickers Satisfies – You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

Funny Advertisement 9

Doctor Media – Bus Advertisement Fail

Funny Advertisement 10

Saskatchewan Pork – Pork the One You Love

Funny Advertisement 11

Sister To Sister Cleaning – The Anal Cleaning Ladies

Funny Advertisement 12

Worksafe – Where’s Daddy

Funny Advertisement 13

Lunivers Chocolat – Chocolate with Whisky

Funny Advertisement 7

Stella Artois versus Newcastle Beer

Funny Advertisement 8

Utopolis – Free Willy

Funny Advertisement 14

Covergirl – Teen

Funny Advertisement 15

Kia – A Different Temperature on Each Side

Funny Advertisement 4 for Kia

RSPCA – Show us Some Love

Funny Advertisement 5


meetup 9

If you’ve got a hilarious advertisement that you want to share, or you’ve got a webpage or a Pinterest board that is dedicated to them, feel free to share a link in the comments section with our readers. Also if you love creative advertising, feel free to join 20+ others on our Pinterest community board on creative advertising.

8 Creative Bus Advertisements That Will Make You Look Twice

Creative Bus Ads that Will Make you do a Double Take

Part of being an advertiser is the ability to use the medium that a print advertising is being put on to the advertiser’s advantage to create something truly creative and amazing. These 8 creative advertisements were able to use creativity and the medium to create wonderful bus wraps that would definitely get the attention of pedestrians and riders.


Here’s a bus ad for in Hong Kong asking viewers if they’re “Stuck in the wrong job?”


This bus advertisement is for the Perth Zoo. I really loved how dynamic this bus ad was, and I’m hoping that when I visit Perth that this won’t happen. The tagline on the bus reads, “Come to the zoo, before the zoo comes to you.”


Yep, you’re looking at a bunch of people mooning you in this ad. Aside from the outrageousnes of it all, the ad does a great job of raising awareness for the website (a simple and sticky name) and does a good job of promoting Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada.


Visa needed to promote their foodie experience worth $5000, so they decided to put a giant lobster on the side of the bus. They did a great job of incorporating the cables of the bus that connect to the electricity. Definitely a great way to attract seafood lovers and foodies.


Dogs may be known to chase cars, but it’s clear from dog food maker’s, Tienitos, that there are some things worth chasing even more. Luckily nobody was hurt in this creative bus advertisement.


Now that the dogs have had their share, Snickers has also done a bus ad showing how desirable their chocolate bar is.
In the world of advertising, there’s nothing wrong with using similar ideas as long as it fits the medium and is the right context.


I don’t know which would scare me more in real life, having a python wrap around me while I’m in a bus, or having a tiger rip the side of a bus. This ad was designed for the Copenhagen Zoo. This ad looks like it came straight out of a movie set.


This is a simple, yet brilliant ad. It doesn’t look like much until you realize the Economist’s target audience, executives. Executives generally have offices in tall buildings to look down on what’s happening in the street. Bloody brilliant.

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