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The Easiest Way to Add Facebook Posts on Pinterest

The Easiest Way to Add Facebook Posts to Pinterest with this one Amazing Tool by Vincent Ng.

If you’re looking for a way to put your Facebook’s business page’s posts onto Pinerest, then you’ve come to the right spot. The ability to cross promote different social media channels can help with boosting followers on social media platforms and increase reach of potential new customers for your small business.

I’m going to show you an amazing tool created by Christina Mendoza and Ray, that will allow you to capture parts of your screen and create pins from these screen captures. Their tool is awesome sauce.

Technically, Facebook is a no Pin it zone, so if you try to use the official Pin it button from Pinterest to grab images from Facebook, it’s not going to work. This is to help protect privacy concerns, so don’t go pinning pictures of your friends from last year’s Christmas party while they’re dancing like a monkey, that’s just not cool.

I used to recommend people screen capture the image and then change the “source” of the pin to the Facebook post,  but doing that was long and tedious. The other method that used to work, was using a tool called Shot Pin, which was a Chrome extension, but it’s no longer in operation. But then I tested out Pin4Ever’s new tool, and i’m in love with it!

This One Tool Will Make it Easy to Pin Facebook Posts onto Pinterest

If you’re more of a visual person, then feel free to watch the YouTube video on how to add Facebook posts onto Pinterest.

When I discovered what this tool was capable of, my eyes popped out. For me, this is the the easiest way to add Facebook posts to Pinterest. This tool is Pin4ever’s “Pin Anything” tool. Pin4ever, is actually a suite of Pinterest tools that allows you to do a variety of other great tasks with Pinterest, but I won’t be going into the other features today.

To get the “Pin Anything” tool from Pin4ever, you can visit their site at Their tool only works with Firefox, and this particular feature is FREE to use, along with some other neato stuff that’s also free. (Thank you Christina and Ray for all your hard work!)

Once you’ve loaded it onto Firefox, you need to login with your Pinterest ID, as shown below. If you don’t login to Pinterest then the tools by Pin4Ever don’t work.

How to use Pin4Ever's Pin Anything tool by Vincent Ng of MCNG Marketing.

Also if you find that the tool bar is occupying too much space, you can actually click on the Mini Toolbar, and that will shrink the bar size down by a lot.

I truly feel that Pin4Ever is one of the most underated Pinterest tools out there. It’s loaded with great features that many small business owners and marketers have requested. Once you try it, and know what it’s capable of, you’ll love it too. – Vincent Ng

How Pin Anything Tool Works

Look for this camera icon that says Pin Anything on the right hand side of the tool bar.

Pin Antyhing Tool is a great screen capture tool for Pinterest.

When you click on it, it will allow you to do a partial screen capture. And this is where the beauty, and the ease lies.

I’m going to take Facebook marketer, Jon Loomer‘s Facebook page as an example. When I clicked on the “Pin Anything” it allowed me to drag the tool across the Facebook page and select the area on the screen I wanted to Pin, and gave me the dimensions of the screen capture.

Jon Loomer's Facebook Posts onto Pinterest

Then a pop up appears. You have the option of changing the pin description, and to choose which board the pin goes to. But what’s brilliat about this tool, is that the source of the page goes back to the Facebook posts.

You can change the Pin4Ever's pin description when using the Pin Anything tool.

Pin4Ever, won’t be able to tell you which of your boards are secret or public, so make sure you double check you have the right board before pinning.

How Do I find the Unique URL of the Facebook Posts

It’s important that you’re not just using the Pin Anything tool from Pin4Ever to pin the status update from the MAIN Facebook page.  The url will be in the form of (Kotaw Marketing belongs to my good friend Katherine Kotaw)

If you use the tool and you pin from the main feed, the pin will redirect back to the main Facebook business page, not the individual post. If people don’t see the specific post, they may assume that they’ve been led astray, and even turn angry like the Incredible Hulk.

In order for you to find the unique url of the Facebook post, all you need to do is click on the date of the Facebook post, and then it will load up the unique post as a seperate web page. At this point you can use Pin Anything and capture that post as a pin. This is an example of a post from Michael Hyatt, and where you can find the date on the desktop version of Facebook.

Micheal Hyatt's Facebook page.

Why is it Beneficial to Have Facebook Posts on Pinterest?

1) By putting Facebook posts onto your Pinterest board, you’re exposing your Pinterest community to your Facebook page.

At the time of this writing, Pinterest doesn’t actually allow you to connect your Pinterest business page with an associated Facebook business page. You can connect your personal page to your Pinterest account. But let’s be truthful, you probably don’t want a bunch of random strangers connecting with your personal Facebook page every day.

Using Pin4ever’s Pin Anything tool is a good way of getting people directly back to your Facebook post where they can then connect with your page.

2) You can encourage meaningful conversations

There are people commenting on Pins on Pinterest, however it’s not a very common practice. Having an engaging Facebook photo posts that shows off some activity can get those people involved in the conversation.

If they notice 15 other pepole have commented, they may want to jump in.

It used to be that you had to Like a page in order to comment on it. This is no longer the case, people can jump into a conversation onto Facebook even if they don’t like the page.

3) It offers great social proof.

This can be very important when you’re starting off your Pinterest account. People like to see numbers. They like to see that 101 other people have liked a Facebook posts, or that 30 other people have shared it.

That type of social proof can break down barriers for people to trust you. Who are you going to subconciously going to trust more, someone who’s sold one million books, or someone who has sold one thousand?

Pitfalls to Be Aware of from Posting Facebook onto Pinterest

Over 75% of daily usage on Pinterest happens on mobile devices. This makes Facebook posts hard to scan in the Pinterest feed on iPhones and Android smartphone devices. Therefore people are most likely not going to click on them.

Facebook Posts on Pinterest Android Smartphones

However if you do know that most of your target audience is using the desktop version,  then this would be a great way to cross promote.

If someone does click on your pin that contains a Facebook post, it will be redirected to the mobile site of Pinterest, not to the app. Since most people on their iPhone and Android phone are logged into their app, and not onto the browswer, they will need to login which is a detraction.

That’s it. Please go out and try this tool, and if you do have time, thank Christina and Ray, they’ve worked very hard to provide this tool for free.

Do you have an amazing app that makes you’re life easier with Pinterest? Please share with me and other readers in the comment section.

Find Pinterest Group Boards Easily With This Tool

How to Easily Find Group Boards on PInterest by Vincent Ng of It can be a real struggle trying to gain followers for your Pinterest account when starting off. When I first started, I was lucky to get followers due to timing. Pinterest was getting a lot of coverage at the time because it was recognized as the fastest independent website to reach 10 million monthly unique visits in the U.S. And a lot of Facebook friends joined, and so we added each other on Pinterest, and that’s how I gained my first 50 for my MCNG Marketing account.

But I wanted to gain more followers, and I remember listening to a podcast hosted by Cynthia Sanchez,of Oh So Pinteresting, that talked about the power of group boards.

Pinterest Group Boards Can Be Amazing

I was so enamoured by this concept of group boards. It wasn’t just me. Those evil spammers were getting in on the action as well. I was getting group board invites left and right for some of the most ridiculous topics like baby products. Really, baby products?

Anyway, back in the wild wild west days of Pinterest, spammers and users of Pinterest could invite you to join group boards once they followed at least one board of yours. And so many of the early adopters of group boards were able to send out massive invites and have thousands of collaborators.

Of course Pinterest caught on this, and now Pinterest users have to mutually follow each other before an invite to a group board can be sent. And since this has taken place, there seems to a major pain problem for marketers and businesses,”How do I find group boards on Pinterest?”

The Best Pinterest Group Finder I’ve Experienced So Far

A few months ago there was no real easy way to find group boards. You always had to surf around Pinterest and accidentally bump into them. I did come across a Pinterest group board directory before, but it was still missing the one essential feature that I wanted, which was to preview a group board’s description before visiting the actual group board.

This is because it’s such a hassle to go back and forth to see if the board moderator was open to invitations. And then one day as I was reading an article on Twelveskip about Pinterest, they recommended a resource called PinGroupie.

I was intrigued, especially since I had never heard of anybody else in the world of Pinterest marketing mention the website. And once I checked out there site, it was amazing! It was pingasm moment.

PinGroupie is for Business Owners, Bloggers and Marketers

Walter Weiß, is the wonderful creator of the group board directory PinGroupie. Hard to believe that he created this all by himself. Like me, he finds Pinterest absolutely fascinating.

As a bit of a side note, I’ll be launching my own podcast, Pictures to Profits, in the upcoming months. Walter will be one of my guests and we’ll be talking about how and why he came up with the idea of PinGroupie.

You can check out all the wonderful features about PinGroupie in this YouTube video I created.

PinGroupie allows you to find over 32,000 group boards, the largest of any group board directory I’ve seen to date. You can search for group boards by categories, by search terms in the description, by number of followers and so much more.

The one thing that I really LOVE is that you can preview group board descriptions. This saved me so much time, because I didn’t need to go visit the website to find out whether this board had an e-mail address for me to contact.

How to Find Group Boards on Pinterest by Vincent Ng of MCNG Marketing

Instead it popped up, and guess what, within 1 week, I was able to join another 3 group boards related to business and social media and this allowed me to indirectly gain an additional 13,000 followers, bringing my indirect follower total close to 138,000 people.

I wanted to give really big thank you to Julie Grandbois, a fellow Canadian, and Pinterest user, who lives in the cold region of Edmonton for inviting me to her group boards. She makes stunning crafts and her whimisical blank greeting cards on Etsy are so beautiful, and dare I say, magical.

Do you have a system of finding group boards in your niche? Please share your amazing wisdom with our readers.

Cynthia Sanchez, from Oh So Pinteresting, and I are back at it again. We’re going to be hosting an excellent live online workshop for business owners and bloggers who are looking to drive more traffic to their website. We’ve already opened up registration for the course that Starts on April 30th.

Since this class is taught live, spaces are limited to 20 people. And 12 spots have already been sold. Find out more, check out the course outline. Or you can click on the picture below.

Cynthia Sanchez and Vincent Ng's Pinterest Business Workshop Series

Breaking News! Unlimited Secret Boards on Pinterest

Create an unlimited amount of secret boards on Pinterest. (We know for sure you can create more than six!) Article written by Vincent Ng of I don’t usually write blog posts at 7pm and have them go out fresh, but I really wanted to share some excellent news for people who love to use secret boards.

Pinterest users are now allowed to create unlimited secret boards. I don’t know if this feature has been rolled out to everyone on Pinterest yet, or if it’s something that’s just in the testing, but I do know that this was one of the most requested features on the visual social network.

Create as Many Secret Boards on Pinterest

Here’s a screen capture of my MCNG Pinterest account that shows that I have 11 secret boards. When Pinterest first started out with secret boards, users were only allowed to create three, and then Pinterest eventually bumped that up to six, but now I don’t know if there is a limit. It could be a lot, but I didn’t want to keep creating secret boards to find out what the limit was.

Create UNLIMITED secret boards on Pinterest now.

Downfall of Secret Boards

While I love that we can all create more secret boards now, the only problem is that if you create too many is that you can’t actually move them with your mouse on the desktop version of Pinterest. This means if you’re planning on using Pinterest as a tool for a lot of planning then you may have to dig through the mess to find the one you’re looking for.

What Does that Mean For Me and You

Well depending on what your goals are, there’s actually a lot that you can do with secret boards. With more secret boards you can actually use it to track more competitors without them knowing. You can pin their pins onto your secret boards and make notes in the descriptions. This way you can see if there are patterns to their popular pins.

For businesses it means that they can use Pinterest as a visual tool to plan out multiple projects. These pins which should NOT reveal confidential information may be used to plan out projects in the upcoming months. Such as sketches for retail displays, or sharing helpful articles. Just make sure that it’s information that’s not going to get people into any trouble if it’s leaked.

And remember that secret boards can act as secret group boards as well, if you need more than one team member to access them.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, secret boards are a great way to plan and organize information.

On a personal note, now I can plan out multiple itineraries for my future trips. I know I’m going to Japan for sure, and will be adding Brazil on the list.

What about yourself, now that you have the choice of unlimited boards, how are you going to use them for yourself or your business?


Look for my new e-book coming out Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis. The book will be selling for $29.97 and will be 150 pages long and include 5 bonus videos. If you would like to order your advanced copy for $14.97 then please feel free to e-mail me at This Pinterest marketing book will be coming out at the beginning of April. Very excited about it!

You’re Invited to Our First Ever Pinterest Link Party for Professionals

You are cordially invited to a link party for Pinterest professionals by MCNG Marketing. Get your marketing blog exposed to thousands.

Are you here to join the link party? Here’s the site for the link party.

What is a Link Party?

Now if you’re wondering what a link party (aka linky party) is, then you’re not alone. When I first heard of the concept from a podcast from Cynthia Sanchez, I didn’t quite understand what it was.

Simply put, a link party is a place where other bloggers can freely add their blog posts on someone else’s site. The person that has all the links on a particular blog post is known as the host.

The host of the link party sets up a designated time for people to start adding their articles on their own usually through programs like Inlinkz. And there is a time restriction as well, so posting can only be added during that time frame. It’s not uncommon for some bloggers to host weekly link parties, while others may do it monthly.

Every Link Party has Guidelines and Rules

The host is responsible for setting up guidelines. Some link parties require that you like the host’s Facebook page, or that you follow them on certain social networks. Others require that you put a badge of the host’s website before participation is allowed. It’s proper etiquette to ensure that no matter what link party you go to that you follow the host’s guidelines.

Link Parties are About Helping Each Other Out

The goal of a link party is to help both attendees and the host promote each other. This way almost everybody benefits from the link party. Community guidelines may require that you visit two additional blogs and comment on them, while others may ask you to Pin the article if you found it useful.

Link parties have been extremely popular among mommy, craft and food bloggers, but for some strange reason, and I don’t know why, there seems to be a lot of resistance from the social media marketing community, even though it’s been shown to drive more traffic to both the host’s website and those of that participate.

I believe creating a professional link party is fun, it’s different, and drives people to a host’s site.

Here’s a picture from the blog, The Girl Creative, this is what a bit of what a link party looks like.

Professional Pinterest Link party hosted by MCNG Marketing.

Some link parties have only a few dozen, while I’ve seen others have up to 300 participants. And it can get a little crowded.

Proper Etiquette for Link Parties

When you attend a link party, it’s rude to do a link and run. Adding your link and not participating according to community guidelines.

Most link parties require that you have a thumbnail ready to go, so make sure you know what the exact size is. The link party I’m hosting will allow for 200X200, also be aware of the character limits allowed for the description. For the party I’m hosting, I’m limiting it to 50 characters.

Since the host has been gracious enough to host your link and help you drive traffic, it’s important to do what they’ve requested. If she’s asked you to like their Facebook page, please kindly do so.

And remember to send a thank you either by e-mail or in the comments. Remember it takes time to host these parties, and since anybody can come to the party, they are taking a leap of faith that you’ll be adding your best article or blog post.

Don’t add more than one article to the link party unless the host says it’s okay. Remember it’s about building a community, not a one person show.

And lastly, no spam, selling or any of that junk. Having a good relationship with the host and his or her readers is vital. And if a party is successful you can guarantee that the host will run one again. But don’t jeopardize that relationship for the quick sell.

How It’s Beneficial for Marketers and Bloggers

1) It gives smaller audience bloggers a chance to expose themselves to a larger audience. So if you just started a social media blog and want to get new readers, this is a great way to go.

2) It reaches a different audience. Each blogger will have a different audience and readership than yours, and this allows you to reach that new audience. I was able to reach a whole new audience by guest blogging with PinLeague.

3) It helps build relationships. At the party you’ll be required to interact with others, whether it’s through commenting, or repinning. This will help you engage with others in your community and develop relationships with influencers and like minded people. This could lead to partnerships and guest blogging opportunities.

4) It’s faster than guest blogging. Don’t have time to spend 3-5 hours guest blogging? Link parties are a good solution for the time strapped marketer.

I decided I wanted to host my own, and went to Linkedin to see if there were any responses from Pinterest marketers and enthusiasts. Though it wasn’t much it was a start, but Julie Gallaher from Get on the Map, Melissa Megginson from Pinleague, and Penney Fox from Inner Socialmedianess thought it was a great idea. We want to extend an invitation to all those that do blog about Pinterest as a marketer, or blogger to join us.

How do You Add Your Link to a Link Party?

Depending on the type of program the host is using, all you need to do is click on the add link button. You’ll see it on the bottom left hand side. From there there will be instructions on what to do next.

How to add a link to a Link Party using Inlinkz by MCNG Marketing.

When does MCNG Marketing Host their First Official Link party?

The party officially starts on Sept 4th (Wednesday at 5pm PT) and ends at Sept 11th 5PT, and you can participate by visiting our blog (remember, the people that come early get to be in the top spots of it). This means during that entire week people can add their own site.

To do this you must have a 200X200 pixel thumbnail ready, as well as 50 character description.

Each guest is allowed to only link one article that must be related to Pinterest marketing, (I will most likely open up one for social media in the near future). I highly encourage that the article be the best one you have, since peers may be repinning it. Now you’re probably wondering what’s the catch? You’re right to assume there is one. This is a party after all, and you can’t just link and go, that’s just poor etiquette.

Rule 1: You must Pin the featured picture of the blog post that the party is happening, that states that you are participating in a Professional Pinterest Link Party.

Rule 2: You must Pin content from two other party participants that you believe have great content. Try to pin stuff from people you haven’t connected with before if possible. This way we’re all pinning it forward. This way everyone in the community benefits.

Rule 3: Kindly link a blog article from MCNG Marketing on your next blog post. So this can be about the one where you participated in a link party.

Feel free to give it a test run right now! Add one of your previous post to it and see how full of awesomeness a link party can have.

Krishna De of had a wonderful suggestion about providing the blog link ahead of time. Here’s the link to where the party will be hosted, but it won’t be ready until the morning of September 4th. For now it will lead to a blank website (404). But make sure you put this down in your calendar.

[inlinkz_linkup id=310870 mode=1 pageSize=300]

Social Media Introverts versus Social Media Extroverts

Should you Hire a Social Media Marketer That’s Extroverted or Introverted?

Social media can be time and energy intensive. For some, the use of social media drains them, for others, it can do the complete opposite, which is fuel a person to new heights of social media engagement.

Marketing, as a whole, has rather been an isolated activity with the exception of experiential marketing.

Traditional marketing has allowed marketers and creative advertisers to be with our own thoughts as we think of campaigns. This is why for many, whether a marketer is introverted or extroverted has little influence on the type of marketer to hire.

However, this has all changed with the prevalence of social media. It’s important to understand how each type effects social media campaigns and which type of personality you need to hire for your business.

Your company needs to know whether you’re hiring a social media introvert, or a social media extrovert, and knowing the difference can assist in creating an integrated and powerful social media marketing team. One of the core strengths we have at MCNG is that we have both extroverts and introverts that work on our social media campaigns for our clients which has led to excellent results such as a reach of over 3 million in two months on our social media channels for the Vancouver Christmas Market.

What are Social Media Introverts Like?

Introverts are more likely to get social media burnout from continuous interaction with customers. Introverts are not shy, a common misconception, as many introverts are quite social. Introverts don’t do well being actively social for long periods of time or stretches.

I find myself quite exhausted after networking for 3 hours in a row, or if I’m attending 3 different networking events in a week for 1 hour a week if there’s no “me” time to recover.

Introverts need time to be quietly on their own and just recover from feeling drained. Too much interaction, whether it’s real life or on social media causes introverts to feel exhausted. Of course that’s not to say that it’s not exhausting for anybody to manage a social media account for 7 days in row for months on end.

The best way to use an introvert, is to have them work with social media engagement from time to time. And they work well with businesses that don’t need to a Twitter presence every 15 minutes, but instead can check once a day and not worry about the social media accounts on weekends.

What are Social Media Extroverts Like?

Extroverts work differently. They get their energy from socializing and engaging in fun conversations with others. This is for real life socializing as well as social media conversations. They generally aren’t the type of people who feel exhausted after a long day on social media, and are much more likely than introverts to go out and have a drink with some friends after work and tweet and Instagram a photo while socializing with friends.

Extroverts work very well in situations that require continuous engagement with fans where what is being monitored and said does need to be checked on the hour.

How Can Introverts and Extroverts Work Together to Create an Awesome Social Media Campaign?

What I find is that introverts enjoy pondering and reflecting. Therefore they make great social media marketers to help schedule tweets and plan out campaigns to get people engaged, as opposed to actually engaging. While those that are extrovert are able to engage while still following the guidelines of branded engagement.

Often extroverts don’t like to do scheduling for tweets nor plan out too much for the long term. It kills the spontaneity that feeds them their energy.

These are of course generalizations and should be taken with a grain of salt.

While I’m not saying that a person can’t do both, what I am saying is that by having both types of personalities available to manage social media accounts then you can utilize the strengths and the creativity of both introverts and extroverts for your social media marketing.

What are your thoughts, do you feel that introverts generally get more exhausted with social media, and extroverts tend to thrive?

For more about using the introverts and extroverts at MCNG Marketing, contact us, and we’ll happy to get back to you.

How to Market your Brand to Millenials

Big Bang Theory 1) Make Millenials Experience Your Brand

Depending on what your product or service is, millenials aren’t easily impressed by push advertising. They are looking for brands and marketing agencies that will give them an experience in exchange for their time. This form of exchange can take place in many ways, it can be by giving millenials actual brand experiences such as what Coke has been doing globally across the world.

Here’s a great video by Coca Cola showing how they connected with students. This type of social experience was then repeated all over the world with different twists.

2) Make Millenials Laugh

You know who thought it would be funny to do a bunch of cat memes? Or who thought it was funny to create a show called Epic Mealtime and create bacon weaves? Yep it was the millenials. We (I was born in the late 70’s) love to laugh at the most ridiculous things in the world, though I’m still quite baffled by why cute cats go viral.

We were the generation that made Russel Peters famous by sharing his videos at work and with our friends. (If you don’t know who Russel Peters is, you are quite out of touch with today’s generation).

Wit and laughter definitely can help sell a product. And millenials are willing to watch and listen to a commercial if they feel that it provides them with a great LOL factor. Laughter when properly created in commercials can extend past gender and generations just like the Old Spice Commercial.

3) Sell Them the Dream

Millenials are constantly bombarded with negative messages about our generation. About how the economy is a rut, and how people feel that our generation is the entitled generation so that we don’t work hard for what we want compared to baby boomers, and all that jazz. Most of us don’t like to hear that message, after all we did go through years of college and university to earn our degree and were taught that education was the thing to propel us.

We’re starting to realize how much we were lied to growing up about how education would allow us to get better jobs, but those giving that advice forgot to mention that if 1 out of 2 people have university degrees it’s no longer considered an advantage.

We were deceived into believing that there was going to be a huge surge of jobs because baby boomers were planning to retire. I’ve been hearing those stories during my first year at university about the opportunities, but I still haven’t seen those jobs that were discussed about by sociologist and economists

But we still have hopes and we still have dreams, and if your company or brand can help us accomplish that in some way then you have our attention. This is why Silicon Valley is always buzzing with such youthful energy. Startups are constantly innovating new ideas that will be profitable, but it’s really a land of dreams.

It’s the Hollywood for tech startups. Yet while many of these tech companies fail within years, it’s that hope and dream that keeps many millenials going. Sell us a dream that we can believe, or acknowledge that we have dreams. Yes we like to laugh and occasionally do weird things, but the truth is, we’re an extremely intelligent and globally aware generation. Make us believe, and we’ll follow.

4)Market to Millenials Onine and on Mobile

Sadly, many of the old methods of push and disruptive advertising will still be used in the online space. The majority of millenials are hanging out in the online space and will be the last generation where our childhood wasn’t comprised of mostly the Internet.

Now we spend so much time online, whether it’s at home, on our mobile or on a tablet. We are no longer spending time in front of the TV. We like to receive information in the most convenient manner as possible. Not only are we looking for convenience we are looking to share these experiences and get responses from our friends.

Marketers that are able to create interesting content that can be viewed and read in a mobile or tablet format will gain the edge and see how viral content is. When I talk about advertising on mobile, I’m not talking about those annoying ads that show up at the bottom of the page, I’m talking about creating content that can be easily on the go. This can be advertising in social mobile games, or weekly live video shows that blend in entertainment with a form of marketing.

5) Create Integrated Marketing Campaigns

While social media and online marketing are hot, companies must be prepared to put their brands out there with the use of different media channels. Before the Internet came along, marketing was considered rather simple. You had a few major networks, there weren’t hundreds of specialty channels, and radio wasn’t available on Satellite yet that offered hundreds of radio channels.

While millenials are spending much of their time online, marketers must find ways to create integrated campaigns that reach parts of them. Integrated campaigns should include video content, social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and locations where millenials are socializing or attending such as schools, cafes, and free print media.

Red Bull has become a millenial funded drink. And they are everywhere. In the city of Vancouver alone, they have cars running around the city, they have live events that are fun and crazy to participate in, and of course they created those wonderful ads that say “Red Bull gives you wings.” And let’s not forget about their viral video about Stratos.

6) Continuously Engage with New Influencers

It’s important to engage online influencers and one of the most important aspects of marketing to millenials is to continously look for up and coming influencers and to engage with them early. Competing with established influencers will be harder down the road and it can be hard for them to become brand ambassadors.

Creating relationships with millenials is similar to draft picks in sports, most candidates aren’t going to be super stars like Wayne Gretzky, but that doesn’t mean that these prospects don’t have influence in their community. The good news is that there’s always going to be one of those influencers that will make it to the major leagues, and if you develop relationships with them, and treat them like real people they will become much more loyal to the brand.

What do you feel are some of the best ways to market and connect with millenaials? Feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts and opinions.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help you with your next marketing and advertising campaign, contact MCNG Marketing or e-mail me directly at vince at Looking forward to hearing from you.

Why You Should Absolutely Buy Twitter Followers

The One Reason You Should Buy Twitter Followers

I recently had a meeting with a client in which I mentioned that it was very easy to buy Twitter followers, and it can be done very cheaply. I know a few well established marketing agencies in Vancouver that actually follow this practice. If they’re doing it for their large business clients, then you, as a small business should do it as well right?

What harm can you be doing by getting thousands of followers with odd names like @Helen0975 repeated 2000 times?

If you truly believe that the number of followers is the most important factor in having people believe you are a credible business then you should absolutely buy Twitter followers. It’s like buying dozens of singles to go on a date with you. Yes, they may get you some legitimate dates, but those people are going to find out your a fraud later on. I know I have on several occasions, and I just unfollow them because they’ve lost my trust.

However, if you believe building quality relationships with people are important, and finding a way to help those on Twitter achieve their goals, or increase their visibility then I highly suggest that you don’t buy followers. Like a real network of people, it takes time to build a community and market on Twitter.

Focus on Engaging with People who You Admire and Share Interests With

Instead, focus on engaging with people that you admire, or people who have similar interests as you. Type in search box in Twitter for words like “small business” or “SEO” to find out who on the Twittersphere is engaging in these topics. One way is to actually reach out to some of the followers you admire, and ask them who they recommend following and not just to do it through #FF (Follow Friday).

Start Small, and Organically Grow

Start small and initiate conversations with some people, don’t try to interact with all of your followers. You’ll find that some people are responsive, while others aren’t so much. Those that don’t engage- forgettaboutdem -and move on to those that are willing to engage. Build your relationships on Twitter as you would in real life at networking events. Take your time to be visible, start conversations, consistently have conversations with some of the same people, and add value to your followers.

How Do You Add Value to Your Twitter Followers

1) Share great intellectual content to the audience you want to target.

As a marketer I’ll post interesting marketing and business articles that I believe my followers would like to read. This could be articles about how mothers are influencing purchase decisions or about how Yelp ratings affect the amount of money a business makes.

2) Share great entertainment content to your relevant audience.

Let’s face it, we can all use some laughs once in a while and if we can get our followers to associate good, happy feelings with your business, then why not? A tea shop is one of our clients, and one day as I was surfing the net I saw a tea pot that said “Mr.Tea” and it had a picture of Mr. T from the classic show A-team. I then put in the tweet, “I pity the fool that doesn’t like this tea pot” and attached the link to a picture of the tea pot. It got positive reaction from the tea lovers.

3)Share about events that are happening around town.

There are so many events that may be happening at once. Helping others on Twitter know about them, and are relevant to them to you and yourself, will add you to your personal Twitter brand. It’s also a great way to meet other people in real life who are on Twitter who may be attending these events as well.

Yes you can go and buy followers, and yes you may fool some of the people into believing that you’re important, but at the end of the day, if you don’t create trust with your real followers and provide value to them, then you shouldn’t even be on Twitter.

Your Marketing Checklist before Launching Your Restaurant

Restaurant ChecklistCongratulations! You’ve decided to enter into the wonderful world of running a restaurant or cafe. Your construction has already started, you’ve started relationships with your suppliers, you’re dealing with the liquor and food laws, and dealing with all the different inspections, but then there’s the one crucial factor that’s still missing, marketing.

In this article I’ll be going over a marketing checklist for you to go through so that you’re ready for your grand opening of your restaurant, and watching the flood of new customers coming in.

1) Create a Website. I’m still so shocked the number of restaurants that don’t have a website, or one that is built so poorly that you wonder how any good restaurant would even have such a poor website to begin with.

2) Create Your Social Media Accounts. It’s important to start your presence on Twitter and Facebook. I would also highly suggest reserving a You Tube channel for your restaurant and a photo sharing site like Flickr or Pinterest.Register for your business accounts on Yelp and Urbanspoon as well.

3) Google Places: Get started on reserving your Google Places so that you have as much control over information as possible. This is going to take time to arrive at your restaurant, especially if you’re located in Canada.

4) Mobile Marketing. It’s best to start creating your mobile marketing campaign with Foursqaure and Yelp to ensure that you capture walk in traffic. Does your restaurant need a mobile website? Or do they want to try a text messaging campaign?

5) Ensure your site is SEO (Search Engine Optimized): Ensure that your website is search engine optimized for keyword terms that your customers are searching.

6) Have a PR Kit ready to go. It’s important that your restaurant develop a good press kit that’s ready to distribute to the members of the media that would be interested in knowing about your restaurant’s opening.

7) Have a list of media ready that you wish to contact. Once your PF Kit is ready ensure that you know who you need to specifically target, and when you are be ready for interviews. The media list should not just include newspapers, but online magazines such as Urban Diner and Scout.

8) Inform targeted food bloggers. Many food bloggers have a specific preference for food, ensure that you do your research and bring in the ones that would enjoy your food the most.

9) Plan a pre opening party. One of the best things to do is to have a pre opening party that’s only for the media, or socialites in Vancouver. Making it an exclusivity party helps a lot in getting buzz once the restaurant is open.

10) Hold a contest. Another great way to get buzz going around your restaurant is to host a contest before your restaurant starts to attract people and have them aware of your restaurant.

11) Develop strategic partnerships with associations or businesses that reflect your values. If you’re a restaurant that is focused on sustainability or being ocean friendly, then start partnerships with them as soon as possible. Also let the businesses in your neighborhood know when your restaurant is opening up and offer them an incentive for them to come in.

12) Create a budget for how much you want to spend on marketing. Some restaurants have been known to spend up to $20,000 for a 3-4 month marketing campaign leading up to the grand opening of their restaurant. Too many restaurants don’t create a large enough budget for marketing, and as a result they have a very poor first year. While the restaurants that focus heavily on marketing months before they open generally have a fantastic first year and reach profits much faster.

If you’re looking for a restaurant marketing agency to help you have a successful restaurant launch then feel free to contact us. We’re standing by.

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