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Testimonials for MCNG Marketing

Vancouver Christmas Market “As the GM for the Vancouver Christmas Market, we were very impressed by both Vincent and Tess from MCNG Marketing. We were looking for a new agency to work with to help elevate the profile of the Vancouver Christmas Market and they were able to exceed our expectations.

They were flexible, personal, and very easy to work. They brought creative ideas and energy to our social media campaigns and marketing campaigns. We were excited to be able to finish with an additional 3000 Facebook fans and 900 Twitter followers in the two months that we have worked with MCNG. They looked for new partnerships with other organizations and local bloggers that would helped boost attendance at the Vancouver Christmas Market.”

Nadine S.
General Manager of Vancouver Christmas Market

logo “Tess and Vincent from MCNG are amazing marketers. They have a passion to take care of their clients and are so easy and friendly to work with. Vincent even came in on New Year’s Eve to help do our live tweeting and take photos. They are an amazing pair, and are amazing at social media and restaurant marketing. I can’t remember how many times I’ve had random people tell us how great our social media is and that it’s being done right. If you’re looking for great restaurant marketers who care and understand the industry, then you got to work with Tess and Vince.”

Restauranteur at Novo Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Gold Coast Seafood in Canada “They were able to help us focus on a target market that was backed up by detailed research and was able to create a brand that attracts our target audience. MCNG assisted us in developing our logo, and creating in store advertising material to help launch our brand in different retail stores.

MCNG has been instrumental in guiding our brand from scratch to finished product and have continuously provided us guidance at our request. I would highly recommend working with this marketing agency as they are passionate, caring and honest about their approach to marketing and care deeply for their client’s results.”

-Bella H.
Business Development Manager of Gold Coast Seafood

Hair Kraft Studio “I just thought I would sing a bit of praise for MCNG Marketing…. particularly Tess, since she was the one I have worked with. I have recently opened up a hair salon with another stylist and while I am pretty computer and social media savvy, my partner not so much. I knew it was going to be all on me to be in charge of all things social media related, I enlisted the help of Tess and she has been a godsend! Like I said I know how to utilize all this media but I didn’t realize the fullest extent of it, and the fact that its VERY time consuming.

Tess helped me start up my accounts, told me what I should be doing, how much I should be posting, tweeting, interacting and so on. I have definitely received a number of new clients into the salon just through social Media…. in our world its all about word of mouth , but you cant beat free marketing and advertising with all the Social Media that is out there.

She is fast to reply to my emails if I have any questions or need some guidance and she is always willing to help promote us talking to her huge network of people. I have learned how to better manage this with her help and I would highly recommend anyone to enlist this motivated and driven woman. Thanks so much Tess for everything thus far; Hairkraft Sutdio looks forward to the continued growth of our business and relationship with you”

– Simona Heger from Harikraft Studio

“Tess and Vince are such a wonderful team of marketers. They’ve brought in new groups of customers to the restaurant through different events, and was able to use Twitter and Facebook to attract new customers and provided amazing online customer service. They’re also able to know when it’s a good time to execute a certain marketing strategy and when not to. The one thing that I respect most about the two is their level of integrity regarding their marketing and how deeply they cared for my business. ”

– Weldon, Cosca Restaurant

“I was really impressed by the presentation that Vincent had done at Social Media Week in Vancouver. We then started working with them shortly and they have helped out so much in driving new customers to Novo Pizzeria and Wine Bar. Tess is an amazing marketer and has a big heart. They are professional in the work that they do. I’ve worked with a lot of restaurant consultants and marketers, and they are by far the ones with the most integrity. They deliver results! It would be a mistake not to hire the team from MCNG to work with your restaurant.

Restauranteur at Novo Pizzeria and Wine Bar