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How to use Pinterest to Launch Your Etsy Business (P2P Episode 6)

Learn how to start an Etsy business through Pinterest. Interview with Etsy shop owner @juliegrandbois on the Pictures to Profits Podcast.

Are you talented at making handmade crafts, or even thinking of starting your own business on the side? It’s always nice being able to earn some extra cash on the side for activities you enjoy doing.

If you are a crafts person, or you created something handmade that you want to sell, Etsy, an online platform that allows for the sales of handmade goods could be your answer.

There’s always tons of ideas of the type of products you could sell on Etsy, but you may not have an idea of whether it’s popular or it’s going to sell.

Here’s the best part. You don’t have to go through all that trouble. Julie Grandbois is sharing her story of how she used Pinterest to research and launch her Etsy business, and how she started making some good money on the side. She’s got some wonderful tips on how you can launch your Etsy business and not make the same mistakes she did.

Pinterest and Etsy Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jam

According to an article by Search Engine Land, receives the most repins out of any site that focuses on a product or service. Technically, Blopspot and Tumblr are ahead.

What can also be quite startling is that only 8% of pinning activity on Etsy comes from the e-commerce site’s own buttons, 67% of pins from the site come from people using the Pinterest bookmarklet tool.

This simple statistic indicates that Etsy buyers and window shoppers are quite versed with Pinterest. The question is how do you get a piece of the Pinterest and Etsy pie?

Pinterest really helped me decide what things were more popular, that people actually want to buy. – Julie Grandbois

In Episode 6 of Pictures to Profits Podcast, I interview Julie Grandbois of Julie’s Elegant Crafts. Julie is a Canadian that’s living in Edmonton, a city known for its freezing temperatures and where Wayne Gretzky won his Stanley Cup championships.  She’s a pleasant person to chat with, and is a person that’s highly educated in science and the creative arts, and offers a lot of wisdom about Etsy and Pinterest.

She’s going to share her experience of how she grew and launched her Etsy business with the help of Pinterest.   In the interview she shares with us.

  • How she launched a successful Etsy business by scouting Pinterest
  • How she grew her following past 10,000 (It’s actually now over 21,000 followers as of February of 2015).
  • How she customized her crafts for the seasons, which helped grow her business to have steady non stop orders.

The one key takeaway that I got from my conversation with Julie, it’s that if you are an e-commerce owner, or if you have a product you sell, make sure that you are preparing for the seasonal changes. The more prepared you are for them, the higher your chances of increased sales. Take the time to look at the holidays that are coming up in the next 6- 8 months and decide what products you want to promote on Pinterest.

Links and Resources:

Julie’s Elegant Crafts Pinterest page

Julie’s Elegant Crafts Etsy Page

Julie’s Elegant Crafts Facebook Page

Exciting News: Julie Grandbois and myself have launched a new site to help Etsy shop owners with their Pinterest marketing. Julie is going to be revealing her tips on how she launched her Etsy business and grew to over 21,000 followers. You can visit our wonderful site at

Also a big thanks to Miriam Thompson for sending in her question, “How do I make sales on Pinterest, like selling other people’s items?” You can find a detailed answer to that question in the podcast.

And lastly I want to thank I Heart Stitch Art for leaving a 5 star review on iTunes. That was a great surprise. Big thank you to her.

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