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Captivating Visual Storytelling Tips For Pinterest (P2P Episode 3)

Visual social media is on the rise, and visual social networks like Pinterest, and Instagram are becoming so important.

There are two classes of pictures, those that tell a story and evoke emotion, and those that don’t. Katherine Kotaw from Kotaw Content Marketing is going to be sharing with you how you can apply storytelling to Pinterest and how she developed relationships with two social media influencers in the third episode of Pictures to Profits podcast.

Captivating Visual Storytelling Tips for Pinterest

Katherine Kotaw is an accomplished writer, and has a movie coming out based on a previously published book. She’s a strong advocate of using brands to connect with clients and customers. Many of us will rarely remember credentials, or statistics, but we will remember the stories that are shared with us in our lives. We remember the stories that move us from the bottom of our heart, or motivate us to start a business from scratch.

If you tell one great story, people will remember you. – Katherine Kotaw

Katherine Kotaw

The smaller the story, the bigger the impact. – Katherine Kotaw

In episode 3 of Pictures to Profits podcast, Katherine shares with us:

  • What makes it so important to know why you started your business?
  • The importance of having a great story to promote your personal and company brand?
  • Examples of brand stories that shine.
  • How to best use visuals to promote storytelling.
  • How to incorporate personal elements of yourself into your brand.
  • How displaying your personality in visuals can allow you connect with clients and customers on a deeper level.
  • How to incorporate your professional strengths to complement your personal brand.
  • Two major mistakes that brands make when creating visual branding.
  • How to develop relationships with Pinterest influencers.

  • Links/Resources Mentioned in the podcast:

    Kotaw Content Marketing

    Katherine Kotaw’s guest appearance on The Sales Evangelist Podcast.

    Kotaw Marketing’s Pinterest Page

    Katherine Kotaw’s Google Plus Page

    Rebekkah Raddice’s Website

    Great additional reading about storytelling can be found at Scalable Social Media – “What’s Your Story?”

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    Vincent Ng is the founder of MCNG Marketing, and the author of Pinterest to Profits with Pintalysis and the host of the Pinterest podcast, Pictures to Profits. You can grab your free e-book on How to Search Optimize Your Pins for Pinterest and Search Engines."
    • Katherine Kotaw

      Just listened to the interview. You’re such a natural host — you have the poise and personality to make podcasting a long-running gig if you want it to be.

      So, go ahead and embrace the Batman geek in you — you can definitely pull it off.

      Thank you so much for making me a part of your show!


      • Vincent Ng

        Thanks for the kind words Katherine. You were an amazing guest, and I’m so honored to have interviewed you and soaked up some of your wisdom. You’ve changed the way that I use Pinterest as well as the way I’m going to start my podcasts. Thank you so much for all your kindness and wisdeom.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Thanks Vincent! It really is about story telling. Telling an inspiring story, through words and imagery, helps you connect with the heart and soul of your audience. Heading over to Pin a bit now…thanks for the nudge Vincent!

      • Vincent Ng

        Thanks Ryan. Storytelling can be hugely powerful and inspiring. And the right story can definitely move the heart and soul like nothing else in this world. Thanks for leaving a comment, and happy pinning.

    • Alisa Meredith

      Hey, VIncent! I listened to your podcast with Cynthia Sanchez last week and loved it so much, I was thrilled when I found out you interviewed my friend and fellow dog fanatic, Katherine. Can’t wait to add you to my iTunes subscriptions and give it a listen. Pinterest and story-telling are a natural. Congrats on the podcast and the awesome guest!

      • Vincent Ng

        Thanks Alisa, I appreciate the kind words and support. Katherine is such an amazing and giving person. I’m so honored to have interviewed her. She’s so wonderful and such a caring person.

        I really enjoyed your article about men on Pinterest.

        • Alisa Meredith (@scalablesocial)

          Well, count me in as a new subscriber! Finally got to listen this morning, and you are doing a fabulous job!

          She really is. I love how she shared how she got the attention of some amazing influencers (Rebekah Radice and Peg Fitzpatrick) without knowing how influential they are. That’s because she’s an equal opportunity giver! She is as generous with her time and attention to the “little people” like me as to anyone else. We share dog stories and pictures on Twitter and she’s just lovely.

          Anyway, I also got some inspiration from the interview and am cooking up a blog post as we speak.

          Thanks so much! You need to be on that list, even if you do pin Batman stuff. Kidding! :) Adding you now.

    • Katherine Kotaw

      Hi Vincent! I remember that my original comment somehow got lost so I wanted to come back and try again to say THANK YOU so much for having me on your podcast, which I believe is one of the very best out there! I was actually having a private, offline chat with someone recently who asked me what my favorite podcasts are, and yours was at the very top of my list! I’m truly honored to have been a guest on your amazing show and it was an absolute joy to get to chat with you :) Thank you, thank you, my friend!

      • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

        Hi Katherine, actually I switched comment systems and moved to Disqus due to all the spam. That’s why the original comment is no longer there. But I’m so glad to call you my friend and to have the privilege to interview you. You truly inspired me to be more of myself, and something I will continue to grow into for 2015.