Shopify vs. Amazon: Which is Best for You?

Shopify vs. Amazon

Many things come up when you think of e-commerce. First and foremost, Amazon has to be present in everyone's mind for shopping and buying online. However, Shopify is also an option for your e-commerce needs.

Today, Shopify and Amazon are among the biggest platforms and sites in the B to C e-commerce industry.

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2025


Each site has a lot of ways to connect and spend time with various tools and features. Shopify is a Canada-based giant that has transformed e-commerce. While Amazon has been an online presence in the USA since 1994.

Whether you are the customer or buyer you want to be attracted to or bring attention to. The differences start to be clear with Amazon and Shopify soon enough. One site may be more about online shopping or marketplace. While the other is a platform for e-commerce. What is best?

Main Uses of Amazon vs. Shopify

Main Uses of Amazon vs. Shopify

Both platforms have a wide contrast. For example, the main point of difference is that Shopify is an eCommerce platform. While on the other hand, Amazon is a marketplace for shopping.

In summary, Shopify is best known for providing users with the tools to build and create their own online store. On the other hand, Amazon gives you the ability to sell on the Amazon marketplace alongside other sellers.

Amazon vs. Shopify Overview

This post concerns an extensive review and comparison between Shopify versus Amazon. Getting and discovering the right choice to create success for your business is key with a sales platform. Shopify and Amazon are able to offer various options. These sites will be assessed in these areas below:

  • Ease of use
  • Design Usability
  • E-Commerce Capacity
  • Marketing Features and Options
  • Payment Variability and Options
  • Pricing and value
  • Customer support and Service

How Much Does Shopify Cost?

How much does Shopify Cost?

Pricing is an issue to consider and Shopify has several tiers of plans. However, what is good is that even with little experience you can build and sell. The plans for Shopify and Pricing are listed below:

  • Basic or Standard Shopify plan: $29 per month
  • Shopify plan: $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify plan: $299 per month

Also, what is an extra perk or incentive for any user is the free trial. So, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial if you want to try things out. But, the 3 pricing plans are what is best for any serious user.

Why Does Shopify Provide Benefits?

Why Does Shopify Provide benefits

The benefits are clear and varied. For example, you can easily build a basic website without prior experience and start selling soon.  However, let’s look at the benefits in a clear and direct way to see what you can gain from Shopify.

Shopify is known as the world’s most popular Content Management System for eCommerce. Why? The reasons are numerous but mainly because it offers numerous advantages to its users over many competitor platforms.

1. Security is Valued and Important

Shopify, like many Online stores, is managed well. However, Shopify provides 256-bits SSL Certification to every website. This is a high bar for safety and security guarantees. Overall, expect Level-1 PCI Compliant standards.

Expect that sensitive customer information will be protected and hidden. So, you will have more guarantees that credit card information, phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and more will not be compromised.

In general, brand value and customer loyalty are increased with security. Clearly, for any Shopify used the added value of a security is a key benefit of Shopify for working in a secure digital environment.

2. Versatile Platform


Shopify is a very versatile platform as it provides many built-in tools and options that allow companies to personalize their website according to their specific needs. Users can customize website themes and offer a better experience to their customers by giving them Personalized Coupons, Sale notifications, shipping options, payment methods, and many more.

3. Quick and Prompt Fast Service

Service is key. Shopify as a Cloud-based service offers a well-maintained and quick platform.  Shopify runs strong and optimized hardware that works effectively and quickly. Shopify will offer a top-level loading speed that enables and energizes websites.

4. Online Friendly and Easy To Use

Shopify Online Friendly

Online efficiency is key for any platform. When you use a platform like Shopify online speed is key. Still, today it is common that consumers would prefer to use smartphones.

Therefore, it is key for eCommerce companies to have websites that are easy to use and adaptable for many viewers. Having a platform ideal for mobile devices is integral.

With Shopify, you are able to design, as well as be a host, and manage sites that are optimized for smartphones.

5. Quick and Readily Available Customer Service

The biggest and most appreciated perk for Shopify is it operates free 24/7 customer service. This is an attractive element to any platform with possible challenges and issues. Also, there is no other sales or online platform of the kind that can compete legitimately.

Also, Amazon offers community forums, chat, and voice support services. Expect a level of service that is present and involves resolving issues as soon as possible. Lastly, Shopify has a vast database featuring FAQs.

Amazon Overview and Benefits

Amazon Overview and Benefits

Amazon is the better-known site for selling with some clear and not so obvious advantages and strategies. Sales and revenue are a big part of what makes Amazon attractive.

Amazon has a viewership of millions of monthly users that are made of a lot of variety.  Therefore, in terms of the end result expect Amazon will give you a lot of benefits on a bigger platform.

Sales and Inventory Advantage

One of the things that Amazon excels with is its store and Amazon product system and interface. Basically, the way Amazon is able to display inventory is what makes it one of a kind and so popular in many ways.

In general, with Amazon, it is the site or platform’s ease of use to find your product, which drives users. Thus this creates the sales volume that many are aspiring to overall. Any business or amazon seller would greatly benefit from the massive investment and sophistication of how Amazon gets sales for its inventory from Google and various sites.

Extensive and Global Reach

Amazon trusted brand

Amazon is a trusted brand and big-time brand. When you mention Amazon everyone knows what to expect. Amazon has the power to give businesses and sellers the opportunity to extend and increase their reach into varied markets.

Amazon is able to give you business opportunities to grow and be present in many areas. For example, you have the ability to extend your scope to other regions of the world where numerous and various customers are located.

In summary, whether you are in the USA or Australia the market is huge and reachable everywhere. Amazon does beat Shopify in this category.

Customer Gain and Potential

Amazon’s other strength is that users don’t utilize this marketplace for certain brands but any product. Variety and product potential are a massive benefit for Amazon because of the reach for any and all sellers from big brands to small boutique sellers.

Using Amazon, your growth potential is big in terms of attracting and courting new customers. In general, many unique customers and people have a better chance to reach you on Amazon and thus find your business. Amazon is a big platform that can increase your business.

Amazon Pricing and Program:

Amazon Pricing and Program

All in all, Amazon has 2 pricing plans. The plans offer a large amount of variety and advantages. Here are the plans below:

Amazon Individual seller Program: You get 99 cents per item sold on Amazon. In general, you are able to add new products to the Amazon catalog. Moreover, you can use Fulfillment by Amazon as well. Amazon recommends this for any new sellers.

Amazon for Professional Sellers: This Amazon plan costs $39.99 per month. You are able to access Amazon’s advanced tools. For example, you can get  API integration as well as on-site advertising tools; lastly even have the ability to add multiple users.

Pricing Comparison for Shopify and Amazon:

Pricing Comparison for Shopify and Amazon

Shopify’s fees vary widely overall. For example, for your chosen monthly plan, the core monthly plans are Basic, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. Amazon has other plans that are more flexible overall.

While there are no hidden charges, there are other Shopify fees you need to pay for on top of the monthly base plan you’re subscribed to. These may include transaction fees, credit card fees, and third-party app subscriptions. Keep reading our in-depth guide to Shopify fees below to learn what they are.

Advantages for Using Amazon

  • The ability to utilize strong and effective brand exposure. Be prepared to take advantage of the reach of Amazon.
  • Accessible and easy to use to set up and sell quickly
  • Accessible to tools like FBA
  • Gift card offers and plenty of discounts
  • Amazing shipping fees for various Rates and Times
  • Innovative security and updates for Users
  • Convenience on the platform for users
  • Reliable and Amazing Customer Service

Amazon Disadvantages

There are, believe it or not, some disadvantages to Amazon, but these are still few and far between. The downside of Amazon can be prevented if you know what to expect from this online marketplace. Remember the following points before committing ….

  • Amazon is ideal for primarily selling physical products on the marketplace
  • There is a challenge to building and growing a robust brand image on Amazon.
  • Competition is fierce so expect many people selling the same or very similar products to you.

Shopify Advantages:

Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages to using Shopify compared to Amazon. There is a real sense of competition but these two sites do offer a lot considering what you really want overall.

  • Easy and User friendly for users.
  • Ease of use for building your entire branded store
  • Integration Capacity with numerous tools in addition, which includes Amazon
  • Availability of Premium templates to customize your site and store
  • Non-Shopify selling opportunities and more
  • Amazing and Helpful Customer Service from an in-house team
  • Varied marketing and SEO features and tools for growing your business
  • Ability to Sell services or Physical Products for a variety

Disadvantages to Shopify

The disadvantages add up but need to be acknowledged. Here are the biggest setbacks to Shopify.

  • You need to pay a monthly fee for every little transaction
  • Less Customizability means there needs to be taken for customization
  • Content Management issues mean the optimization is limited and not feature friendly
  • Data problems mean that there are limitations and controls put on your store for selling

Written by Alexis Kestler

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